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The fastest way for ordinary people to make money is to enter the circle of the rich

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Everyone wants to make money, but the richer people do make it easier. why? The author of this article combined his own experience to give 4 points.

He believes that if you want to become rich, make friends with someone richer than you, find a noble person to lead you into the circle of the rich, and more with the rich communicate with. I believe it will inspire you.

Practice like the rich

will become richer and richer
Money will attract money. You should know this, right? Because of this, it is relatively easy for people born in wealthy families to become richer. It seems easier for them to get rich, and what they need to do seems natural.
Recently, I communicated with a friend who only joined the work about a year ago. He began to realize what life is like and how the school system and religious culture deceive everyone.
In the beginning, a friend had a choice. He could stay in the small town where he grew up or go to the big city. I suggest that he go to the big city.

If he stays in the town, he can get an Offer, which is very convenient and well paid. If he goes to a big city, he can get the same offer (the nature of the job is different), but because the cost of living in big cities is higher, the salary is the same, but he gets less money.
In the end, my friend chose a big city, not because "city life" is more attractive, but because he listened to my advice and felt that he should expand his horizons. When we met and exchanged, he talked a lot about his own ideas.
According to him, "wealth" has changed, and now he is pursuing true success.
As our conversation became more and more specific, he asked me: If someone like me started without money, what can they do to reach the top?
Before asking questions, he first talked about his friends. They are divided into two categories. Some people were born into wealthy families, others are different. He found that when he was young, the children of the rich liked to make friends with the children of the rich, but they did not like to make friends with the children of the poor.
My friend can also make friends with the children of the rich. The reason for this is because of his good academic performance. If you want to continue to make friends with the children of the rich, you must learn from the children of the rich and have similar behaviors.
In other words, if you act like a rich man, you will become richer and richer. This was the case in the past, and it is the same now. In other words, if you practice like a rich man, you will become richer and richer.
So we have another question: What about the children of poor families?
There are many things that prevent them from getting close to their dreams. No one dreams of living a miserable life, no one dreams of a beggar's life, no one dreams of a barely subsistence life. Everyone dreams of success, although it may be difficult for some to admit.
They don't know where to start, and they let negative ideas about money take root in their minds.

Money is not the root of all evils

Greed is the root of all evils
Money is the root of all evils Source? Many people have this misconception. They may not want to admit it, but in their hearts they regard this belief as truth.
This idea may come from the "Bible", but was misquoted. Everyone says: Money is the root of all evil. But the "Bible" says this: Love of money is the root of all evil.
Money itself is not sinful, it is just a static object, and money cannot love money itself. Love of money is just one of the characteristics of people, we can also use another word to describe it, it is "greedy."
Why love money is the root of all evil? This is a good question.
Money is a tool. The main reason why we are hungry for money is because money can do so many things. There is no right or wrong to desire money to do what it can do. If someone is hungry for money and simply wants to have more money, it becomes dangerous.
Some people suffer from "money love syndrome". They abandon their souls in pursuit of money. It can even be said that they can sell their souls for money. Some people do this out of despair, while others do it out of the pursuit of excellence.
Many people believe that only the rich can sell their souls for money. This is not the case, and more and more poor and ordinary people are doing the same.
When a person sells his soul for money, evil does not look like evil. They will use beautiful explanations to justify evil deeds. This is the root of all evil.
In the face of money, when you become blind or prejudiced, morality will be eroded. People sometimes make wrong or evil choices, but if they become blind because of "love money," they will justify their mistakes because of money.
To summarize: If someone gives you some money to change your views on a certain position or topic, then you have a "money-loving disease".
If you are given enough money, you will push someone to the truck and let the car hit him to death. Please note that this is just a metaphor, do not take it literally.
Money itself has no distinction between good and evil, but people's performance in front of money is good or bad.
So, when others scream, "Money is the root of all evil", please correct it. Money is not the root of all evil, love of money is the root of all evil. Maybe this is not clear enough, you might as well explain it like this: Greed is the root of all evil.
Others may ask you what greed is. You can explain: Give you a lot of money to do things you shouldn't do, especially bad things. This is greed.
People who are short of money tend to become greedy, do not know how to make money, do not know how to get rich, this is also the reason for greed.
Why not make yourself richer? This way you will not be tempted by greed.

