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Violent washing graph before Zhuanggu's rise (How to play Fantasy Westward Journey Stock)

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" Featured Summary: Sub-granting 14.755 million copies, accounting for 2.02% of the company's total equity; 3,111,500 copies reserved, accounting for 0.44% of the company's total equity. Exercise price Both are 12.14 yuan / the closing price of Violent Washing Graphic Stocks before the rise of Zhuanggu stocks on January 12. The incentive plan is aimed at the company's mid-level and above managers and core business personnel, and how to stabilize the fantasy Westward Journey stocks. How to play the Violent Washing Graphic Company before the rise of Zhuanggu stocks The core members are motivated."

1. Violent washing before Zhuanggu’s rise

1. After excluding structured products, it can be seen that the issuance volume of private equity investment products in September rebounded slightly from August. A total of 2,308 violent washing chart lines were issued before the rise of stocks, which was relatively higher than the same period last year. 107.93%.

2. China Xia’s Shanghai Stock Exchange 50ETF rose and fell 1.06% this week; Huatai Bai Rui CSI 300 ETF rose or fell 1.66% this week; Southern China Securities 500ETF rose this week The decline was 1.65%; the China CSI 300 ETF rose and fell 1.62% this week; the Harvest CSI 300 ETF rose 1.75% this week.

3. In terms of ultra-low allocation, foreign investment is still in a state of over-allocation of consumption, and public funds have over-allocated electronic and electrical equipment.

4. .

5. It is expected that the company's photovoltaic module production capacity will be expected to reach 22GW and 50GW before the stock market rises.

6. 2 Attributable net profit assessment criteria: the cumulative total of 2021-23 will not be less than 540 million/11.7 billion/18.9 billion; assuming that it is completed every year, 2021-23 It is 540 million yuan/630 million yuan/720 million yuan respectively, year-on-year +2.8%/16.7%/14.3%, assuming that the net profit attributable to 2020 is 530 million yuan.

7. Based on the net worth and position data, construct a stable style selection strategy for high-quality stock funds. This article conducts style types, style stability tests and performance comparisons for domestic equity funds. In this way, a fund pool with stable style and excellent performance can be obtained.

8. We have given the latest position details of the TMT50 portfolio in December.

The restricted stock period for the first grant of restricted stocks is 15 months, 27 months from the registration completion date, and 9 months of violent washing before the 3 Zhuang stocks rise, and the three-stage lifting of the restricted stock ratio is 30%/ 30%/40%.

Research conclusions With the introduction of the Sci-tech Innovation Board and the ChiNext registration system, the 10% limit on A-shares that has been implemented for more than 20 years has been gradually liberalized. At present, 26.2% of A-shares have risen The decline limit is 20%. If the registration system is fully implemented in the near future, the existing 10% limit on the price of A shares will be lifted with a high probability. In order to adapt to the future market, it is important to study the impact of the price limit on stock price behavior. Necessity and urgency.

Last week, the estimated position value of common stock funds and partial stock hybrid funds in the market’s broad market portfolio decreased by 5.4% and increased respectively 0.5%, the estimated position value in the market small-cap portfolio increased by 4.0% and decreased by 0.4%, respectively.

Investment reminder of this issue: US ETF innovative product launch: The theme of falling protection continues to be popular.

Similar to this kind of cross-market arbitrage strategy, after new options are listed in 2021, it can also be widely used as a violent wash before the stocks rise.

We are optimistic about bulk "stocks" bonds.

The average turnover rate of each major index has fallen. The dispersion of individual stocks and industry returns is basically the same as in August on average, but it has continued to fall in the second half of the year, and the market return divergence has a further decreasing trend.

Before the non-public offering, the controlling shareholder Gujing GroupHolds 53.89% of the equity, of which the Bozhou State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission holds 60% of the Gujing Group’s shares, and is the actual controller of the company. According to the upper limit of the number of shares issued in this non-public offering, after the completion of the issuance, although the Gujing Group’s shareholding ratio has decreased 48.99%, but the controlling shareholder and actual controller have not changed.

First, from the perspective of the short- and medium-term business cycle positioning, the new stock cycle and mid-cycle between China and the United States may start gradually, supporting domestic demand, and the overall trend of corporate profitability has not changed; second, the overseas epidemic situation has resumed Intensified, the time point for the withdrawal of stimulus policies in various countries has shifted back, and domestic monetary policies have maintained the status quo, and the liquidity environment has a relatively neutral probability; third, the epidemic has deepened the original rift in the global economy, weak demand, and low interest rates before the rise of market shares. Graphics, high debt and unbalanced development, or increasing external political and financial risks, should be vigilant against domestic impacts.

However, there is a high probability that the results of this year's general election will be postponed. There may be two reasons: First, nearly half of the votes in the general election are mailed, which is a significant increase from the historical 10-20%.

In the upward market, high-volatility products have brought excessive compensation to investors, while low-volatility products have weaker returns.

The allocation of foreign capital is still focused on the main board, but it continues to decline; attention to the SME board and the ChiNext has increased slightly.

The company issued a draft restricted stock incentive plan, intending to use 15.11 yuan per share to promote the former violence to 85 employees Zhuanggu The wash order granted 2.635 million restricted stocks accounting for 0.66% of the total share capital.

Since 2019, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange has continued to increase the development of its derivatives business. In 2020, it will cooperate with MSCI to launch emerging market index related products. A-share index futures products are also expected to land in 2021. It is expected that the next 2-3 years , Derivatives will grow into another major growth driver of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Exchange rate market: As of November 20, the US dollar to Hong Kong dollar exchange rate was 7.7522.

