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Optimization of Chip Concentration (Tongda Credit, Side Picture, Original Chip, Join Flying Fox)

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Optimization of Chip Concentration (Tongda Credit, Side Picture, Original Code, Join Flying Fox)
Make a contribution to the home of "office workers"-the 1000th floor of the medium and long-term platform, and post a newly completed indicator, I hope everyone likes it.Origin: Chip concentration is an indicator on the Internet. I optimized it and came up with the current indicator.
Explanation: If the chip concentration of this indicator is high, it is easy to rise, but if it is too high, it will fall, and if it is too low, it will rise. It is designed to oscillate around the 0 axis by 0.5, with 0 being strong and down being weak.
Usage: 1. The middle line (gray and magenta lines) is upwards, the line is magenta red and you can hold shares. Note that when the chip concentration is red, you can hold it, otherwise you can hold coins.
2. The Benniu line (red, green, and yellow lines) fluctuates greatly, which guides the direction of the stock price trend. Yellow will change to prompt, red holding shares and cyan holding coins.
3. The trading reminder is clear on the picture.
4. The top and bottom prompts and the bottom deviation prompts are clear on the picture.
5. The red area indicates a high concentration of chips and should hold stocks. The green area indicates a low concentration of chips and should hold coins. However, large areas of red and green are for washing, and vice versa.
The original code of the indicator: Formula: Chip Concentration.rar (Attention, decompress first, then import Tongdaxin, click "Function"---"Expert System"---"Formula Manager"---"Import Formula"--- Select "Chip Concentration.tni"---"Open"---"Select All" ---"OK")
Chip concentration: AA-0.5, COLORYELLOW;
DRAWBAND (chip concentration, RGB(155,50,50),0,RGB(83,135,68));
STICKLINE(chip concentration degree>=0.4,0.4, chip concentration degree, 4,1), COLORCYAN;
STICKLINE (chip concentration REF (center line, 1), center line, DRAWNULL), LINETHICK2, COLORMAGENTA;
IF (chip concentration degree>=REF (chip concentration degree, 1), chip concentration degree, DRAWNULL), COLORRED;
IF (chip concentration = REF (Benniu, 1) AND REF (Benniu, 1) REF (Benniu, 1), Benniu, DRAWNULL), COLORRED, LINETHICK2;
IF (Benniu REF (Benniu, A1+1) AND CROSS (Benniu, AAA);
STICKLINE (bottom deviation, 0, 0.1, 3, 0), COLORMAGENTA;
A2:=BARSLAST(REF(CROSS(AAA,Run the bull),1));
Top divergence: =REF(CLOSE,A2+1)Benniu AND CROSS(AAA,Benniu);

To To ( reminds you: the stock market is risky, and investment needs to be cautious.

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