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100 questions about health literacy knowledge, come and see how many answers you got right? _ Vaccination

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A. The environment is closely related to our health;

B. The high incidence of cancer has nothing to do with environmental pollution

C. Poor social environment can cause some psychological problems or diseases;

D. Adapting to the environment or protecting the environment is conducive to promoting our health

8. The "three wastes" produced in the production process refer to (D)

A. Waste water, waste products, waste materials; B. Waste gas, waste materials, waste water; C. Waste water, waste materials, waste materials;

D. Waste water, waste gas, waste residues

9. "Amount of blood donation" means how many milliliters of blood is donated per person each time? (B)

A. Less than 200ml;

B.200~400ml; C.400~600ml; D.600~800ml

10. How long should a healthy adult take at least two consecutive blood donations? (B)

A. 3 months

B. 6 months C. 9 months D. 12 months

11. The following statement about blood donation is wrong (C)

A. Rest as much as possible before donating blood, and keep enough sleep; B. Don’t be nervous when donating blood, try to relax

C. After donating blood, you can exercise vigorously immediately;D. Do not overeating after donating blood

12. Family members have the responsibility of caring for and guarding the sick and disabled, and they should do it (B)

A. Provide proper working conditions;

B. Help patients receive treatment and rehabilitation training

C. Actively participate in the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases; D. Provide appropriate learning conditions

13. Regarding the health examination, which of the following statements is incorrect? (C)

A. Can understand physical health; B. Can change bad behaviors in a targeted manner

C. Go for a physical examination after finding a health problem; D. Reduce health risk factors

14. In order to discover hidden human health hazards in time and eliminate the cause of disease, how often should adults undergo a physical examination? (B )

A half a year

B 1 year C. 2 years D. 3 years

15. The normal armpit temperature is (B)


B.36~37℃C.37~38℃ D.38℃

16. What is the normal breathing rate of adults per minute? (C)

A. 60~100 times B.20~30 times

C.16~20 timesD.30~60 times

17. Which of the following values ​​of blood pressure is normal blood pressure (mmHg)? (A)

A.120/80B.140/80 C.120/95 D.140/95

18. How many times per minute the adult’s normal heart rate (B)

A.50~90 times

B.60~100 timesC.70~110 times D.80~120 times

19. The most serious complication of hypertension is (B)

A. Bladder cancer, breast cancer;

B. Stroke, coronary heart disease ; C. Gout, pulmonary heart disease D. Lung cancer, diabetes

20. What kind of diseases do you think can be prevented by vaccinating children according to national regulations? (A)

A. Infectious diseases B. Chronic diseases C. Malnutrition D. Vitamin deficiency

21. The following are the most effective and economical measures to prevent infectious diseases (A)

A. Vaccination

B. Take some preventive drugs when the disease is prevalent

C. Eat some health products

D. Strengthen exercise to improve your physical fitness

22. The following statement about child vaccination is wrong (C)

A. Children should apply for vaccination card within one month of birth

B. Children who miss the vaccination can be replanted

C. Self-funded vaccines are safer than free vaccines

D. Vaccination as required, which has a protective effect on the healthy growth of children

23. The planned immunization vaccine that a child should be vaccinated at birth is (C)

A. Polio vaccine (sugar pill) + hepatitis B vaccine B. BCG vaccine + polio vaccine

C. Hepatitis B vaccine + BCG vaccine D. Measles + Meningococcal vaccine

24. Vaccination is a very important matter and cannot be delayed. In what time should all children complete the basic immunization according to the regulations. (D)

