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Test|Do you feel safe about love?

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A. Yes, I will definitely remember

B. Willing to do this, but often don’t remember

C. It depends on the situation at the time

D. No

4. If a friend calls you to chat when you are busy, what will you do?

A. Tell the other party directly that you are busy

B, say I will call the other party later

C. Chat while busy

D. Stop working and chat with friends first

5. When you take an airplane, do you expect to see something outside the window?

A, angel

B, the sun

C, rainbow

D, Asuka

6. Which color do you think the girls' rooms should be decorated mainly in?

A, pink

B, pink purple

C, pink green

D, pink blue

7. When you walk home from get off work, would you buy a snack on the way back?

A, no

B. I rarely buy it

C. There are more purchases.

D. Yes, every time.

8. If you buy a counterfeit product, will you go to a merchant?

A. No, it’s too much trouble

B. If the things are not expensive, forget it

C. If it is far away, forget it

D, definitely will

9. If your loved one wants to break up with you, how would you react?

A. Will hysterically disagree

B. I will try my best to stay. Breaking up requires an adaptation period.

C. There will be some retention, but not reluctantly

D. Pretend to agree with chicness

10. Which of the following animals do you most want to take a photo with when you go to the zoo?

A, dolphin

B, panda

C, tiger

D, giraffe

Result analysis

A, 31-40 points Security index: 10%

As far as you are concerned, you are a very insecure person.

You are always worried that what you are doing is not good enough. It can be said that all your efforts are done for the affirmation of others, not for loving yourself.

For you, love is more like a life event to be completed, like a task, rather than the result of love because of love.

You wholeheartedly hope that love can eliminate your loneliness and bring you a sense of security, but your heart is full of anxiety. The trivial matters of love will only make you more uneasy.

One person can't live well, and two people can't live well either. The sense of safety should be given by oneself.

B, 25-30 points Security index: 40%

You are a very emotional person, and you think about too many issues. What others say, consciously or unconsciously, has an obvious impact on you, so you are not very firm in the face of many things in life, and often hesitate. After finally making a choice, I regretted my decision.

Wandering, entangled, can be said to be a habit of you.

You have a lot of anxiety about the world. Even if you are married, you will still be upset, especially if you see someone divorced., The anxiety in my heart will be magnified exponentially.

The future is unpredictable. Cherish what you have. A secure marriage is a by-product of loving yourself.

C, 20-24 points Security index: 60%

Although you will be dissatisfied and complain when you encounter troubles, you know how to stop.

You will actively digest and absorb those positive energies, and you will also realize that the sense of security comes from your heart.

You have very good expectations for love, but you don't put all your hopes of security on marriage.

Although you are not doing very well, you will at least learn to love yourself well. Only on the basis of loving yourself can love bring you more joy.

A person has a reason to fall in love with the love he chooses only if he loves himself, and he can manage his love well. The sense of security is always in his heart.

D, 10-19 points Security index: 95%

You are a person who can rationally understand the world, know life, and know and protect yourself.

Before you love others, you first love yourself very much, and you will treat love rationally.

Before you entered the role of marriage, you were already a very secure person.

You know how to choose the life you like and make friends with like-minded people. You also know what suits you. You will choose what you love, and you will love what you choose.

If you love yourself, those who love you will love you more. If you love your life, your love will also give you a double sense of security.

Today’s Interaction: What kind of people make you feel safe with being with?

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