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Three Kingdoms of Guigu (1): The Sima family returned three points to the Jin Dynasty. How did Ding Yuanying arrange the heavenly path?

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The four-character Guigu-Zongkong Sanguo, edited by myself, try to use the Three Kingdoms And modern case notes, Guiguzi's yin and yang way. The entire book of Guiguzi is summarized in four words per paragraph for easy memorization, with slight changes to the original text, which can be regarded as the adult version of the three-character classic.

The first chapter specially inserts the audio, and the subsequent ones will be published in the Himalayas and today's headlines. Search for the notes of Brother Lang or the Three Kingdoms of Guigu to listen. . .

Features of Guiguzi: Flexible and useable, well versed in officialdom, well versed in human characteristics . Be good at maintaining the body, be good at psychological speculation, understand the force of rigidity and softness, know the art of vertical and horizontal strokes, and have the unique wisdom of heaven and earth.

"Eastern Zhou Dynasty" Feng Menglong: Guiguzi is beyond reach.

Mathematics: The sun, the stars, and the latitude are in the palm;

Military Science: Six Secret Teachings and Three Strategies, endless changes; deployment of troops, unpredictable ghosts and gods.

Lobbying : It is widely used to keep a lot of information, and it is clear to judge the situation; to speak out and argue, it is unreasonable.

Life Science: Self-cultivation and nurturing, guiding by taking food; curing illness and prolonging life, rushing can be done.

Master and Apprentice Picture:

Life Science

Mao Meng

Xu Fu (Shenwu Emperor)


Su Qin: He wears the seals of the six nations, unites the weak to attack the strong

Mao Sui: Zhao Guoda Diplomat

Zhang Yi: Lian Heng, united with great powers

Military Science

Sun Bin: Qi State Army Division, "The Art of War" written by Sun Bin , Sun Wu's "The Art of War by Sun Tzu"

Pang Juan: Wei Guo's great general, who is good at actual combat and has sent troops many times to make Wei the Seven Heroes of the Warring States Period.

Wang Aowei Liaozi Han Xin

The gods: to seek for the yin, so they are called gods, and for success in the yang, so called to be Ming

The foreign work "Guiguzi", an international strategic classic

"Guiguzi" is a piece: Defend the country with morality and justice, A rare book to save the nation and make a strong nation.

The emergence of Guiguzi: The strategist’s in-depth conspiracy, the sharpness of the military, the hegemony of the Legalist, the strength and softness of the Confucianism, and the standby of the Taoist..


Volume 1: Introverted Wisdom (contains the spirit): Keep a clear mind, how to achieve power and know change, how to follow the trend , How to Strategy

Middle Volume: Wisdom of Vertical and Horizontal: How to communicate, how to express, how to negotiate, how to persuade, how to integrate resources

Volume II: Wisdom of Health Maintenance

1. The Way of Restoration

Purpose: Basic Laws and Program, which talks about the types and methods of lobbying for success,

Explains how to Darquan knows how to adapt to changes in the environment And persuadeThe basic principles of others

"" means "open" and "close" means "close": the one who shook, opens, speaks, and yang. Those who are closed are closed, silent, and yin.

Master and flexibly use the technique of swaying and closing, you will be able to understand the human relationship in the world, and achieve success in everything.

Summary of thoughts: Grasping the law of development of things (yin and yang)

Being a man Yao Zhi: You have a degree, advance and retreat Freedom is the gist of being in the world. Those who care for it will expect their love; those who close it will be sincere.

Yang Shi: longevity, happiness, wealth, honor, fame, hobbies, financial gain, pride, joy and desire

Yin end: death, sorrow, poverty, humiliation, Death gain, frustration, harm, punishment, punishment

How to persuade others: To persuade others with the positivity (convince with benefits),

To persuade the negative speaker (persuade with bad results)

Summary: Lure them for profit, threaten them with disaster, move them with affection, know them To reason.

Second, the four-character ghost valley—the first one

1 The ancient sage of Yue Ruoji is the world All sentient beings follow the same path.

2 Endless changes, each has its own way. Yin and Yang are soft, just open and close.

3 Views Zhi Ce Da Yin Yang opens and closes to survive and perish with fame and life. Household

4 All things are always the human heart and the principle of change is my guardian portal

5 Examining the order, the power, and the power can correct the skill and skill to be shorter than it.


1 You can know by investigating ancient history , The saint walks the world and can walk in front of all living beings because he can follow the laws of nature to act.

2 Although the changing laws of things are endless, they all have their own development trajectory and different performance situations. Some belong to Yin, some belong to Yang, some are weak, some are strong, some Some are open, some are closed, some are loose, and some are tense.

