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Why are all the indicators that I have added in the Tongda Letter disappeared? Is there any way to recover?

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Why are all the indicators that I added in the Tongda letter disappeared? Is there any way to recover? The following text materials are collected and published by the editor of (History New Knowledge Network for everyone. Let’s take a look together!

Why are the indicators in the Tongda letter missing? Is there any way to recover?

In Tongdaxin window, press at the same time: ctrl+f The first technical indicator formula/other types.

Why the index formula I customized in Tongdaxin disappears? Is there a way to restore it? ?

As long as you confirm to save the self-compiled indicator, it will be stored in the system, but you did not pay attention to it in that category. Please open the formula manager to find it level by level. Suggestion: When you write a formula later, you should save the self-edited formula in (other types) so that you can find it and call it easily.

Is there any way for Tongdaxin to bind the K-line period to the indicator?

You mean that the indicator only calculates the data of a certain period.

This is simple, just quote the period you need in the formula.

Of course, this requires a new formula to be created, and then a reference method can solve the result you want.

Is there any way to see the groups joined by WeChat friends

This is the privacy of friends, not yet, but QQ has

The computer system is reinstalled, All data is gone. Is there any way to restore the system

System reinstallation will format the C drive, and some data may be retrieved by the data recovery software immediately after the reinstallation. If the system is installed, other things have been done. Operations such as installing software, etc., have less chance of getting it back.

Is there any way to exercise to restore strabismus?

If the strabismus degree is less than 15 degrees, you can wear glasses to correct it. Ordinary lenses + strabismus, accommodative esotropia can be corrected with glasses, and other types of strabismus can only be corrected surgically.

