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Technological Laws Series: Light Media with Big Double Bottom at Weekly Level

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1. Light Media (300251) Scanned by Transformation Stocks

Figure A: 20210303 13:47 Real-time disk (weekly) technical retrospective of the light media-like the standard The double bottom structure


{1}As shown in Figure A, it can be seen that Guangguang Media (300251)

needs to appear a high-volume iconic weekly K-line, complete the stabilization and confirmation of the neckline, and then detonate a wave of midline market;

{2} As shown in Figure B, as of 20210203,

within 1 year of the forward push, there is a "buy" rating of "31" institutional research reports; it can be seen that the fundamentals of the target are extremely acceptable. Remarkable;

Figure B: Light Media’s Institutional Rating Statistics from 20200203 to 20210203

2. Core themes and later hype concepts

[1] Key news: "Light Media (300251) Employee Stock Ownership Plan has completed the stock purchase and binds the interests of core employees to demonstrate confidence in future development"-Highlights:

(Source: China Merchants Securities Research Report 2020-11-12)

On April 29, the company released the The draft of the first phase of the employee stock ownership plan proposes that no more than 40 employees will use the employee's own funds to raise a total of 46.22 million yuan as a shareholding plan.

Recently completed the stock purchase procedure of the employee stock ownership plan at a price of 12.75 yuan per share, and bought a total of 3.6098 million shares of the company's stock. This shareholding plan binds the interests of core employees, shares future growth dividends with employees, and demonstrates the firm's management's firm confidence in the value of the company in the future.

With ample cash in hand, I am optimistic about the company's cost control capabilities and talent training mechanism for a long time. As of the end of the third quarter, while the cash flow of other companies in the film and television industry is tight, Guangguang has 1.76 billion cash in hand, and is optimistic about gradually increasing its box office market share in the future.

[2] The key news "Light Media (300251) Long-term layout animation track multiple angles Exploring Development"-Highlights:

(Source: Oriental Fortune Securities Research Report 2020-11-18)

Constructing the entire animation industry chain, exploring and developing from multiple perspectives. In October 2015, Caitiaowu Pictures was established. After that, it has successively invested in a series of animation industry companies such as Cocoa Animation, Zhongchuan Daohe, Biantian Culture, Red Carp Animation, and Daqian Sunshine. The entire animation industry chain of original painting design and production, animation production and derivative product development will improve the integration process of IP from generation to realization and amplification of income.

[3] The key news "Light Media (300251) After the epidemic, the industry is expected to usher in a strong recovery Optimistic about the long-term development of the company’s animation films"-Summary of Key Points:

(Source: New Times Securities Research Report 2021-01-25)

The company has a wealth of film reserves in 2021. "The Crowd" starring Andy Lau and Xiao Yang is scheduled for the first day of the new year in 2021, and the romance film "Your Wedding" is scheduled for May 20th. In addition, movies such as "My Mercenary Career", "Stone as a Rock", "Genius Game", and "Flying Ants" will be launched in 2021. The company is committed to the production and production of excellent domestic animated films. The three-dimensional animation film "Nezha's Devil Child" produced by its Caitiaowu studio won the box office of 5.013 billion yuan and the first in the Asian animation box office; the two-dimensional animation "Begonia" 》Won the Best Animated Feature Film Award at the 15th Budapest International Animation Film Festival. With the improvement of the consumption power of "Generation Z" and the continuous expansion of the two-dimensional group, animated films will break through the characteristics of "sub-supply" and further deepen the content. Compared with live-action movies, animated movies have stronger IP derivative value. At present, the company’s animated films "Deep Sea", "Journey to the West: The Great Sage in the Palace" and "Begonia 2" are in production, and a comic APP under Caitiaowu is also continuing to deliver "Ao Bing Biography" to the company's film projects. "", "Mr. Miao's Flower on the Other Side" and other high-quality IP content

[4] The key news "Light Media (300251) epidemic affects the current film business, but does not Changing mid- and long-term competitiveness"


(Source: Tianfeng Securities Research Report 2021-02-02 )

Guangguang Media disclosed its 20-year performance forecast and is expected to achieve a net profit of 230 million to 300 million yuan attributable to the parent, a decrease of 68.34%-75.73% from the same period last year. The net profit after deduction was 171 million-241 million yuan, a decrease of 72.28%-80.35% from the same period last year, of which the non-recurring gains and losses for 2020 were approximately 59.45 million yuan. With the severe impact of the epidemic on the film industry and consideration of impairment, the company's performance is in line with expectations.

At the industry level, after the impact of the epidemic, the film industry will continue to be under pressure again and will continue to accelerate the clearance and increase the concentration of leading companies. Whether it is upstream production companies or downstream channels, leading companies It is beneficial in the medium and long-term dimensions.


From the above news and public information, we can know:

Light Media (300251) is a film and television coverage Leading companies in the production and distribution of the entire industry chain are optimistic about the company's return to growth after the epidemic and the long-term development trend of animated films.

(For reference only, does not constitute trading advice)

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