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Inventory of 5 potential role-playing games that will debut in 2021

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In the past ten years, role-playing games have experienced tremendous progress, and their derivative types have never been endless. From traditional Japanese to an open world full of action, RPG continues to attract thousands of players.

What are the characteristics of RPG? Some people say it is excellent narrative, cool characters and powerful gameplay. Let's take a look at what excellent RPGs will be launched in 2021. If the one you are looking forward to is not in the list, please leave a message in the comments.

"Baldur's Gate 3"

Let the "Baldur's Gate" series reappear to the sky Day is not easy, if anyone can do it, it is none other than La Ryan Studio.

After this Belgian studio started the CRPG revival with "Divine Realm: Original Sin" I and II, it already has Qualified to challenge the classics. They provide crowdfunding to obtain funds, and use the early experience mode to obtain player opinions. Although the current "Baldur's Gate 3" is far from complete, it has the potential for magical work.

If you can throw your opponent off the cliff, why do you need to fight? Talk to animals, destroy everything that can be destroyed, and hit them with a bucket full of rocks. Modern CRPGs are full of options and require you to use your own skills to go out of different paths.

In "Baldur's Gate 3", you can see the shadow of the previous two "Divine Realm" games, but it also has the feeling of "Dungeon and Dragon". It is worth mentioning that "Baldur's Gate 3" should also land on the game console.

"Final Fantasy 16"

RPG without "Final Fantasy" is incomplete. With the "Final Fantasy With the addition of "14" producer Yoshida Naoki and "Shaka" producer Takai Hiroshi, this masterpiece is more and more worth looking forward to.

Judging from the information that has been released so far, "Final Fantasy 16" may be an ARPG, which is also the RPG has always The evolution direction since. The focus of this work is on summoned beasts. Since the Knights of the Round Table in "Final Fantasy 7", there has been nothing more exciting like this.

In addition to the summoned beasts, "Final Fantasy 16" is also mixed with war, friendship and betrayal, and these elements are also the eternal things of the series. Although the current release date has not yet been announced, there should be more related news in 2021.

"Monster Hunter: Rise"

"Monster Hunter: Rise" has done something to deal with the new era of monster hunting Innovation, so that Nintendo players can start hunting again.

There is no longer a loading time in the game, there are multiple monsters in each area, and a newly added insect system , The release date of the game is March 26th. As always, you need to create your own powerful equipment from the items obtained by fighting monsters. As the game progresses, you will fight more and more powerful monsters.

You can see from the official demo recently announced that players have to fight two different monsters. The first one is not difficult, the second one is very challenging.

In addition to the previous cat and car, this time there is a dog as a partner. The dog can also be used as a riding tool. You can ride them freely, which greatly reminds the speed. You can also pick up various things while riding. Resources and materials are really super convenient.

"The Elder Scrolls 6"

"The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim" successfully created a new open world RPG Experience, in view of this, the public's expectations for the new work are quite high.

Although from the current perspective, "The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind" and "The Elder Scrolls 4: The Shadow"Extinction" is a bit outdated, but it gave players an excellent experience at the time. Given that the previous works are so good, the pressure on the development team should not be small, and the development time may still be several years.

"Fables of Gods and Ghosts"

The world of wizards, warriors and whimsical ideas is coming back, As for how to come back, it is not yet known, but just hearing this news is enough to make people excited.

This IP has been silent for many years. Although the previous works have innovative attempts, they are not successful. I hope Playground Games can revive the work, so that fans can be satisfied.

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