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A graduate of Guigu military science major? The two or three things that Pang Juan had to say...

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Observe the historical situation with "shen"

To judge the right and wrong with sincerity


   said last time, Sun Bin He was appreciated by the king of Qi because of his "famous" event of horse racing, and he was about to begin his path to fame. The opportunity at this time was that Wei and Qin conspired to attack Zhao. Although the Xiang Guo Huishi (a friend of Zhuang Zhou, proposed ten historical events, one of the famous allusions was the debate with Zhuang Zhou, "Zi Fei Yu An" "The joy of knowing fish"), Situ Zhuwei tried his best to dissuade the State of Wei that the treasury was empty due to the frequent wars in the previous years, but King Wei Hui still failed to withhold Qin’s temptation and Pang Juan’s instigation, and worshipped Pang Juan to prepare for the general. Attack Zhao.

   At this stage, the six-nation unity situation has basically taken shape. If Wei abandons the unity and turns to the Qin country, he will betray the unity and become Lianheng (it is said that it is also due to Zhang Yi Bewitched). Zhao Guo couldn't resist Wei's fierce attack and was defeated, and he appealed to Qi and Chu for help. When Zhao is alive and dead, it is necessary to think carefully about whether to save Qi or not.


Weiwei and save Zhao

   On this day, the court of Qi State was full of standing. As soon as King Qi Wei came up, he asked: "Everyone Aiqing, Zhao Guo came to me for help due to Wei Guo's hardship. Do you think it is to be saved or not?" Seeing that no one dared to speak first, Tian Ji stepped forward and said: "The minister thinks that saving is the best policy. Zhao Guo and I are alone, and Wei Guo rebels and cooperates with the first unrighteous teacher. We should defeat Wei and help Zhao." King Qi Wei nodded and looked at the old minister Zou Ji who was standing on the other side ( The one who is more beautiful than Xu Gong). Zou Jishan's music also used the sound of the piano to ridicule Qi Wang's admonition and became a state country. However, he had always been at odds with Tian Ji. As a civil servant, he was even an anti-war faction. So he stepped forward and said: "The minister thought that he would not be saved. Sanjin It is not the first time to compete (in the Spring and Autumn Period, Jin was split into Zhao, Wei, and Han. The history of the three kingdoms is called "the three divisions of Jin"), and Zhao and I have no actual interest. Now the people in China are rich in life and have no intention of participating in the war. /p>


   King Qi Wei was silent for a while, looked at Sun Bin on the side, and Sun Bin said with a clear heart. "The minister steals to save him." King Qi nodded: "It seems that Aiqing has a good plan, so he conscripts to save Zhao today." He wanted to worship Sun Bin as a general. Sun Bin said: "

A minister is a person who has been sentenced to death (referring to a physical punishment) and cannot be a general." Qi Wang then admired Tian Ji as a general and Sun Bin as a military adviser, preparing to rescue Zhao Guo.

   The above are some scenes I might imagine, please don't take it seriously! By the way, Tian Ji and Sun Bin had just sent troops here, but Pang Juan was about to take Handan City down there. Tian Ji was about to take people to Handan, but Sun Bin said: "

If the husband solves the chaos and troubles, those who do not control the volume, the rescuer does not fight, criticizes the arrogance, and bans the situation, it is self-help.

strong> "This passage means: You can't use smashing to untie the messy threads, and you can't use beats to persuade the brawler. Avoid the truth and just obstruct the enemy in form. Therefore, according to the current situation, the Wei State sent soldiers to fight, and the interior must be empty. Sun Bin suggested that the generals should

go straight to the besieged beam (the capital of Wei State), and Zhao Wei solved himself.


        Stubborn heard Sun Bin’s strategy, went straight to Daliang City to be surrounded by water, Wei Hui Wang was startled at a loss, and immediately ordered Pang Juan to withdraw his troops and return to defense, so Zhao Guo saved his life. This is another allusion in the elementary school textbooks "Weiwei and Rescue Zhao", and its source is also from Sun Bin. He analyzed the situation well and judged

Qi Jun’s purpose was to relieve the siege, not to fight against Wei, he used a reverse thinking to plan. But the elementary school textbook is over here, so that countless lives have missed the wonderful battle that happened later. And this battle is the beginning of Pang Juan's career going downhill.