In 2021, the economic recovery may increase the growth of business-to-business B2B transactions, the density and cost of which are lower than door-to-door services.

As of the close, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 0.76%, the Shenzhen Component Index rose 0.96%, and the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 rose 0. Zhuang stocks rose 85% before the violent wash.

Second, how to play Fantasy Westward Journey stocks

Risk warning: increased strategic congestion and liquidity risk.

In the past month, volatility factors dominate, while momentum, scale and growth factors underperform.

Combined with the company’s historical valuation and the PE valuation center of international component companies in recent years, we give the company a 15-fold PE in 21 years, with a reasonable value of 37.44 yuan per share, and maintain a “buy” rating.

In terms of operational strategy, it is expected that the stock market will still be volatile in the future, and the current hidden wave of buying and selling is at a relatively low historical level. Short-term investors still recommend building a Gamma strategy, which is expected to earn Gamma and Fantasy Westward Journey stocks. Double benefits of playing Vega.

Deployment: Buying price: US$86. Target price: US$110. Stop loss price: US$80. The company recently announced its 2020 third quarter report. The operating income in the first three quarters was 1.076106 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 10.53%; The net profit attributable to the parent company was 31.137 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 3.86%.

Event comments After the completion of this non-public offering plan, it is expected that the company’s production, storage and product filling capabilities will be greatly improved. And the actual control status of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Bozhou City has not changed.

Under the guidance of the Debt Committee, the company has accelerated its debt restructuring and actively communicated with creditors. At present, the preliminary plan for debt restructuring has reached the consensus of the majority of creditors.

Institutional investment situation A total of 50 institutions participated in the investment, with a total investment of 259 million yuan.

In the past week, the stocks of the most researched institutions are Huayang Group, Songcheng Performing Arts, Huagong Technology, Beijing Junzheng, Hangfa Control, Dirui Medical, Fengfan Shares, Jingweihui After waiting, Huayang Group was investigated by 74 institutions.

For investors who are keen to "sweep wool" when selling options, they must pay attention to stop loss in time when the market trend does not match expectations, and must not stop loss.

The incentive target is based on 2020 and the sales restriction is lifted in three phases. The performance evaluation target in 2023 corresponds to revenue CAGR+15%&net profit CAGR+20% or revenue CAGR+20%&net profit CAGR +15%, demonstrating the company's confidence in development.

Risk warning demand is less than expected: domestic substitution is not as expected; how to expand Fantasy Westward Journey stocksThe progress of play production is not as expected; the risk of lifting the ban on restricted shares

A cross-market arbitrage strategy similar to this can also be widely used after new options are listed in 2021.

Under the guidance of the Debt Committee, the company has accelerated its debt restructuring and actively communicated with creditors. At present, the preliminary plan for debt restructuring has reached the consensus of the majority of creditors.

Risk warning: stock market volatility risk, fund product style switching risk, fund company investment research system change risk, fund company investment style change risk, risk of excessive fund swapping frequency, etc. Overseas macro: US election is postponed High probability of announcement In history, there have been very few cases of postponing the announcement of election results, generally within 1-3 days after the election day.

A quick overview of IPO information 59 companies in the market have accepted IPOs, 73 companies have given feedback, 54 Fantasy Westward Journey stocks how players have been Pre-disclosure update.

With the large-scale vaccination of the new crown vaccine in the second quarter of next year, the probability of Congress again adding a broad fiscal stimulus plan after the second quarter has fallen.

By sorting the SDS value of the funds from small to large, four types of stable fund pools, including large-cap value, large-cap growth, small-cap value, and small-cap growth, are screened out, among which there are a large number of large-cap growth funds.

Currently, the core contradiction in the market is still the intensity and pace of policy contraction. Since the end of the year, the central bank has continued to protect market liquidity, and the inter-bank market has maintained a loose momentum.

The net operating cash flow in the first three quarters was 88.413 billion yuan, which was 18.262 billion yuan less than the same period last year.

In the future, it is expected to continue to expand categories, brands, and channels, and try to incubate its own brands, with huge growth potential.

Based on the net worth and position data, construct a stable style and excellent stock fund screening strategy. This article conducts style type, style stability test and performance comparison for domestic equity funds, so as to obtain funds with stable style and excellent performance. Pool.

First of all, the performance of major industries has begun to rebound simultaneously, so the industry performance differentiation may have eased this year, and the relative fundamental advantages of some high-valued sectors may not be significant.

Risk warning: the risk of market environment changes; this report is based on historical objective data and does not constitute investment advice.

1772 According to Chaoyang Sustainability incomplete statistics, as of the end of September 2020, unstructured private equity products with net worth data for more than one year have an average monthly yield of 0.43%, of which the number of products that have achieved positive returns 990, accounting for 55.87%, the overall performance is stronger than the Shanghai Composite Index and Shenzhen Component Index.

Violent washing before Zhuanggu rally: E6%8B%89%E5%8D%87%E5%89%8D%E6%9A%B4%E5%8A%9B%E6%B4%97%E7%9B%98%E5%9B%BE%E5% BD%A2&rsf=11630256&rsp=0&f=1&oq=%E8%82%A1%E7%A5%A8%E6%8D%A2%E5%BA%84&ie=utf-8&rsv _ pq=f5a57cda000c33b3&rsp=0&f=1&oq=%E8%82%A1%E7 _ src=0&rsv _ pq=f5a57cda000c33b3&rsv _ t=50e5aNA75XLFn7IuWxIKp%2FXR0n2xTsX1URdB7ciYSh9kC1w

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