I have frozen hands, is there any way to recover

Go to the drugstore and buy a box of "ten drops of water". There are ten small bottles (small bottles like eye drops) in the box, about 1 For RMB, the potion is yellow-brown. Use a small pushpin with a plastic head to pierce a small eye just above the mouth of the bottle. Apply the potion to the frostbite area (apply after washing your hands, or apply when you have time, there is no limit on the number of times. .... Chilblain is a common disease in winter. It is characterized by congestive edema and erythema at the exposed area, and skin itching when exposed to high temperature. In severe cases, skin erosion and ulcers on the affected area may occur. The disease course is long in winter. It will recur and is not easy to cure. For some young women, it not only affects the beauty of the hands, but also brings great inconvenience to life. In terms of treatment, although there are many methods, it is rarely cured, so In traditional Chinese medicine, because most patients with frostbite have yang deficiency, the blood flow is not smooth, and the veins are stagnated. Over time, the skin will lose nutrients and cause the cold to stay in the veins for a long time. Therefore, frostbite will repeat The treatment of frostbite in the summer is a major feature of Chinese medicine. "Suwen·Four Qi Regulates the Mind" has proposed the "spring and summer nourishing yang" treatment method. According to the theory of yin and yang in traditional Chinese medicine, the body's yang qi It is the result of human beings corresponding to nature in spring and summer, and convergence and weakness in autumn and winter. Taking advantage of the high temperature in summer and abundant yang in the body, adjust the balance of yin and yang of the human body, so that some chronic diseases such as frostbite can be restored. Deficiency can be affected by the natural yang qi in summer, making the body's yang qi at the peak of rhythmic changes in summer, and the body's cold qi can be easily removed and easily resolved. In addition, the skin pores are easy to expand in summer, such as invigorating blood circulation. Taking advantage of its potential to treat blood stasis drugs, it often results in a multiplier effect. On the contrary, in winter, the human body is at the low value of the rhythm of Yang Qi years. Even if it is supplemented, the effect is difficult to achieve. Dr. Li Bin said, from this, it can be seen that, The basic idea of ​​winter sickness and summer treatment method is: On the one hand, with the help of nature's summer yang, the body's yang will rise and thrive, and the cold will be condensed.The state of Qi is easy to decompose, and it can be cured by activating blood and removing blood stasis drugs to better play the purpose of Fuyang and cold treatment. On the other hand, the warm and yang energy can be stored, and if the yang energy is sufficient, it will not be easily hurt by the severe cold in winter. ■Treatment methods: 1. Put an appropriate amount of fresh sesame leaves on the area where frostbite has been born, rub it back and forth with your hands for about 20 minutes, let the juice stay on the skin, wash it off after 1 hour, once a day for 1 week. 2. When eating watermelon, leave the watermelon skin thicker to form a slightly reddish white appearance. Use it to gently rub the frostbite areas for 3 minutes each time, once a day, for 1 week. 3. 10 grams of red pepper, chopped up seeds, soak in 60 ml of white wine for 7 days, then add 3 grams of camphor and shake well. When using, use a sterile cotton swab dipped in the medicinal solution to rub the frostbite area, twice a day , For 1 consecutive week. 4. 60 grams of ginger, mash, add 100 ml of white wine, soak for 3 days and serve. When using, use a sterile cotton swab to moisten the medicinal solution and apply it to the area where frostbite has occurred, twice a day for 1 week. 5. 60 grams of white eggplant root, 10 grams of pepper, decocted and fumigated in water for frostbite, once a day, 10-30 minutes each time, 1 dose a day for 1 week. Choose one of the above methods and continue for 5-7 days to effectively prevent the occurrence of frostbite. Chili Peppers are sealed and soaked in white wine for one week. Applying chilblains to the affected area can reduce inflammation, relieve pain and relieve itching. Apply fresh ginger slices to the skin that often suffers from frostbite, and apply it for several days to prevent the frostbite from regenerating; if the frostbite is already alive, use fresh ginger juice to heat and boil it into a paste. After cooling, apply the frostbite area twice a day , After applying for three days, it will be effective. Radish Slice the radish, use an electric stove or a charcoal fire to soften it, stick it on the affected area of ​​frostbite, and continue to bake. The distance and heat feel comfortable. After a few minutes, the area of ​​frostbite will feel itchy until the swelling disappears. Chinese cabbage Chinese cabbage and eggplant roots are washed and fried in the thick soup. Wash the affected area while it is hot, once a day in the morning and evening. Hawthorn: Put 1 hawthorn on the stove and cook and soften it. After a little cold, rub it into a mud and apply it to the affected area. At the same time, place the affected limb on the stove and bake. Rub the skin of the affected area while applying it until the mud of the hawthorn is dry. Just remove the hawthorn mud and treat it 3-5 times a day. ■Six methods to prevent frostbite 1. Washing with spicy garlic: Take 100 grams of dried eggplant stems, 60 grams of pepper stems (30 grams of dried peppers can be used when lacking), and a handful of garlic (Approximately 150 grams), soak the affected area in hot water, once a day, three times in a row. 2. Guisu Chen washing method: Take 50 grams each of Guizhi and Sage leaves, 20 grams of tangerine peel, add 500 ml of water, boil for 15 minutes, remove the medicine residue, wait until the medicine is cooled to about 40 degrees, and immerse the affected area in the medicine for about 15-20 Minutes, 3 times a day. It is suitable for those with frostbite at the beginning, redness, swelling and itching, and the sore surface is not ulcerated. 