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What is the formula for stock selection with high winning rate and short-term stocks?

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   There are many ways to trade stocks. In fact, the more important one is stock selection. Everyone knows that there are many indicators for judging stocks. In the following content, the editor will organize it for you

Super short-term stock selection formula with high winning rate. Those who need it, come and have a look!

  What is the formula for ultra-short-term stock selection with high winning rate?

  The best short-term stock selection for ultra-quasi-short-term stock selection is based on the bottom rising point. Focus on stocks that are trending upwards, high and falling signals Do not choose. I hope that the formula is classic and applicable, and all indicators will vary from person to person. You can choose the stocks that are convenient for you and can help you choose the stocks that start to rise. This formula does not contain future functions. If you judge based on other indicators, you may find big bull stocks.

   Super quasi short-term drawings and stock selection formula:


  A9: = DATETODAY(DATE);DS:=IF(A9REF(AA05,1) AND (C/REF(C,1)-1)*100>5 AND REF(C,1)

  Buy :=FILTER(MR,10)*XS;




  VAR3:=EMA( HHV(HIGH,90),21);


  VAR5:=EMA(LLV(LOW,250) ,21);


  VAR7:=EMA((VAR4*0.96+VAR5*0.96+VAR6*0.96 +VAR1*0.558+VAR2*0.558+VAR3*0.558)/6,21);

  VAR8:=EMA((VAR4*1.25+VAR5*1.23+VAR6*1.2+VAR1*0.55+VAR2* 0.55+VAR3*0.65)/6,21);

  VAR9:=EMA((VAR4*1.3+VAR5*1.3+VAR6*1.3+VAR1*0.68+VAR2*0.68+VAR3*0.68)/ 6,21);


  VARB:=REF(LOW, 1);


  VARD:=EMA(IF(CLOSE*1.3515298,LOW,'(CLOSE-LC)*VID;LONG := SUM(RC,0)2)))*100);RC := (CLOSE-LC)*VID;LONG := SUM(RC,0);

  DIFF := SMA(LONG,10,1);DEA := SMA(LONG,2


   stock selection formula:


  MA30:= MA(C,34);

  A9:= DATETODAY(DATE); DS:=IF(A9REF(three days deviation rate, 1) AND AA05>REF(AA05,1) AND (C/REF(C,1)-1)*100>5 AND REF(C,1)

  Buy: =FILTER(MR,10)* XS;



   Do you all know the formula for high winning and short-term stock selection? If you want to stock short-term stocks, the above formulas will definitely be useful, so everyone needs to master it. Everyone should pay more attention to Weishang Times. Thank you for your attention.

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