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2018 Shanghai Stock Exchange Index I Ching Four-Column Forecast Annual Trend Video Lectures and Photos

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Thanks to Eastern for providing such a good platform. I will continue to post forecasts.

2018 Shanghai Stock Exchange Index I Ching four-pillar forecast annual trend video lectures and drawings

First of all, answer some questions about fans and stock friends as follows;

1. Can stocks, futures, funds, etc. be predicted?

Answer: Everything has its own specific rules of operation. Finding a method to master the rules, stock futures can completely predict accurately.

2. How to master the operation law of stock futures?

Answer: There are many methods in the Book of Changes to predict the laws of stocks, and some other foreign methods can also predict the laws of stocks, but they are all one-sided and only have some points. Numerology (Four Pillars) predicts based on its own numerology, so I personally think it is the most accurate so far.

3. Why do other forecasting methods often make mistakes?

A: From the perspective of numerology, every person's use of jealousy changes in different years, months and days. This jealousy of jealousy is what everyone usually calls luck, and good luck predicts very accurately. , Bad luck will make predictions wrong. Of course, those who have certain predictive skills must have a much higher accuracy rate than ordinary stockists who do not have any skills.

4. How accurate is numerology's prediction of stock futures? Will it be wrong?

A: The numerology technology alone can predict 100%. Of course, you have to be proficient in this technology. The ancient four-pillar theory on the market cannot predict stock futures. So will it go wrong? It must be a small mistake. The reason is very simple. When you encounter personal numerology, you will make mistakes (days of bad luck). But numerology can avoid bad luck days, because you have your own numerology, and you don’t need to predict bad days. This is irreplaceable by any predictive science. Therefore, using numerology to predict stocks combined with your own numerology, using God’s day to predict the later rise and fall trends, can guarantee an accuracy of more than 95%.

5. Some teachers have predicted very accurately for a long time. Why is there a time when the time is wrong, and it is corrected once and once wrong, what is going on?

Answer: The reason is very simple. Teachers who have other good skills (part of the operation rules of stock futures), their biggest flaw is that they don’t understand themselves (don’t know when they’re bad luck), they are numerology Using the time of God (time with good luck), the prediction is very accurate, while the time period for numerology to avoid God will be wrong. If you continue to use numerology to avoid God, no matter how you correct the error, it will be wrong.

6. What is the difference between numerology forecasting stock futures and other forecasting techniques in forecasting year, month, day and time?

Answer: Numerology is the numerology of stock futures. From the general trend, it can be predicted for 5 years, 10 years, and 100 years. . . . . As long as its numerology exists in the stock market, then the forecast is unlimited. From a small trend, every minute of the daily chart can be predicted. This is not a flicker at all. Every individual student has experienced this technique, and in many posts it has been mentioned that the daily high or low is a few minutes.

Other predictive sciences cannot do the above.

7. From the perspective of predicting stock futures, how many techniques can the teacher master and what are the shortcomings?

A: From the perspective of predicting stock futures, I have mastered more than 95% of this technology. The flaw in actual application is that the Feng Shui environment is not ideal (including physical condition, geographic location). , Numerology jealous of God, etc.), so the accuracy rate has declined somewhat. The individual is studying numerology to predict stock futures, and the learner can completely surpass me.

If I say how much I have mastery of numerology, I can only say that numerology is all-encompassing. I am just a beginner. To put it bluntly, ninety-nine percent of numerology is It's not even an entry point.

8. The technology is so good, why don't you make a fortune?

Answer: This question is for all fans and stockistsI want to ask. Put it this way, I think my technology is the only one that can accurately predict the stock market, so I want to spread my technology first, and when the only one is recognized internationally, I will stop forecasting. This is what I want to do most at the moment. In the past five years, I insisted on studying and posting forecasts. The accuracy rate is obvious to all, but the promotion effect is very average. Many people may think that I am not very good at big trends and have not attracted attention, so starting from this year, I will publish the whole year chart of the market, and next year, I may publish a five-year market chart or even longer. . . .

Another thing to say is that you don’t have technology to make a fortune. If God opens a door for you, it will inevitably close a window (numerology defect). I am a student of the Book of Changes and have a good understanding of numerology. When there is yang, there must be yin. The coexistence of yin and yang is the way. But I can tell you for sure that I have no problems with my own technology to survive in the stock market. In addition, not everyone can make a fortune after learning my technology. This depends on your numerology. If you have a good destiny, you can become a stock god. Generally, there is no problem with the middle class. If you have a bad destiny, you can only survive. If you are worse, you will not learn useful techniques).

9. What plans do you have after opening classes to admit students or closing students?

Answer: This year, I plan to hold the last intermediate and advanced class around May 1 (the specific date will be notified separately). I hope to register as soon as possible. First, get familiar with the basics of receipt. It is easy to listen to the class at a convenient time. On the last day of the end of this study, I will explain the trend of the market throughout the year, the monthly range of bulls and bears, the specific date of each month's turning point, and the key sectors of opening positions. In addition, this year's newly released "The Gate of the Stock God" junior and intermediate class numerology forecasting stock market teaching materials are presented.

Next, there will be online video teaching for the junior and middle class, for many friends who are not convenient to study. The advanced class I plan to train only once a year. Take in a few more closed disciples. In addition, if you have any questions, you can leave a message for consultation.

The following is the market trend chart for the whole year of this year; each inflection point in the picture has no date (can only be marked at the time of teaching), the software will not be applied, so the amplitude is not very accurate, please forgive me!

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