3 The sage understands four state phenomena through observation and understanding, namely, the opening and closing of yin and yang, and gives it a name, so as to master and control things, so as to understand the key to survival and death.

4 Calculate the rise and fall of everything, so as to understand people’s inner world, find signs of changes in things, and grasp the key to development and changes in things.

5 To review the sequence of changes and development of things, we must determine the opponent's strategy, measure the opponent's ability, correct and improve various skills, and compare the strengths and weaknesses of various skills.

III. Three Kingdoms Case: Why can Sima Yi unify the Three Kingdoms?

1 The Sima family has deep roots

In the period of the Three Kingdoms at the end of Han Dynasty, such a trend appeared in the world, that is, the rise of the gentry. The Sima family emerged in the Shang and Zhou dynasties. Because of their merits, they were given official titles as their surnames. Until the end of the Han Dynasty and the Three Kingdoms period, this family was regarded as a prominent family. From Sima Yi up, all seven generations were high-ranking officials. This generation, aside from himself, twice became Cao Wei's most important minister. Several of his brothers were also very competitive, either holding important positions or being named lieutenants. Therefore, the Sima family naturally became the representative of the noble family. This is a great help for them to replace Cao Wei and prepare for the unification of the world.

2 The Three Kingdoms are gradually declining, but the Sima family has a lot of talents

In addition, at that time, in addition to the rise of the gentry, the general trend of the world also showed a trend of integration for a long time. ——The Three Kingdoms are gradually declining. For example, after the early deaths of Cao Pi and Cao Rui, Cao Fang, Cao Mao, and Cao Huan were not very useful emperors. This is the prerequisite for Sima Yineng to take over the Wei chamber, Sima Zhao to control the court, and Sima Yan to successfully usurp the throne. In addition to Cao Wei itself, the Shu Han had already appeared in a state of "Yizhou fatigued", and Liu Chan was also a cowardly monarch; as for Jiangdong, although the last emperor Sun Hao had the legacy of the overlord Sun Ce before he became the throne, he just sat firmly in the dragon chair. , Just exposedWithout his nature, he not only acted harshly, but also lewd and lewd, dragging Soochow by his life.

In the Sima family, Sima Yi’s abilities needless to say. Sima Master was the only accomplice before Sima Yi initiated the Gao Pingling change; Sima Zhao had the effect of destroying Shu during the period when he was in charge of the court; Sima Yanneng In the Jin Dynasty, Wei was naturally not mediocre. Under the circumstances, they were able to stand on the shoulders of the giant Cao Wei and pick the "apple" of victory. It was entirely reasonable.

Analysis of 3 Lang brothers:

Although the Sima family is not a saint, it is also a strong man and wise.

A has grasped the principle and acted in accordance with the laws of nature. According to the trend of the sky, it gradually strengthened on the basis of Cao Wei, while Kong Ming is the opposite. Knowing the sky is easy to overcome the sky. Mr. Shui Jing has a finishing touch: Although Kong Ming wins the master, it is not at the right time, then Is the best proof of prophecy.

B has endless changes and each has its own goals. Sima Yi has mastered the different manifestations of the development trajectory. Know which period is yin or yang, advance or retreat. When the five great counselors and Cao Cao were alive, they kept a low profile and forbeared them. After the emperor and the courtiers, they decisively took on important tasks. Even if the monarchs have doubts, when powerful officials have gained power, they decisively retreat to advance.

C During the Gaopingling coup, Sima Yi was able to understand everything and the principles of the human heart, accurately got calculated every step : First control the queen dowager to get Yizhi, then attack the weapons depot, and then take over the guards to control the city gates after getting Yizhi; the psychological speculation of Cao Shuang is also in place: first move with affection, as long as you surrender, you will not decapitate. For the rich, after seeing no response, Jiang Ji decisively asked Jiang Ji to write a letter of condolences; in the end, the capital was under full control, and you couldn't overcome any waves. The best outcome after surrendering and calculating the gains and losses.

Although I missed the resourcefulness of Huanfan’s departure from the city, there are also strategies to retreat. For a detailed analysis of the autobiographical memories of the Gaopingling coup, you can check another book I wrote, Knowledge Solution Three Kingdoms 32 Eagles and Wolf Gu: Memoirs of Sima Yi, revealing the secrets of the Gaopingling coup .

Fourth, modern applications: How does Tiandao Ding Yuanying calculate the layout?

Here we recommend a TV series called Tian Dao. Ding Yuanying played by Wang Zhiwen. Why can the plot layout succeed?

Let’s take a look at how he lays out and calculates each step:

Ding Yuanying said: Le Sheng does not need a shield because of the sharpness of the spear. Here I am. There is neither a spear to attack nor a shield to defend.

You can only "borrow" Lesheng’s spear.

