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Don't open one man! Teach you how to play the four major occupations in "The Chronicles of the Warring States"

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   Since the first test of "Warring States", the film-level super high-value, open and innovative war game has attracted the attention and expectations of many players. In the game, the distinctively positioned cool professions are even more admirable for players. Whether it is appearance or skill matching, players are worthy of a good taste. What is the mystery of the operation of the four major occupations? Let us find out.


 [One man is the one who is in charge of one man and one man is not open, the four major professional operations are revealed]

   Different from the "homogeneous occupations" of traditional national war mobile games, "Warring States", which strives to be a subversive mobile game of warfare, is designed with well-positioned tanks, output, and assistance, while increasing the upper limit of the operation space of each occupation , It is true that ten thousand people can fight against each other with the cooperation of warfare and animal husbandry. The four major occupations of Pojun, Mo bow, Suxin, and Guigu all originated from one of the hundred schools of the Warring States Period. The moving background stories and cool skills make players feel like they are in the chaos of the warring states.


Breaking the army-whoever can beat the front meat shield

Warring States History Profession-Breaking the Army

The basic combo sequence of    Breaking the Army is: Prancing Horse with Horizontal Sword, Powerful Mountains and Rivers, Sword Breaking with Sword, Jin Ge Iron Horse. First dismount the horse and jump into the crowd, increase your own life limit, increase the damage of the majestic mountains and rivers, control the opponents with the majestic mountains and rivers, use the dancing knives under the horse to break through the army quickly for output, and finally use the golden iron horse to remount for harvesting.

   In terms of occupational coordination, the skills of breaking the army can cause higher hatred to monsters, and can take the initiative to take up the damage when fighting a copy. The pure-meat-broken army has a great advantage in occupying Yinglong, and it is not easy to be interrupted at the most critical moment of the national war to seize Yinglong. With the break-in resistance at the front, the output occupation can also be output in the back row with more peace of mind.


Ink bow-violent output, no matter how to kill it

The mainstream skills of    Mo Bow generally use Li Luoyu, Fast Like Wind, and Mojia Crossbow. Choose to shoot Sirius when killing people in the wild, use ghosts and spirits when attacking in the national war, and choose to reject the horse when defending in the national war.

   In terms of professional matching, both the nurse and the meat shield are good friends of Mo Gong. With a broken army standing in the front row, the archers will be able to output more at ease. Because the blood volume of the ink bow is relatively low, the nurse can treat it effectively.

Warring States History Profession-Mo Bow


Ghost Valley-the king of heads-up with one enemy and one hundred

The following two genres are recommended for the skill combination of    Ghost Valley. The first genre is the crit and serious injury stream, and the genre emphasizes high crit and one blow is fatal. The recommended skills are Shadow Brake, Instant Kill, Kill Array, and Broken Soul. Among them, shadow brake and instant kill are core damage skills, which can continuously cause objective output. Killing formation is a first-hand superior skill, which can help Guigu quickly pull the enemy to his side and stun, thereby creating a stable output environment. Broken Soul is a chasing/mending skill. When the enemy tries to escape, using Broken Soul can slow down the enemy at a long distance, and even directly kill the blood-remaining enemy.

The second genre of    is the dodge counterattack flow. This genre emphasizes high dodge and continuous output. The recommended skills are Chain Attack, Kill Array, Instant Kill, and Qimen Dunjia. After gaining the first hand, use chain attack to slow down and destroy the enemy, and then instantly kill to replenish the damage. When the enemy's high firepower counterattacks, open the odd door to dodge the damage and continue to output the enemy. This repeatedly consumes and kills the enemy.

The Warring States Period Profession-Ghost Valley


Suxin-assisting the king with a wonderful hand and heart

  Su Xin’s mainstream collocation recommends Ganlu Qingxin, Qinxin Huayu,Hanging pots to help the world, Xuanji fan dance. Ganlu Qingxin is the main single-body healing skill, which can quickly lift blood and dispel the bad state of the target. Qinxinhuayu is responsible for continuous treatment to ensure the safety of the bloodline of teammates. Xuanhu Jishi is an explosive healing skill, which starts to raise blood crazily when the team's bloodline is in crisis. Xuanji Fan Dance is an offensive and defensive skill that can continue to cause healing/damage. Su Xin generally stands behind the team, and after using Qinxin Huayu, she looks for the injured allies and continues to use Ganlu Qingxin to nourish blood. If you feel that the damage is not enough, you can replace Xuanji Fan Dance or Qinxin Huayu with Poison Sutra.

The career of the Warring States Period-Su Xin


[Recruitment of the official crown prince group of "Warring States" is open!]

   The official designated player club of "Warring States"-the Crown Prince Recruitment is officially open! If you want to spit out a lot of ideas, want to direct your opinions to the development team, or want to show your leadership and command skills, or your talent is missing, think If you post your work on the official Weibo, you are welcome to join the crown prince group!

   Once passed the screening, members of the crown prince group will enjoy many benefits, including: all official members of the game will receive luxury packages and exclusive titles after the game’s public beta; excellent strategy, news, fandom, peripheral comics and other works provided by players will be officially recognized Later, it can be signed and posted on the official website, official micro, official blog, forum, and post bar. Once the work is used, you can get official cash rewards! After the outstanding conductor is officially recognized, you can cooperate with the official for a long time.

   Players who want to join the group can apply to join the QQ group: 379071371. At the same time, they need to send the application information: personal game experience, personal original works (self-written game guides, game news, fandom, peripheral comics, etc.) to 445045170 can become an official member after being reviewed.

   The opening test of "The Chronicles of the Warring States" has come to an end, and the smoke war of the Warring States period will come to an end temporarily, but I believe that the generals' passion for war will continue. Looking forward to the next test of "The Chronicles of the Warring States" will bring us more surprises! For more information about the game, please follow the official website of "Warring States" (!

Follow the official account to learn more about "The Chronicles of Warring States"


About "The Chronicles of Warring States":

   "The Chronicles of the Warring States" is a mobile war game set in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. It is NetEase's 2017 real-time MMO masterpiece, creating a new era of "younger" wars. The mainframe craftsmanship, the Warring States realism, and the film-level war pictures put players in the last turbulent world where the players are competing and treacherous. From the battlefield pawn to the pivotal figure, the player has become the leader of the generation to promote the change of the current situation. In a game of power without a script, the course of history is closely related to you. War has never been so free!

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