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Happy escape to the top (indicator/source code main image, Tongdaxin indicator) no future, no deviation

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In the forum, there are not many people who are known as the patron saint of retail investors, and Mr. Gu Tou gh deserves it. Because Mr. Gu Toug started an emergency search for the 20 best indicators for retail investors in the forum, with pictures and texts, popularized indicator safety identification and success rate testing methods for rookies, and collected many valuable indicators. Condensed quite a lot of popularity, many experts shared the collection of indicators and stock trading experience. Teacher Gu Toug’s solicitation and appraisal activity on the forum platform is a feat of helping retail investors!

? The content of Mr. Gu Tou gh's post is meticulous, the textures are meticulous, and the solicitation requirements are comprehensive and clear. In the 42 days from May 28, 2018 to July 8, 2018, 46 shortlisted indicators were collected, with an average of 1 indicator per day. Each indicator is personally evaluated by Mr. Gu Tough, and the evaluation results are announced. Someone discovered that at that time, Mr. Gu Tough was lying on the Internet for about 8 hours a day. People who weren't really thinking about retail investors couldn't do it at all! We like Mr. Gu Tou and all the teachers who have worked so hard!

In addition to the evaluation of the success rate, Mr. Gu Tou gh also attaches great importance to the annualized income and profit rate, which is included in the total score in an appropriate proportion for ranking, which makes up for the single-sided problem of the success rate and increases the comprehensiveness and availability of the evaluation. Reliability. On the determination of the evaluation rules, Mr. Gu Tough made a unified request. Let the people who play the game with the rules and use the rules to cheat and earn coins can not hide. There are more indicators on the Internet that contain future functions and signal drifts, and retail investors suffer from this. Mr. Gu Tough is anxious for retail investors, and wants to be thought of by retail investors. He listed the 42 most harmful future functions and made a custom code future function detection tool. Teach us to use the sand table deduction to detect whether the signal is drifting, not only the method is simple and easy to learn, but also easy to operate.

Teacher Gu Tough repeatedly warned us: Whether an indicator is good or not, first of all depends on whether there is a future function and whether the signal drifts or not. Indicators containing future functions and signal drift, no matter how high the success rate is, do not use it. There is a legend on the Internet that a certain master made a lot of money with indicators containing future functions. For the retail investors, this is just a dream! The 46 shortlisted indicators were selected from more than 500 recommended by everyone. The highest success rate reached more than 90%, the highest profit rate reached more than 2.5 times, and the highest annualized income reached more than 150,000. Some like indicators with a higher success rate, some are optimistic about indicators with higher profit margins and annualized returns, some prefer indicators with a relatively stable trend, some are good at optimizing according to their own ideas and preferences, and some are obsessed with Two, three or more indicators are combined into a combined indicator. Which indicator operation to choose? In what way to combine? Everyone has their own love and their own magical powers, and there are some creative extension works and operating methods and systems.

?It is recommended that after downloading, verify carefully, taste slowly, compare repeatedly, and select which indicators are suitable for you? Explore and summarize the use methods and techniques of some indicators, and then apply them to stock trading operations, show your heroic style in the stormy and turbulent stock market, and get your huge profits.

? At the request of netizens, and with the promise of Mr. Gu Tou gh, I now share the main index of the happy escape to the top of the PK competition results announcement list for urgently looking for the 20 best indicators. This is the only teacher Gu Tou gh himself wrote. A top escape indicator.



The success rate of "Happy Escape" purchase is 72.29%, as shown in the figure below:


The method to evaluate the sell success rate of the top escape indicator is: set the buy (ie opening a position) condition "sell=1", and then perform the evaluation. The success rate in the evaluation result is the success rate under the buy (ie opening a position) condition . Therefore, in the evaluation resultsThe lower the success rate, the better, the lower the annualized return, the better, and the success rate should be below 30%, and the annualized return should be below minus 1 million. The formula for calculating the success rate under the selling condition is: 100%-the success rate measured under the buying condition. According to this formula, the calculated success rate of happy escape is 73.21%. See the picture below:


It is recommended to buy when BUY=1 (that is, when the running minion signal appears for the first time), and sell when =1 (that is, when a red diamond signal appears).


The evaluation method of the top escape index is also given to us by Mr. Gu Tough, which is very simple and practical. Thank you Mr. Gu Tough for your hard work and selfless sharing! Two download attachments are provided here for those who have not downloaded the original post from Mr. Gu Toug to choose to download.

Happy Escape-Master Image of Tongdaxin








BB:=REF(AA,1)>13 AND REF(AA,1)/AA>1.23 AND CLOSE/REF(CLOSE,1)>1.03;




TJ1:=(REF(LDN,1)>REF(C,1) AND C>LDN AND C>REF(C,1)*1.02);



?AND REF(BHP,1)/BHP>1.1582 AND REF(C,1)L*1.05,5)>2;











DRAWICON(Buy, L*0.985,26);


DRAWICON(Caution, H*1.025,2);


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