1 Set up a stall in Beijing and participate in the audio exhibition.

2 Use the three cities of Berlin, London, and Paris as nurseries, (borrow the 4 "capital" cities to establish a high-quality, high-value image) and use high-end European images for evaluation, This appears to be authoritative.

3 Let Stryker be a thug, and the prices of complementary products will be reduced simultaneously during the exhibition.

4 The courts and the media clamored up in lawsuits, so that the public can pay attention to them and increase their visibility.

5 Let Piaget Electronics Co., Ltd. fall in love and give a price before responding to the lawsuit, so that you can understand the situation of Metrics.

6 It is possible to transform the point source from the Lesheng Bowl, and it was finally successfully acquired by Lesheng.

The core is on a little cleverness. The article about the little cleverness is done.

It can induce the great cleverness of Lesheng Company, and the cleverness lurking in the cleverness is the great wisdom. ”

Brother Lang’s comment:

The male protagonist of the show Tiandao is worthy of being a ghost like Guo Jia and Sima Yi. Accurately calculated to every For example, Liu Bing could have been immortal, but he was too greedy; Lin Yufeng was too greedy, but unfortunately he couldn’t pass the level of admitting failure; so did Rui Xiaodan, even though he was surrendering his life. , But it’s not the best choice. Detailed Tiandao analysis articles can be viewed in the public account Langxiong Notes, Tiandao drama review serial articles, compiled from the entire network of the content of your master's handwriting.

5. Attach the original text and translation of Guiguzi

The first [Original]

Cantonese is the ancients⑴, the saint⑵ is also between the heaven and the earth, and is the first for all living beings⑵, the opening and closing of the yin and yang is the name and the destiny⑷, the gateway to knowing survival⑸. At the beginning of the planning of all kinds of things, to master the principles of the human heart, see the change of Zhen (6) Yan, and Shouji ⑺ his door. Therefore, the saint is also in the world, since ancient times and now, his way is also ⑻. There are endless changes, and each has its own return ⑼: either yin or yang, or soft or rigid, or open or closed, or relax or expand. It is the old sage who guards his door, examines his succession ⑽, can measure his power ⑾, and school his skills ⑿ short and long.


(1) Cantonese: The auxiliary word at the beginning of a sentence is solemn. If: Shun, go along, and go back. Ji: Investigation. This sentence means to investigate according to a certain rule.

(2) Sage: The "sage" in "Guiguzi" has two meanings: one refers to the ancient, wise and courageous people who made contributions and original ideas; the other refers to the contemporary The lobbyist defender of vertical and horizontal power. It is different from the "sage" in Confucianism. The "sage" in the sentence refers to the former meaning.

(3) Living beings: all living things, this refers to the people. First: Foresight, a person who can predict the development trend of things and master the laws of the development of things.

(4) Fate: Grasp the essence of things and express the name and nature of things.

(5) The gateway to survival: the principle of the generation, development and destruction of everything in the world.

(6) I: Observable signs of the development of things.

(7) Moriji: grasp it.

(8) The same way: Since ancient times, the methods and purposes of the saints are the same.

(9) Each has its own purpose: the development and changes of everything in the world have certain laws to follow.

(10) Succession: Refers to the development process of things.

(11) The ability to measure weight: measure weight: predict contingency. Capacity: consider ability.

(12) Skills: Skills.


Looking at the history from ancient times to the present, we can know that those wise and brave saints live in the heavens and the earth. The reason they become the teachers of the prophets and foresight of all living beings is because they can observe The yin and yang changes of everything in the world can reveal their essential attributes, determine their name and color, and can also understand the key factors of the creation, development, and demise of everything.

They trace the history of everything in the world, predict their future outcome, perceive the psychological characteristics of the world, observe the signs of the development of things and people in the world, and grasp the key. Therefore, the people of the sage, standing and living in society, follow the same laws from ancient times to the present.

As a result, although things in the world are infinitely changing and diverse, they can all be found in their laws: either dominated by yin or dominated by yang; or characterized by softness or rigidity; or Characterized by openness or closure; either slack or tense.

Therefore, the sage can always follow the inherent laws of things, grasp the key points, investigate the development process of things, comprehensively study the possibility of changes and the magnitude of their energy, and handle problems handily.

VI. After condensing this article, remember these sixteen words

The saint is the first one

(Successful people have something in common, that is, they have grasped the law of development of each thing)

Endless changes have their own goals

(Things are all developing and changing, seemingly irrelevant and irregular, but they all have their own attributes. This part is material. In Ding Yuanying's words, it is cultural attributes, and it is not transferred by human will)

Note: The selected examples and part of the analysis of the Three Kingdoms are all from online articles. Special thanks to the original author.

——Langxiong's notes are revised on January 9, 2021

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