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What information does the super-ledger blockchain record?

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In the previous article, we talked about the operation principle of the blockchain. If you want to know the information on the blockchain, you first need to understand what a blockchain is. The blockchain is actually a series of use Blocks generated by cryptographic algorithms are connected. Each block is filled with transaction records, and the blocks are connected in sequence to form a chain structure. Like computers in the world, each computer is equivalent to a block, which is connected through the network to form the Internet. In the same way, the blocks connected are the big ledger of the blockchain.

For example:

Each of our computers is equivalent to a block, which is connected through the network to form the Internet. In the same way, the blocks connected are the big ledger of the blockchain.

Take Bitcoin as an example. Whenever a miner is mining to generate a new block, it needs to calculate the new hash value and randomness based on the hash value of the previous block, the new transaction block and the random number number. That is to say, each block is generated on the basis of the previous block data, just as each baby is conceived by a mother, and the same mechanism also guarantees the uniqueness of the blockchain data.

So what information does the blockchain record?

The blockchain is like a super-large ledger of the Bitcoin network, and each block is equivalent to a page in the ledger. So what information is recorded in this magical super "big ledger"?

At present, each block of Bitcoin mainly records the following four aspects of data, block header, transaction details, transaction counter, and block size.

Then the question comes again, what is the block header again? The "block header" contains all information except transaction information, mainly including the hash value of the previous block header: it is used to ensure that the blocks are serialized in order;


b>: The blockchain guarantees that each block is connected in sequence through a timestamp. The timestamp makes every piece of data on the blockchain have a time stamp. Simply put, the timestamp proves when and what happened on the blockchain, and no one can tamper with it. The timestamp plays the role of a notary in the blockchain, and it is more credible than the traditional notarization system, because the information recorded on the blockchain cannot be modified by anyone in any way.

Random number: The answer to the arithmetic question of the PK of the miners of the whole network

Difficulty target: The degree of difficulty of the arithmetic question Score.

"Transaction Details": A detailed record of each transaction’s transferor, income, amount, and digital signature of the transferor is the main part of each block. content.

"Transaction Counter": Represents the number of transactions contained in each block.

"Block size" : Indicates the size of each block data.

What is a hash value

A hash value is a method of creating a small digital "fingerprint" from any kind of data. The hash function is to compress the data into a digest and fix the format of the data. Then use this function to scramble and mix the data, and then recreate a fingerprint password called a hash value, usually represented by a short string of random letters and numbers.

What is computing power

Computing power can be simply understood as computing power. It is in the process of obtaining Bitcoin through "mining", we need to find the correct answer, but there is no fixed algorithm, so we can only rely on the random hash collision of the computer. How many hash collisions a miner can make per second is the representative of its "computing power". The more it does within ten minutes, the stronger the hashing power.

toThe above is the interpretation of the information recorded in the blockchain. Can you understand? I would like to know what information about the blockchain, please leave a message and let me know.

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