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NBA player trading basketball teenager Zhang Mingyu is 15 years old, has been selected into the "Young Eagle Project" and went to the United States for training

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Since Yao Ming retired from playing, Chinese basketball has been deeply involved in a decade-long confusion. The defeat of last year's World Cup also turned Chinese men's basketball into a street mouse. Undoubtedly, considering the current situation of Chinese basketball at this stage, everyone will not be able to return to their former influence in Asia in the short term. However, with the implementation of Chris Paul’s reform and innovative countermeasures, Chinese basketball’s In the future, everyone is full of hope, so let's talk about the eight stars of hope in this basketball game today!

Basketball boy Zhang Mingyu

In 2019, the basketball boy Zhang Mingyu became popular on the Internet. His fortune was technically proficient, and his pitching was accurate. He was only 58 meters tall and he was selected for the national junior team. It is often said to be exceptional, but the key is that he has been replaced by a stature in accordance with the traditional selection criteria of Chinese basketball. Now Zhang Mingyu is 16 years old, has long been selected for the "Young Eagle Project" and went to the United States for training.

NBA basketball star McCollum and several NBA pet trainers are very fond of Zhang Mingyu, 2020 16 The year-old man has grown to one meter 75 long, and the bone age test shows that he can grow up to one meter 90 or so. If he can grow to one meter 90, then he should enter the professional game in terms of technicality. The problem is not big, and it may even become a member of the Chinese national team.

Brownie’s thigh base: Yu Jiahao

and Zhang Mingyu were selected in the current period The national junior team also has Yu Jiahao, the child of Yu Leping at the Zhejiang Basketball Tournament B&B. The difference is that when Yu Jiahao was 16 years old, he was already 2.18 meters tall, and everything was growing normally. At this stage, Yu Jiahao is legally effective in the Sierra Grand Canyon Junior High School, the traditional seed team of the American middle school basketball game, and is the main defender of the football team. LeBron James’ son Brownie is also enrolled in the school. As far as the current situation is concerned Yu Jiahao can be called the root of Brownie's thigh. It is worth mentioning that Yu Jiahao has already received an academic scholarship invitation from NCAA colleges and universities, and he is likely to become the next top Chinese insider.

Zhang Zhenlin, a young Chinese national team player

Currently in the NCAA In the game, Zhang Penglin can be said to have a place of his own. He is 2.08 meters tall and has an effective range, and has averaged 20 points in the NCAA several times. It is worth mentioning that in the previous year, he was also selected for the training of the Chinese national team, and he experienced personal experience in friendly matches, so he can already be called a member of the Chinese national team. According to the information, Zhang Penglin is likely to sign up for the talent show in the next two years. Although the selected opportunity is very confused, he is likely to become the future guard expectation of Chinese basketball in terms of his work ability.

Shining plus NBA player trading Li Hongquan of University College High School

Li Hongquan, who is 98 meters tall, has a speed and jumps, so netizens call it "China's Cai En". At this stage, Li Hongquan has long been famous in the Canadian high school basketball game, and was selected as the Canadian high school All-Star, and he is also the first Chinese high school student to be selected for the All-Star. At this stage, Li Hongquan has already clearly joined the acting undersea colleges, and undersea colleges also feel that he is very likely to become the next NBA football player after McCollum.

Wu Yonghao who has received an invitation from a prestigious NCAA university

Source Wu Yonghao, who was born in Beijing in November 2003, is still not satisfied at this stage 18At the age of two, he has already achieved a height of 2.5 meters. At this stage, he is legally in force in the traditional prestigious university of the American middle school basketball game, Monty Wan and Electric School. With outstanding skills, he has already received invitations from the prestigious NCAA universities, Denver University and West East University, and his development prospects can be said to be a brilliant future. If there are no accidents, Wu Yonghao and Zhang Penglin might take up the future guard of Chinese basketball.

FIBA ​​Asia’s three major rookies

Wang Zequan at the regular high school stage He has already gone to school in the United States, and has played very well in ordinary high school basketball games. With his assistance, his ordinary high school football team also won the local state championship. At this stage, Wang Zequan has long been invincible in the NCAA college of the University of Pennsylvania. In the past few days, among the top 20 U20 super talents selected by FIBA ​​in the Asian regional basketball game, Wang Zequan was also successfully selected.

There is also Guo Haowen from the Bayi Men’s Basketball Team who was selected into the FIBA ​​Super Genius roster with Wang Zequan, who is not satisfied with those over 20 years old. Guo Haowen has long become one of the most promising insider rookies in the CBA game. In the 2018-2019 season, he played 43 games and started 6 games, averaging 9.1 points per game. In the new season, he is the Bayi men's basketball team. He has made 11 appearances and averaged 11 points per game. Although he has no personal experience abroad, he has already become one of the most sought-after young football players in China at this stage.

In addition to opening Guo Haowen and Wang Zequan, Chinese young player Sun Haoqin was also selected for the roster, but it is obvious that the 16-year-old Sun Haoqin has no previous The two are so well-known. But as a wing rookie of Chinese basketball, Sun Haoqin has long become a key player in the U16 Chinese national team. At this stage, he is also playing a key role in the U18 Chinese national team. I firmly believe that in the near future, he will also become a key player in Chinese men's basketball.

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