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Phoenix Wei Yi: A Thousand Characters Skill

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【Abstract】Iron powder enters into heart, new powder enters with caution. Words are dry goods, words and sentences, so-called mental and tactics, all lies in this, memorize them, you will surely enlighten! Seventy million yuan is combined into a thousand words, and each word is worth 10,000 yuan. Missing them is equivalent to missing ten seasons. Explosive volume/relay/turn-up/play board/stock selection.


Explosively grab the bride


Watch the bride as soon as the market opens

Explosive brides

Three points after a word

Three points after the Yangxian

Freshman changing hands is good

Heart point road map and more routines

If the faucet can't die

The bride will cheat

The leader is here, relay

The dragon's head died and the bride was fucked


Phoenix mood cycle


Emotional cycle watch link board

One board, two boards, three or four boards

Good echelon relay

The echelon is divided and divided

Finally be sure to look at the leading

Leading second board start-up period

Main promotion period for leading three boards

Leading brake divergence period

Decline when the leader dies

There is no leading freezing period


Phoenix Anti-Pack


Turn-over depends on the opening

True Yinxian should be opened lower

Fake Yinxian should be opened higher

Do not draw the line depends on the benchmark

True Yin is less than the daily limit price

Fake Yin is above the daily limit price

Not up and down, just wait and see

If you can do it, you must do it

Yangxian plus one is the key

Can be enlarged or reduced

Open lower after Yangxian

Open lower after Yinxian

Yangxian focuses on low opening

General anti-packaging needs to look at the amount of energy

The last daily limit needs to be increased

General anti-packet is also used to seeing

Need to be used for the last time

Heavy volume is the key


Phoenix stock picking


Static stock selection to see the bargaining chip

Dynamic stock selection based on subject matter

After reading the subject, see the technology

Explosion cannot be less coherent

Share change for reference

Poor stocks can buy less

Change hands not enough to make a loss

Bid change is greater than one

50% less hands-over yesterday

The unity of knowledge and action


Phoenix playing board


Only if the leader of the plate hits the board

Yesterday's heavy volume only hit the board

Play board onlyMorning board

Only take one board and play two boards

Only play two boards and three boards

Only play the low board

The highest board is only a benchmark

Look at the habit or the brakes

Meet the requirements with the gift

If it is high, it must be on the board

Why do you need to play board


I hope that each of you can go to the message area to ask a question. If there is no question, it is best to post a thought or reflection. I will answer it seriously and talk to you. Today Jack Ma retires and Zhang Yong comes to power. Today I will preach, and you will be the trader in the future. Do my best to make us all better selves. The heroes of the future must have you and me.

Supplement to Phoenix's Views

To iron powder:

The formula version is easy to memorize

It doesn't matter what you don't understand

All you can understand at a glance are iron fans and masters

The few who don’t understand can ask me in the message

I might not have time to answer

But I will watch it and record it

I will explain to you in the supplementary point of view

If there are many problems

I’ll add a good version of the point of view


Featured Message from Phoenix

Reply: Yeah. Long arbitrage is not affected by the broader market. Yesterday's Longjin Pharmaceutical Industry was. It is the first choice for netizens above the second board to leave a message: Principal, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

See if my understanding is correct?

Dragon brake: Only the first brake with more than two boards. As long as there is no big disadvantage in the plate, the core stocks of the plate can continue to rise by inertia. The degree of influence of the plate and the market: medium dragon divergence: often after a word or T The first brake, the core dragon of the core sector, is affected by the market and the market: the behavior of relying heavily on the sector and the market and running out of funds.

Long arbitrage: the leading sector of the sector was hit by the nuclear button and opened wide (-7%), even reaching the limit all the way, affected by the market and sector: lighter, it belongs to the self-help behavior of quilt funds.


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