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Luan Shu Tarot Test: Do you have enough fate to meet the expected love? _ jobs

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It depends on the situation→6


5. If you get up late in the morning, will you report to your superior for being late?


No → 7

Not sure → 8

6. Do you prefer soup before meals or after meals?

Eating while drinking soup→7

Before meal → 8

After meal→9

7. If you travel freely, would you make a strategy?



Not sure → 10

8. Do you have a hobby of collecting tickets for scenic spots?

a little → 9



9. Do you like to take pictures of landscapes than people when taking pictures?



It depends on the situation→12

10. Do you prefer to buy birthday cakes for your birthday, or your favorite food?

Birthday cake→11

Not sure→12

Favorite food→13

11. Do you arrange your schedule very tightly?




12. Do you like to participate in the lucky draw in the mall?


Dislike → 14

I like it very much→15

13. Do you take the initiative to call for appointments when you think of your favorite person?



Don’t know→16

14. A good friend's boy/girlfriend invites you out to play, will you agree?



Don’t know→17

15. The boss who is rumored to be very dangerous invites you to dinner, will you agree?



Don’t know→18

16. Do you treat love and sex separately?



It should be →19

17. Seeing friends hanging rare decorations, would you ask where to buy them?



See how you like it→20

18. Have you ever traveled alone?



Don't remember → 21

19. Do you want to get your hands on everything you want?



Don’t know→22

20. Are you not used to cooperating with others at work?


Not → 22


21. No matter what you do, do you care about "ranking"?




22. Have you ever told anyone a secret?



There seems to be → 25

23. Do you like listening to niche music?


Not → 25


24. Imagine that if you suddenly win the first prize, your first reaction will not be ecstasy, but will be a little worried?



Don’t know→27

25. Do you think coffee is the best drink?



The best drink I have ever drunk→28

26. If you are a popular writer, would you survey the audience's preferences before writing a book?


No, it makes no sense → 28

Probably → 29

27. Is the thing that I loved most five years ago still my favorite now?



Some are →30

28. Will you change your decision under the influence of your favorite person's advice?



Probably →30

29. Can you book your work and vacation plans in advance without changing it at will?



Sometimes →C

30. What kind of person will you be in a few years? Do you have a clearer foresight?


Not →B

Never thought about it→A

(There are 30 sub-questions in this test, please continue with my analysis results)

Test result analysis:

A. Fate index★★★★

Tarot test that the love you are looking forward to is not a fairy tale-like illusion, nor does it pursue idol drama-like romance, as long as it is simple, long-running and warm. Just because you do not have high requirements, you have a high affinity for the love you are looking forward to. However, you have always encountered inappropriate love before, even if the love is so vigorous, it finally disappears. These past experiences have become a kind of growth for you, allowing you to cherish more when you meet the right love. So when the expected love comes, you can live a happy and beautiful life smoothly. Perhaps you have also thought that you will never meet the expected love again, but when you are about to give up, it comes to you again. So, you just have to hold on tightly.

B. Fate index★★★

Tarot card divination maybe you have always envied the sweet love of others, but as you grow older, you are still alone and sometimes frustrated. In fact, you have a lot of love for the love you are looking forward to, but you may come a little later, and you need to be patient and wait. From now on, you might as well give yourself more confidence and optimism.Don’t set too specific requirements for your future partner. As long as you follow your own heart and actively strive for fate when it comes, let go of the conditions that should be let go, so that you can also have your own happy love soon.

C. Destiny Index★

Tarot predicts that perhaps the love you are expecting is too perfect, and you have only one heart with it. In real life, basically not many people can meet the love you are looking forward to, so you don’t have to regret it. After all, love that is too beautiful will only appear in idol dramas. In addition to romance, real beloved wives have to deal with trivial matters, instead of just thinking about where to go on a date every day. If you have been holding such expectations, and you do not meet such love, you are likely to be orphans. It is better to return to reality and feel the warmth with your heart. Maybe the beautiful fate is by your side.

D. Fate index★★

Tarot card tests that there is a certain gap between the love you expect and reality. Although it is not impossible to cross it, when you cross over, the ideal object may no longer be in place. Seeing many friends around you meet the kind of love you expect, you are full of envy and jealousy. The more you think about it, the more sad it will be. You are always looking for it with your heart, but you can't hold it when you finally encounter it, or you pass by. Anyway, you don't have that kind of fate. In fact, if you can look a little bit lighter, don't force that kind of love, maybe you will meet the right person naturally. Instead of looking for the desired love, it is better to find a suitable partner.

Uncle Luan's tarot test. Are you fate enough to meet the expected love? If you want to know about love, marriage and emotional trends, career fortune, academic work fortune, you can follow the author's official account, Luan Shu Tarot ().

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