You can make money without money

It is enough to use social currency
The rich will make money with money, which is an efficient strategy to success. When you make some money, you will make more. This strategy is feasible.
The problem is: if you don't have money, you can't do this. These people often come from poor families and they work for money.
Unfortunately, these people have already started to spend money before they start to make money, and their financial situation is always in an unhealthy state. Fortunately, even equity investment can make money without money. There are actually several currencies in the world today. In addition to financial currencies such as the US dollar and the British pound, there are also social currencies.
You may not have much financial currency, but you have social currency, and you can use social currency to get rich.
If you don’t have money when you start, learn to make good use of social currency. This truth is only recently understood by me.

Enter the circle of the rich

It can make up for the disadvantage of lack of money strong>

Change your behavior pattern
1. You need a plug
If you want to become a rich man, the most A good way is to make deals with rich men. But if it's just because you want to join their circle, they won't allow you to enter. You must find a legitimate reason to enter the circle of the rich. You need a plug.
I have studied some successful people, they are very young, they have a wealth of money, these successful people have a poor background, I found that they have a very interesting in common: they all know the old rich man, this rich man Introduce them into the circle of the rich, thus changing their behavior patterns.
I call these rich people "plugs". If you don't have money, you need a plug.
The so-called plug is to let someone introduce you to the rich world. Because of his existence, you can make up for the disadvantage of lack of money and change your behavior.
2. Dinner with the elders
Speech is very important. If you want to change your financial situation, changing the interlocutor is a very effective way. The conversation mentioned here is not just talking about money, but also includes ordinary conversation. When you see the way the rich think, communication will change your entire pattern.
For example, the rich may start talking about new government policies.
In your eyes, what you see may be the direct impact of the new policy on the people, and the rich may talk about the impact of the new policy on consumer choices, and they may even extend the topic. Talk about how a single policy might affect the flow of money.
Slowly, the way you look at things will change, and everything around it seems to change. When you decide to buy a car of a certain brand, you will find that there are the same cars everywhere, and the reason is a bit similar. When I started to learn marketing, it seemed that all around was marketing.
In short, if you don't have money, find a rich man, let him introduce him, and fight for a chair at the rich man's table. If you are the richest person in the room, then you can find another room.
Finding another room is never easy, and finding a "good plug" is not easy, but it will be worse if you give up.
Many people would rather be the leader of the poor than the servants of the rich. This is a problem, and most people suffer from it.
Why? Because they hate comfort. If you are not the richest person in the room, find another room, the stronger your willingness to get out of the comfort zone, the richer you will become.
Just like my friend, when he was a child, he mined with ordinary children and felt very comfortable. As a result, he was alienated by rich friends. By now, these wealthy friends could have become his "outlet", but he missed the opportunity.
If you want to become rich, then participate more in the discussion and make sure that you are the poorest person among those discussing. Do as much as possible, it is a driving force.
Of course, you may be the richest person in some rooms, and you don’t have to abandon this room. If you have the habit of teaching people, stay in the room, but you have to find a higher-level room for yourself.

If you have a bad background and want to get rich, is there only one way to go? No, there are other methods, but this method is very effective.
3. Communicate with people who do great things
If you want to make a $10 million transaction, then spend more time with people who have so much money communicate with. If you want to make $10,000 a month, take some time to meet people who have already done it.
It’s definitely a good thing to have in-depth discussions with such people (face-to-face contact). If you can’t meet them, listen to the audio and watch the podcast. The video is good, but the audio is better.
Why? Because when you watch a video, although there is sound, the core is visual. If you just listen to audio, then the core of equity investment is hearing. Generally speaking, the brain stores story information mainly in the form of graphics.
According to the other person's speech, your consciousness will create an image. Compared to video, it is better to use sound to build an image. Because of this, I think podcasts are more effective than YouTube videos.
Audio stimulates imagination. Imagination is often greater than vision. Of course, sometimes vision is necessary because the brain cannot imagine what you cannot understand, nor can it imagine what you have never seen.
It is best to meet with the speaker on the spot and communicate, so that all the senses will be connected, the imagination will be stimulated, and your brain will store the event in the form of memory. Every time you think about your memory, your brain can find details that you didn't realize but noticed.
Spend some time discussing big deals with the right people, or you can train your brain to prepare for success in advance. Then, you will progress and make a meaningful contribution to the discussion. Soon you will find that you are doing the transaction you wanted to do before.

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