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World famous wine transaction records and market conditions

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The world’s three most famous wines are China’s Kweichow Moutai, British Scotch Whisky, and French Cognac China Kweichow Moutai is the originator of Daqu sauce-flavored wine in my country. It is the magical wisdom of the brewer who used the magical wisdom to improve the essence of the beam, take the soul of the wheat, harvest the spirit of the world, and capture the irreplaceable microbial fermentation and kneading in the special environment. A monument of wine culture sublimated and raised. Moutai has a long history.

According to historical records, as early as 135 BC, Maotai Town, an ancient territory, produced the citron sauce wine that made Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty "sweet", and it was famous all over the world. British Scotch whisky has a long history and is the most prestigious in the world. The special water quality and extremely strict brewing process in the Scottish Highlands make the whiskey produced there known as "liquid gold". French Cognac is brewed with fine grapes from the Cognac region of Bai Yuni, Bai Fuer, and Grumba.

Moutai has a long history and a long history. Moutai uses high-quality sorghum as raw materials and uses wheat to make high-temperature koji, and the amount of koji is more than raw materials. The use of koji, long fermentation period, multiple fermentations, multiple wine extractions and other unique techniques are important reasons for the unique style and excellent quality of Moutai. The brewing of Moutai requires two additions of raw sand (raw grains), eight fermentations, and nine distillations. The production cycle is as long as eight to nine months. It is then aged for more than three years, blended, and then stored for another year. The wine quality is more harmonious and mellow, soft and soft, and the whole production process is nearly five years old.

As one of the world's three major distilled wines, Kweichow Moutai has a history of being famous all over the world starting in 1915. It can almost be said that before this, although ancient China had a long history of winemaking, a rich cultural origin of wine, and a large number of wines of different styles, none of the fine wines could break out of the land of China. Huanyu is recognized by the international community.

However, Moutai has gone out and represents the traditional Chinese liquor The highest level has gone out, and it was a blockbuster when crossing the ocean for the first time, and it was famous all over the world when it appeared on stage for the first time.

At this international exposition, after repeated comparisons and evaluations by judges from various countries, they agreed that Moutai is a world-famous wine with good color, aroma and taste, so it was compared with French Cognac. , Britain’s Scotch Whisky was jointly named the world’s three major distilled spirits, and awarded gold medals and awards. Moutai has since stepped onto the world stage and has been ranked among the world's three most famous wines.

Moutai won the international gold award and became a world famous wine. There is an inevitable implied by accident. This "inevitability" is the unique flavor of Moutai and the outstanding quality passed down from ancient times.

World famous wine transaction record

1983 -In 1986, the "Golden Wheel" domestically sold Kweichow Moutai (local state-owned cotton paper) Transaction price: HKD 2,194,800

In the late 1980s, the "iron cover" combination transaction price: HKD 1,357,000

Single Malt Karuizawa 53 years-1960 transaction price: HKD 1,298,000

Single malt Hanyu playing card series transaction price: HKD 3,304,000

Macallan 1962-1986 vertical series transaction price: HKD 448,400


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