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144 days-remember to eat or not to fight _ mirror _ sina blog

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Since Kobe's teeth were born, his mother has suffered. She was bitten by him so that she didn't dare to breastfeed, and the pain was unbearable. In those few days, I was nervous and terribly scared as soon as I was breastfeeding. My grandma told me that he pinched his nose when he bit the nipples, opened his mouth as soon as he squeezed it, and stopped biting after a few times, but every time I was bitten, I was so painful and frantic that I patronized the nipples and pinched my nose. Forgot to clean things up.

Later, when I was breastfeeding, I suddenly remembered this method. I just prepared in advance, put my hand next to Kobe's nose, waited for him to bite, and immediately pinched it. This kid bite so desperately. He pinched his nose and didn't let out his mouth. He bit hard. In the end he couldn't hold back anymore. Then he let go of his mouth and took a long breath. It made me feel distressed and angry. He waited until he was relieved to eat, and couldn't help but bite again. This time he has a long memory. I squeezed him and let out his mouth.

In the next few days, Kobe really stopped biting. The method that my grandmother said was effective, so he pinched it twice, and Kobe remembered it and gave his mother a few days to recover from the injury.

But today, this little villain started to mess up again. During the daytime breastfeeding, he tentatively bitten a few times. Because it was not very painful, I didn’t pinch his nose, but just made a fake face, Kobe gently Biting, while observing my face, seeing that I was angry, immediately let go of my mouth and smile at my hippie face. His little appearance amused me again, which in turn encouraged this kid's courage.

He started to bite badly when he was breastfeeding at night. Mom, I really don’t remember to eat. I thought he had changed, so I was not ready. His bite made me messy, and I waited until I remembered pinching my nose. At that time, he let go of his mouth. Isn't it all right? When he feeds again, he repeats his old trick. This time I was ready and pinched his nose in time. He quickly let out his mouth and gasped, and he didn’t dare to bite again when he came back. It is estimated that this time it will last a few more days. Remember it.

He started to bite his nipples again, probably about to have new teeth again, I am really happy and scared, oh~~~~~~~~~~·

Two very "mature" things happened in Kobe today, of course not consciously, but interesting:

Mother held Kobe to get the biscuits. Because she couldn't get her hands free, she handed the biscuits to Kobe and told him, "Help mother take it, let's go to the living room and eat it." Kobe took it all the way to the living room and waited for his mother. After sitting down, he let go, very well-behaved;

It is troublesome to give Kobe and rice soup at night, while feeding him and wiping his mouth. Mom handed him the small handkerchief and asked him to wipe his mouth. The little guy really took the small handkerchief and wiped it by himself, which made our whole family happy.

Kobe seems to have lost interest in such simple things as lying on his stomach. Every time he is asked to lie on his stomach, he is very unhappy. He seems to prefer to sit down. But now that he is still young, sitting there is no good for his spine, so let's lie down more.

Sometimes it's okay to lie on your stomach, just refuse to be honest, tilt your body like a boat, and want to climb forward arch by arch. Sometimes I push my buttocks up high, and I use the power of my knees in turns, but I still don’t turn my hands, so I can only move forward 2 cm after a long time. Most of the time, it’s just turning in circles on the spot. It's just a circle.

Kobe has been adding apple puree for some time, and he likes it very much. Since eating apple puree, Kobe's stool has become a stick.

Boy, wipe your mouth.

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