The Battle of Guiling

   In fact, those who are interested may ask: Wei army retreats, Qi army should also retreat, is it two Will the army not meet? Will it be over after encircling the beams? In fact, the "Historical Records" only has a few 10-character records about what happened later:

Fighting with Qi at Guiling, breaking the Liangjun. Therefore, the record is not clear, and the strategy of encircling Wei to save Zhao is too clever, this battle was buried.

   In fact, the battle of Guiling is equivalent to a follow-up ending of the besieging Wei and Zhao Zhao. When Pang Juan received the order of Emperor Wei to withdraw his troops, he had already breached Handan City. Although he wanted to continue occupying the city to gain a high ground, he hurriedly retreated with most of his troops due to the power of the king. Frequent battles for many days, coupled with day and night, made the soldiers of Wei tired and morale relatively low. After the settlement of Zhao Wei, Qi also began to withdraw troops. Sun Bin concluded that the Wei army would pass through Guiling when he retreated, so he laid an ambush here and waited to ambush the Wei people.


   It is said that Pang Juan also trained a Wei Wushu for Wei at that time (the first Dai Wei Wuzu is an army trained by Wu Qi during the Wei Wenhou period, equivalent to the current special forces), known as the division of the tiger, so the combat power itself is not weak. It's just that I really don't have much strength now, I just want to go back quickly. It was miserable when I passed through this place in Guiling. Both sides ambushed together and caught them by surprise. In fact, this is also good, Wei Jun has a chance to fight back. However, Qi’s cavalry continued to grow due to the popularity of horse racing in the past few years. Sun Bin suggested that Tian Ji reduce the number of infantry and train brisk cavalry, which is more flexible and changeable than Wei Wuzu’s heavy soldiers. Therefore, although Wei Wuzuo was desperately resisting, after all, he was not as good as the Qi Jun who did not waste much effort. He was basically annihilated, and Pang Juan fled back to Wei state alone.

   Even though the State of Wei has weakened the State of Zhao after this battle, his own losses should not be underestimated, and the biggest winner is the Qi State. Of course, after Sun Bin's reputation became more popular, Pang Juan's resentment became even greater, and he was about to fight Sun Bin again. But what he didn't expect was that the result of another battle would be to lose his life.


Battle of Ma Ling

   This war took place in 341 BC, about 13 years after the Battle of Guiling. The cause of the war started again in the Three Jin Dynasty (so no matter ancient or modern, there will definitely be conflicts in a division), this time it was Wei and Zhao to attack Korea. It is said that South Korea and Qi are far apart, and there should be no reason to save them. However, the background at the time was still under the Su-Qin strategy of co-ordinated, and the cause of this war was that Wei was provoked by Qin. Disintegrate the combined vertical system and establish a continuous horizontal system. But Qin's growth is the most taboo of Qi, and in this case Qi has no choice but to take action.

   There is no change in the combat personnel of the two armies. They are still the same group. Wei is busy attacking South Korea, and Qi is heading towards the capital. So this trick is really unsatisfactory. Pang Juan immediately rushed back when he received the news, but this time the difference is that Qi and Wei are really a long-distance raid, and the distance from the South Korean border is very short. Pang Juan only used it. Returned in 2 days, when Qi's soldiers and horses had just crossed the border of Wei.


   The mission of Qi Jun has actually been completed, and the encirclement in Korea has also been solved. , It's time to withdraw from his side. However, the army experienced a long-distance raid, the boats and cars were tired, and the class returned to the court without a fight. It felt uncomfortable in my heart, morale was very low, and the walk was very slow. Tian Ji felt that it would be easy for Pang Juan to catch up with his troops and fall into a disadvantaged situation, so he asked Sun Bin what to do.