A. Half a year B. One year C. Two years

D. Six years

28. The infectious disease with the highest fatality rate so far is (C)

A. Hepatitis B B. Pulmonary tuberculosis

C. RabiesD. Japanese encephalitis

25. Regarding the flu vaccine, which of the following statements is correct? (B)

A. Can avoid catching a cold next year

B. It can reduce the chance of getting flu or alleviate flu symptoms next time

C. I can be immunized for life, and I won’t get the flu in the future.

D. It is not very useful for preventing influenza

26. The main route of transmission of influenza is (B)

A. Blood transmission;

B. Air and droplet transmission;C. Fecal-oral transmission; D. Mother-to-child transmission

27. The transmission route of the following diseases is most similar to hepatitis B (C)

A. Japanese encephalitis B. injuryHan

C. AIDSD. Malaria

28. The transmission route of hepatitis A is (B)

A. Sharing needles

B. Fecal-oral C. Blood transfusion D. Airborne transmission

29. The following description of the mode of AIDS transmission is wrong: (C)

A. Drug users share needles and syringes

B. AIDS women give birth or breast-feeding babies

C. Shake hands with AIDS patients and have meals together

D Unsafe sex

30. The main route of transmission of tuberculosis is (C)

A. Spread through the digestive tract

B. Spread through blood

C. Spread through the respiratory tract

D. fecal-oral transmission

31. In order to prevent tuberculosis, what kind of vaccine should children get in time after birth? (A)

A. BCG vaccineB. Sugar pills C. Diphtheria diphtheriae D. Measles vaccine

32. What should you do when you or your family member coughs or expects sputum for more than 2 weeks? (C)

A. Buy cough medicine by yourself to relieve cough symptoms

B. I think it is a chronic cough and ignore it

C. Immediately go to the tuberculosis prevention and control institution for medical treatment

D. All of the above are correct

33. What is the diagnosis test for tuberculosis patients? (A)

A. Check for sputum tuberculosis ; B. Check blood and white blood cells; C. Check urine; D. Check liver and kidney function

34. The main measures to prevent tuberculosis are: (C)

A. Discover the patient and cure the source of infection; B. Preventive medication;

C. Vaccination with BCG vaccine; D. All of the above

35. Where is the best way to go if you suspect that you have tuberculosis. (C)

A. Chinese medicine clinic; B. General hospital;

C. Tuberculosis prevention and treatment institution; D. Children's Hospital

36. How long is the short-term chemotherapy under the direct supervision of tuberculosis patients? (C)

A. 4-6 months B. 5-7 months

C. 6-8 months D. 7-9 months

37. Which of the following statements are true about tuberculosis? (A)

A. Through regular treatment, the vast majority of tuberculosis patients can be cured

B. Tuberculosis cannot be cured, but taking medicine can stabilize the condition

C. All tuberculosis patients are infectious

D. As long as you take medicine, all tuberculosis patients can be cured

38. In the schistosomiasis epidemic area, what kind of water does the epidemic water refer to? (B)

A. Water containing schistosomiasis

B. Water containing schistosomiasis cercariae

C. Water containing schistosome larvae D. All water in the epidemic area

39. The main measures to prevent and treat schistosomiasis are: (ABCD). (This question is a multiple choice question)

A. Health education; B. Stool management; C. Do not touch infected water; D. Check and treat the source of infection (patients, affected animals)

