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The best submap-five ghosts fortune (no encryption, no time limit, source code, textures)

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A few days ago, I saw an encrypted version of the Five Ghosts Fortune Index in the forum. I felt that there might be a lot of inconvenience for the students who make stock selection formulas. An unencrypted version of the Five Ghosts Fortune Index was issued!
To make it easier for everyone to use, the source code is sent out together, I hope you can support it and add more points! Your support is my motivation!

Source code:
{Parameter: M1 2 8 2
N1 2 15 7
M3 2 11 4
N2 2 25 9}

Conscience: (MA(CLOSE,17)+MA(CLOSE,19)+MA(CLOSE,21)+MA(CLOSE,23))/4,COLORYELLOW;

{M1 2\8\2}
{M3 2\11\4}
IF(Five Ghosts=Conscience AND P1>P3,Five Ghosts,DRAWNULL),COLORYELLOW,LINETHICK4;

Heaven and earth are inferior, so the heaven is above and the earth is below;
A mortal seeks wealth, but seeks wealth between heaven and earth, but there is nothing outside, so heaven and earth live between wealth and source of wealth.
However, the wealth is suitable for storage, and the collection is rich, so the wealth line is suitable for living; the wealth should not be exposed, and the dew is easy to be divided by everyone, so the dew of the wealth will fall.
However, the source of finance should be exposed, and the source of finance should be widely exposed, so the source of finance must rise; the source of finance shrinks, and the decline is beginning; the source of finance appears to rise
The potential is already growing; if you don't see money from outside, you will have no money to ask for, and you should leave the market as soon as possible to rest.
Also, when mortals ask for money, they should only ask for the peace of mind and righteous wealth between the heaven and the earth.
The above is only a brief outline of seeking money, and the clever use of it all depends on one person's heart. };

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