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Leading Password Zhongyang Crossing the Bottom Picture/Stock Selection Index Tongdaxin Sticker Original No Future No Encryption

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Goodgupiao download network ( prompt: what you are downloading is: the leading password Zhongyang Crossing the bottom map/stock selection index Tongda letter stickers original no future no encryption To

Belief: Always have a heart of reverence for leading stocks, to be tolerant, and there must be rewards.

North is long, Nanping, Xili, east is near, today shrinks

North Length: The top of the box should be long, just how long it is horizontally and how high it is vertical;

Nanping: The runway should be level, which means that it is well organized and easy to take off;

Xili: There must be a link gene on the left;

East near: The distance between the top of the box and the runway is less than 20 points is a common condition for leading demon stocks;

Imaki: It means the consistency of the direction of movement. The upswing of the reduction is a consistent optimistic performance, and it is a pity to make money.

North to the deep sea hot topics

Shuangxianping Yuan echoes the big dragon

Double wear close horizontal resonance

Two lines and five points parallel are best

Green up and red down, high rate of increase

A high position is good for a short position. A low position is good for a victory.

The top golden fork is a dead fork, the bottom dead fork is a golden fork

There are no miracles on Wall Street, only some laws are constantly repeated, and it is possible to predict the future through law analysis.

Livermore, the founder of Dragon Head Warfare:

Only research the most prominent stocks at the moment, invest only in the most active leaders, and only climb the train that has already started

Don't waste time on weak stocks.

The idea originated from the fact that on August 15th, the market was synchronized with Zhongyang to cross the bottom. On August 19th, Shenzhen local stocks broke out collectively. The theme of the day was Shenzhen’s foreign affairs

Openness, on the one hand, the day is too late, on the other hand, I have always believed that the tangibility of the big dragon is formed by the resonance of three aspects: the news side

Given that the teacher is famous, only a famous teacher can resonate with the popularity, plus the great dragon skeleton that has been set up in advance, this can lead to

If the plate bursts, those with dragon blood in the plate will become the leading demon stock.

The big dragon is tangible = news detonates hot topics + technical preparations in advance + [there must be dragon blood in front + day-to-day plate-shaped outbreak]

The indicator is responsible for locating the prepared dragon shape in advance, so after thinking hard, we found the prerequisites for the outbreak in Shenzhen

Quotations from Brother Zhao:

The leading tactics require themes, leading, and technical schools to agree, so that they can resonate.

On August 15th, the market synchronized Zhongyang piercing, and nearly a thousand stocks of Zhongyang piercing the bottom, and the only ones with the most abundant dragon blood are Shen Saige and Shen Chase, which are fundamentally

There is no third one. This is the adequate filtering of dragon blood in the revised version. If not, there will be thousands of them. Wangtian, how to operate.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----

Livermore, the founder of the leading strategy:

Only study the most prominent stocks at the moment, invest only in the most active leaders, only climb the train that has already started, and don't waste time on weak stocks.

Only study the most prominent stocks at the moment: we can’t just study, then we will do our best

Try to study only the stocks with the form of the dragon as much as possible, and prepare for the dragon to take off.

Only in this way can we eat at the first time when the plate is working hard, and dare to take a big position, because we have made preparations in advance

Only invest in the most active leader: the prerequisite for becoming a leader must have dragon blood

Only climb on the moving train:

After setting up the big dragon form, do not enter right away. The entry point of Shenzhen Chase is not the 15th, but the 19th bid and the 20th

The revised version is the next day's entry

Bethlehem Steel didn't go in early and waited slowly, but stared at him outside and only ate when the conditions were met.

Don’t waste time on weak stocks: two meanings

First, don’t wait inside, it’s very easy to eat, after all: short positions are the king

The second is, after setting up the form, if you don’t move for five days, you will give up. Note: The dragon blood will be available a month or more than a dozen months ago.

At that time, Bethlehem Steel showed human dragon blood six weeks in advance

----------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------

Some people say that there are too few signals. Whether it is Huanglong wearing the bottom, or the golden dragon or the purple dragon wearing the bottom, they all use the same technique: Zhongyang wears the bottom.

Zhongyang piercing the bottom is just one of more than a dozen techniques of the Dragon Head Demon King. Just imagine, two yellow dragons, two golden dragons, and one purple dragon. That's five

Only one technique is five. There are more than a dozen dragon-head demon king techniques that are just a hundred small ones, and there are only so many dragon-head demon kings in one year.

What we are talking about here is the technique of the Dragon Head Demon King, not the daily limit technique. Even the board is not the same as the Dragon Head Demon King

I am the founder of the concept of the Dragon Head Demon King

Leading head usually refers to a big rise. There can be N days of small yang and small yin in the middle, and a wave can last for several months; the monster stock is suddenly endless.

The Dragon Head Demon King is connected to the board. Even the board is self-defeating and is not afraid to follow. The cycle is usually less than ten days, and Jiuding New Materials is a special case.

Dragon Head Demon King refers to a concept, not a combination of the concepts of Dragon Head and Demon Stock. The Dragon Head Demon King is not the Dragon Head Demon Stock

The concept of the dragon head demon king is formally put forward here, and it is different from the dragon head and the demon stock.

The ones that have been compiled are: Golden Dragon Wearing Base, Purple Dragon Wearing Base and Jilong Wearing Base. I plan to post one every Saturday for your comments.

It’s easy to improve. If everyone doesn’t comment, it loses the meaning of publishing to me. After all, I want to invite everyone

Help me improve the indicators, I have passed the psychological age of showing off in stocks. Although the normal mind cannot be regarded as the normal state, it can basically be in place

Be not surprised.

But this does not mean that you can copy and paste my source code in my posts

The minimum respect for people is still necessary

All I want is to ask for your comments. If it is improved, everyone is good. The fewer opinions you have, the worse the accuracy you get.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----

The market can be divided into: bear market, bull market, shock market

In the near future, before October 2018, it is an authentic bear market, which is not operative. It is a special list before and after the New Year, and it will all rise randomly.

It’s soaring, it’s impossible to say. After April, the normal phase begins, so you can refer to the signal before April. There is not much actual combat


The main method of the bear market is short positions-not participating. Secondly, if you have to participate, should you use the one-night stand technique-buy it today and sell it tomorrow

In the bear market, the dragon head demon king can be produced, but the technique is definitely not Zhongyang to penetrate the bottom.

Now it is Shock City, Shock City can have the most, most, and most demon kings

The bull market is produced under the guidance or temptation or seduce of the many leading demon kings in Shock City

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