3. Nitrate application method: take appropriate amount of Glauber's salt and Phellodendron amurense. For those with frostbite, the amount of Glauber's salt is twice as much as that of phellodendri; for those with frostbite, the amount of Glauber's salt is twice that of Glauber's salt. The two medicines are very fine in total. When used, ice water or snow water is used to adjust the affected area, and the medicine is changed once a day. If the local symptoms are mild, you can decoct Phellodendron chinense to dissolve Glauber's salt in water according to the proportion of the medicine used for unbroken disease, and wash the affected area outside. A course of treatment is 5-6 days for non-ulcerated patients, and a course of treatment for 10-11 days for ulcerated patients. 4. Dried coriander tincture: Take 6 grams of coriander flower, 3 grams of safflower, 10 grams of evodia, immerse it in ordinary liquor or 150 ml of 75% alcohol for 1-2 weeks, then filter to remove residue for use. When using, take the medicine solution and apply to the affected area. Use it for 2-3 days. 5. Hongling Wine: Take 60 grams each of Angelica and Cassia twig, 15-30 grams each of safflower, Sichuan pepper, and ginger, 15 grams of Asarum, 5-10 grams of borneol. The medicine is soaked in 1000 ml of ordinary liquor or 75% alcohol for 7 days, filtered with gauze, and bottled for later use. When using, wash the affected area and wipe dry, and apply cotton wool dipped in the liquid to rub the part (for those who are not ulcerated), 4-5 times a day, for 5-7 days. 6. Danggui Sini Decoction Smoke Method: Take 20 grams of Angelica and Peony, 15 grams of Cassia twig, 5 grams of Asarum and Licorice each, 10 grams of Mutong and Ginger each, and 5 jujubes. Put the medicine into a suitable container, add 500 ml of water, heat it to a boil (slow fire) and remove from the fire for 5 minutes. Fumigate the frostbite area with steam. After the liquid drops to an appropriate temperature, immerse the frostbite area in the liquid with medicinal residue for 15-20 minutes. Twice a day. One dose can be used 4 times continuously. It is suitable for hand and foot chilblains of school-age children. ■Anti-frostbite in cold winter Frostbite is one of the common diseases in winter, it is easy to occur in the humid environment with temperature below 10℃. Chilblains often occur on the fingers, back of hands, toes, heels, ears, cheeks, etc., and can occur unilaterally or bilaterally. The initial damage is localized erythema or dark red with purple lumps, which are cold to the touch, and itching, which increases after being heated. In severe cases, blisters appear, containing pale yellow or white serous fluid, which forms erosions or ulcers after ulceration, and feel painful. Frostbite is mainly caused by cold, dampness or tight footwear in winter, which affects local blood circulation. Cold causes skin vasoconstriction, ischemia, abnormal metabolism, long-term vasodilation, congestion, and plasma exudation causes local edema, blisters formation, and even tissue necrosis. In addition, the extremitiesPoor blood circulation, excessive sweating of hands and feet, lack of exercise, malnutrition, anemia, and autonomic dysfunction are also causes of frostbite. Certain chronic diseases such as anemia, lupus erythematosus, scleroderma and rheumatoid arthritis can also cause frostbite. After the occurrence of frostbite, if the skin is mild and the skin is not broken, you can apply frostbite cream; local warm bath, use one of eggplant seedlings, pepper seedlings or mugwort leaves, add 10-15 times of water, boil and filter, and soak when the water is not hot. Apply locally, 1-2 times a day, 15-30 minutes each time; lard and honey ointment (ratio 3:7) can also be used for external application. If frostbite is broken, 5% boric acid ointment and erythromycin ointment can be applied locally, and wrapped with sterile sandcloth; 2 taels of chili sticks, 4 taels of eggplant sticks, and 3 chili peppers can also be used for thick frying with water and fumigating. The affected area, once a day, and pay attention to keep warm to avoid frostbite again. Spread egg butter on the affected area of ​​frostbite for better effect. For people who are prone to frostbite and who have suffered from frostbite in the past, keep warm in winter, exercise more, eat more high-protein and high-vitamin foods, and if necessary, eat more hot foods such as lamb and dog meat. In addition, ginger tablets can be used to rub the vulnerable parts once a day in the morning and evening; usually, rub hands, ears and face repeatedly, and insist on washing hands and feet with hot water to enhance blood circulation in hands and feet. ■Why is it reasonable to treat frostbite in summer? If frostbite is actively prevented in summer, it will be effective in winter that year. This is also a concrete manifestation of winter disease and summer treatment. 1. Choose mature purple-skinned single-head garlic, peel off the skin, mash it into mud, expose it to warmth in the sun, and apply the garlic thinly to the parts that are susceptible to frostbite in winter. Apply 3 to 5 times a day for 5 to 7 days. 2. Take 5 to 7 dried red peppers, add water and boil them to make a pepper soup. When the water is not hot, soak the parts prone to frostbite, once a day for 5 days. 3. Take the fresh sesame leaves and rub them on the skin with frostbite for 20 minutes, let the leaf juice remain on the skin, and rinse with water after 1 hour. Rub it several times a day for 1 week. 4. Rub ginger slices on areas often suffering from frostbite, 1 to 2 times a day for 1 week. 5. 10 grams of safflower, 15 grams of cinnamon sticks, decoction to scrub the frostbite-prone parts, once a day for 5 days. 6. 50 grams of fresh eggplant root, clean the affected area when it is not hot after being fried in thick sauce, once a day...

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After reinstalling the system, browse through Firefox The bookmarks in the device are gone, is there any way to restore it?

The bookmarks cannot be retrieved after reinstalling the system.

Open and export the bookmarks after ctrl+shift+b.

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