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Hubei chef relies on Chinese cuisine to enter mainstream American society

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Hubei "God Kitchen" Zhang Pengliang

(Reporter Li Fang, correspondent Xu Xiaoyuan) Recently, a piece of news went viral on the Internet. Hubei chefs relied on Chinese cuisine to break into mainstream American society, as reported by The New York Times and The Washington Post. According to Wang Huiya, deputy dean of the School of Culinary and Food Engineering, Wuhan Business University, this 53-year-old "sacred chef" named Zhang Pengliang is an alumnus of the school and a student of the 1981 chef secondary school.

Wang Huiya said that 35 years ago, Zhang Pengliang was the first batch of secondary school students in Hubei’s history, and was the highest professional degree in the culinary industry. After graduation, Zhang Pengliang entered the Yangtze River cruise ship, which was a high-level cruise ship sailing between Wuhan and Chongqing at that time, mainly to receive foreign guests. Because the cooking is delicious, Zhang Pengliang quickly became the head chef. After working on the ship for several years, Zhang Pengliang resigned and chose to "break out."

In 2001, Zhang Pengliang brought his wife and daughter to Washington, the capital of the United States, as a chef at the Chinese Embassy in the United States.

During his more than two years as a chef at the embassy, ​​Zhang Pengliang carefully studied how to integrate Chinese cuisine with Western cuisine, so that more Americans can accept the taste of Chinese cuisine. Zhang Pengliang always believes in his dining philosophy when he constantly tries and improves Chinese cuisine. "Let distinctive Chinese cuisine be recognized by the mainstream of the United States, understand Chinese food culture, accept Chinese cuisine, and fall in love with Chinese cuisine."

In 2010, the first restaurant named after Peter Chang was in Charlottesville, Virginia opened. Peter Chang restaurant specializes in improved Chinese cuisine. He skillfully blends the most basic flavors of Chinese cuisine with all kinds of Western food seasonings, combining Chinese and Western cuisines to create a unique Zhang-style taste. Scallion pancakes, stir-fried eggplants, and boiled fish.

Zhang Pengliang said: "I just want to pursue special characteristics, to make people feel that this restaurant is different from other Chinese restaurants." Now Zhang Pengliang has 8 Peter Chang chain stores. Two more are in preparation.

Every place where Zhang Pengliang is in charge is buzzing with business. In order to eat this bite, some crazy "hardcore fans" will not hesitate to go to the United States to follow in his footsteps. American mainstream media such as the "New York Times" and "Washington Post" also rushed to report the whereabouts of this "mysterious" chef.

For many American diners, Peter Chang's food has already conquered their hearts and stomachs, no matter the appearance or taste. The guest Jim Schroeder and Master Zhang have known each other for about three years and are a big fan of Peter Chang. He said: “I won’t mention how many different Chinese restaurants I’ve been to before, there must be hundreds of them. But what you eat here makes you want to take a photo, pack the leftovers back, or call a friend. Get up and eat..."

Peter Chang's Chinese food has also been recognized by professional food and wine critic Dave McIntyre. He said Zhang Pengliang is trying to change Americans' impression of Chinese food.

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