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What are the leading stocks of military concept stocks

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   With the steady increase in national defense investment, the military industry economy is expected to maintain a sustained high boom. my country's national defense investment matches economic development and the responsibilities of a major country, and it continues to increase as the country's total economic output increases and its status as a major country increases.

   The next ten years will be a critical period for my country's national defense construction, and national defense investment will continue to maintain a certain growth. The steady increase in national defense investment is expected to drive a new round of development boom in the military industry, and the industry's prosperity will be significantly improved.

   The successful first flight of China's new stealth fighter, the J-20, has attracted the attention of the world. After that, the commander of the US Pacific (601099) Navy confirmed that China was testing anti-aircraft carrier ballistic missiles. The appearance of the new military achievements was just after the conflict between the North and South Korea, and the subsequent US-South Korea joint military exercises were also "exactly." Of course, we will never show weakness in the international affairs at our doorstep.

  1, Aerospace Science and Technology (000901) China Satellite (600118): satellite development and application. Among them, 60% is for military use and 40% is for civilian use. The fifth academy of aerospace, satellite and spacecraft development and application, of which nearly 50% are military. Aerospace Electronics (600879): 75% of military products, connectors, sensors, etc. Civilian products accounted for 25%, cables, drilling inclinometers and other space-age electronics, military and civil electronic products, military and aerospace accounting for 2/3. Aerospace Power (600343): Motors, pumps, transmission products, etc. Most of the civilian use, a small number of the Sixth Military Aerospace Research Institute, the main products are rocket engines, and civilian products include power accessories. Aviation engines and derivatives account for more than 60%, subcontracting accounts for more than 20%, and others. It is currently injected into Liyang and the South. Xi'an Engine Group Company is mainly engaged in engines and gas turbines, as well as mechanical products such as pressure vessels and instruments. Aerospace Electromechanical (600151): Solar energy and auto parts, the Eighth Civil Aviation and Aerospace Research Institute, the main business is "star and rocket ship". Aerospace civilian product base, including photovoltaic business, auto parts, etc.

  2, Aerospace Science and Industry Aerospace Changfeng (600855): military products are military computers, accounting for 25%. The civilian products are medical machinery, machine tools, etc., and security products are currently being injected. The Second Academy of Aerospace, mainly strategic missiles. Civilian products include information products, numerical control systems, special devices, etc. Aerospace Communications (600677): Military products are portable missiles and communications products, accounting for 35%, and civilian products include textiles and commodity circulation. Aerospace Science and Industry Group, the main business of missile weapons, more than 50% of civilian products, including information products, electric power and petroleum equipment, etc. Aerospace Chenguang (600501): About 1/3 of special vehicles, civilian products include bellows, pressure vessels, etc. Chenguang Group’s military products are missiles, and civilian products are vehicles, pipes, and roadheaders. Aerospace Information (600271): Value-added tax anti-counterfeiting tax control system and related equipment (products), IC cards (products), tax-controlled cash registers (products), network, software and system integration (products). Aerospace electrical appliances (002025): Connectors and relays account for more than 70% (military and civilian), and other civilian products are motors. Guizhou Aerospace Industry Corporation, military and civilian electronic devices, batteries, motors, etc. Aerospace science and technology: aerospace vehicles account for 1/3, automobiles and petroleum instruments about 1/2, as well as equipment. Aviation Technology Research Institute, spacecraft missile base, civilian products including modified vehicles, program-controlled switches, composite pipes, etc.

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