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Hetian jade, which has risen several times a year, is there still a chance to invest in collections in 2021?

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When the epidemic just broke out in 2020, it had little impact on the Hetian jade market, because at the end of the winter, mining basically stopped, and the entire industry was in the stage of recuperation. However, in the second half of the year, the epidemic continued and repeated. Xinjiang was closed for almost the whole year. The market was closed and mines were closed. Every link from mineral sources to processing and sales had a huge impact. Many traditional offline practitioners could not support it.

The industry is shuffling, small businesses close their doors, and large businesses find new ways; rough production is stretched, and finished products are shipped to the market Difficult; novices in jade carving switched to other jewellery, senior masters focused on private customization... All these seemingly calm but turbulent changes occurred in just one year. Then in 2021, what changes will appear in the Hetian jade market? For investors and collectors, should they hold their wallets tightly or pick up leaks?

Responding to all changes with the unchanging

In June 2020, the national standard "Hetian Jade Identification and Classification" was drafted by the National Hetian Jade Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Xinjiang) ( GB/T 38821—2020) was officially released. The value and role of the new national standard will promote the Hetian jade market in 2021 to gradually return to rationality and become more standardized. Some products with rough craftsmanship, inferior materials and only for short-term profit will be further reduced, and at the same time, the level of consumer identification and With the improvement of economic development, high-quality Hetian jade becomes more competitive.

[Chunxi Interpretation] For investors and collectors, to remain unchanged, that is, to stick to Ziyu focuses on high-end seed materials. Just like stocks, in a bull market, you feel that you are making money. I really don’t know which one to buy. In a bear market, you will be cautious first, you will study more, and you will be more confident when you make choices.

Youth is capital

The "Back Wave" speech at Station B in 2020 fully demonstrated the characteristics of the younger generation. The public began to truly feel the influence of the younger generation. The individual understanding of culture and the reverse interpretation of tradition are both interesting and informative. Coupled with the rare encounters of several generations who have been living together during the epidemic, more and more parents and children have gradually completed the infiltration and understanding of multi-dimensional circle culture by sharing their lives.

Taking Hetian jade as an example, what we are facing is no longer 50/60/70, more and more The more people born after 80/90 come into contact with every aspect of this industry. The young jade carver embodies the imagination and ingenuity of individual creativity in the jade carving art, injecting new vitality into the jade carving industry; young consumer groups are beginning to pay attention to traditional culture, and put forward more cross-border and out-of-enclosure needs for the industry And challenges; businesses with young people’s minds continue to expand and deepen the industry through short videos, live broadcasts and other forms, becoming more grounded and closer to the public.

[Chunxi Interpretation] For investors and collectors, youth is capital, that is, creativity is worth a thousand dollars, and they are optimistic about potential stocks. Like time, indulging in the past is useless; looking to the future has a lot to do.

In fact, no matter what industry it is, as long as it involves investment, there will be ups and downs. You must cultivate your mentality, seek peace and stability, do what you can, and avoid blindly betting.

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