   Sun Bin is like okay people, as if he had thought of this a long time ago, and said: "The army of the Three Jins has always looked down on Qi Jun and feels that we are timid, so we can take advantage of this. "The Art of War" says: '

If you are a hundred miles away, you will be the general, fifty miles but you will be able to fight for half of your army. Only half of the army that fights for profit can reach).’We should order the soldiers to kill horses for food, and then only make a hundred thousand stoves, the next day it will become 50,000, and the third day it will be reduced to 50,000. Thirty thousand, but you have to take the horse bones with you after you eat it."

   Tian Ji was confused when he heard it, maybe even if he was a famous generalI have never encountered such a strategy in my war career. But he still believed in Sun Bin and did everything. And Pang Juan chased all the way, saw that the traces of Qi Jun’s stove were getting less and less, and sneered: "It seems that the people of Qi are really incapable. They will soon be empty after a few days!" Then he ordered the army. Abandoning the baggage, switch to Qingqi chasing Qi army day and night.


  Sun Bin This calculated Wei Jun’s speed, probably too fast, and stationed in the evening The narrow Maling Road. The terrain on both sides is dangerous, very suitable for setting up ambush. Sun Bin arranged an ambush and asked everyone to scatter the previous horse bones on the road, and then found a tree by the roadside, cut off the bark and wrote eight words on it:

Pang Juan died under this tree. Then the soldiers were instructed to shoot arrows at that place if they saw the fire at night.

   Sure enough, everything was the same as Sun Bin’s rehearsal. Pang Juan walked along the Maling Road and saw piles of horse bones spread on the road. He felt chills in his heart and began to feel something was wrong. Suddenly, I found that there was a tree in front without bark. I was curious, holding a torch and going over to take a look. But when the fire blazed over here, Wan Nu was all fired, and Pang Juan was shot several swords before he finished reading the character. Wei Jun was in chaos, and several people planned to rescue him from the siege. But Pang Juan knew that the general situation was over, and said: "

It became the name of a vertical son!" He drew his sword and killed himself.


A conclusion

   Therefore, those who know Pangjuan are no better than Sun Bin, those who know Zhangyi are no better than Su Qin, and the Guigu brothers have been fighting in pairs. In fact, looking at what Pang Juan had done to Sun Bin, he was indeed an excellent general, who led his troops well in training, and was also very particular about tactics in combat. He was a rare general at the time. But he is too stingy, jealous, and militant, so compared with Sun Bin, his reputation in modern times tends to be bad.

   mentioned earlier that Guiguzi did fortune-telling for the two, but Sun Bin’s has been fulfilled. I wonder if you have noticed Pang Juan’s result. When Pang Juan first asked Wei Hui to see Wang Hui, Wang Hui was having lunch. It is said that there was a black goat on the table. Pang Juan knew at a glance that he knew that he was going to be rich and honorable. This was "

Prosperity when meeting a sheep"; and in the end Pang Juan lost his life on Maling Road. There were piles of horse bones on the road. He Only then did I remember the second half of the sentence, "

If you meet a horse ".


   Speaking of returning to Sun Bin, his main deeds have been explained, and success and fame will be done again. "The Art of War by Sun Bin" was also made on the basis of studying his ancestors. It can be said that although he was physically disabled, he was a god. I personally think that Sun Bin is not a person seeking wealth. If he does not practice the art of war and does not meet Pang Juan, he may be an ordinary farmer (saying that Sun Bin was born in a nobleman in the Wei Kingdom), and he will be finished farming leisurely. But now that he chose this path, he

does not regret all the righteousness and injustice he has experienced, accepts it frankly, and uses his own way to justify his name. I think the topic of the Beijing college entrance examination a while ago is very suitable to describe Sun Bin. What he possesses is a kind of


   After Sun Bin’s piggybacking on Pang Juan, the timeline is about to go backwards and backwards. I have mentioned one person many times before: Wu Qi. This person's reputation in modern times is not very loud, as if the world remembers a baiqi and forgets him. So, what kind of person is Wu Qi? What earth-shattering things have he done to make Pang Juan his little brother? Please see next time!

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