40. In which months of the year does schistosomiasis infection mainly occur? (B)

A. January-March

B. April-OctoberC. October-December D. Onset throughout the year

41. Regarding rabies, which of the following statements is correct? (C)

A. Rabies can be cured after an attack

B. It is impossible to get rabies if bitten by a cat

C. Rabies can be prevented by vaccination against rabies

D. Rabies vaccine can not be vaccinated if a dog is slightly scratched and has no bleeding.

42. Which of the following diseases cannot be transmitted by animals? (B)

A. Plague

B. Dysentery C. Rabies D. Highly pathogenic avian influenza

43. Which of the following diseases is transmitted by mosquitoes (A)

A. Japanese encephalitisB. Typhoid C. Cholera D. Hepatitis A

44. Dengue fever is mainly transmitted through which of the following animals (C)

A. Flies B. Mice

C. Mosquitoes D. Cockroaches

45. Which of the following are not common complications of hypertension? (C)

A. Stroke B. Heart disease

C. Lung cancer D. Renal insufficiency

46. Which of the following are not high risk factors for hypertension? (B)

A. High-salt diet;

B. Infection; C. Overweight and obesity; D. Smoking

47. Which of the following statements about diabetes is incorrect is (A)

A. Diabetes has no familial accumulation

B. Complications are the main cause of death in diabetic patients

C. Diabetes patients can control their condition through self-management

D. Patients with poor blood glucose control should be treated with oral hypoglycemic drugs or insulin

48. The following are not important measures for diabetic patients' self-management (C)

A. A reasonable diet; B. A moderate amount of exercise;

C. Go to the hospital for hospitalization; D. Certain medications

49. The following are not common complications of diabetes (C)

A. Coronary heart disease; B. Diabetic nephropathy;

C. Lung cancer; D. Diabetic foot

50. Which of the following are important early warning signals for cancer (ABCD) (multiple choice for this question)

A. Abnormal mass; B. Unhealed ulcer; C. Unexplained weight loss; D. Painless hematuria

51. Which of the following statements about anxiety is incorrect is (D)

A. Anxiety is a basic human emotion

B. It can be relieved by self-regulation, confiding in others, etc.

C. For more serious anxiety, you should seek specialist hospitals for relevant treatment

D. Anxiety is harmful to people

52. Which of the following statements about elderly people fall is incorrect (B)

A. Falls are the number one cause of injury and death among people 65 years and older

B. Elderly fall mortality has nothing to do with age

C. In addition to the death of the elderly, falls also cause disability

D. Fear after a fall reduces the mobility of the elderly

53. Which of the following statements about Alzheimer’s is correct is (D)

A. Alzheimer's refers to the decline of memory in the elderly

B. Alzheimer’s does not affect the personality of the elderly

C. All elderly people will get dementia at a certain age, so don’t pay attention.

D. Eat more foods containing choline and vitamin B, which can effectively prevent Alzheimer’s

54. Is the following statement about contraception incorrect? (B)

A. For women’s health, contraceptive measures must be taken if there is no birth plan

B. Contraception is the woman’s business, it has nothing to do with the man

C. You can go to the family planning service agency to get some contraceptives for free

D. When contraception, you should choose safe and efficient contraceptive measures according to your own situation

55. The following is the wrong way to deal with unwanted pregnancy (C)

A. Both men and women actively communicate, and after careful consideration, they decide whether to have this child.

B. Induced abortion should be performed in a regular hospital

C. You can purchase related drugs yourself for induced abortion

D. Don't rush to work after an abortion, you should rest and recuperate after a period of time

56. The following misunderstandings about health food are (D)

A. Is a kind of food        B. Food with the function of regulating the body

C. Foods not for the purpose of curing diseases 

D. Foods suitable for everyone

57. Which of the following descriptions of health foods is correct (B)

A. For the purpose of treating diseases, it can replace medicines

B. Foods that have specific health care functions, are suitable for consumption by specific groups of people, have the function of regulating the body, and are not for the purpose of curing diseases

C. For medicines approved for production by the relevant state departments, you can apply for the "Health Food Approval Certificate"

D. As long as health food is good, there is no harm

58. Among the following items, which are the toxic and hazardous chemical substances present in the workplace? (B)

A. Noise

B. Dust C. High voltage D. Ionizing radiation

59. The following are not occupational contraindications for pneumoconiosis (B)

A. Active tuberculosis;

B. Hepatitis B; C. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; D. Pulmonary heart disease

60. In the working environment, long-term low-dose exposure to benzene will cause the most damage to the human body systemLarge (A)

A. Blood system; B. Respiratory system; C. Circulatory system; D. Urinary system


Healthy lifestyle and behavior

1. What is wrong about healthy people exercising moderately is: (D)

A. Exercise more than five times a week

B. Intensity should be heart rate=170 (or 150)-age (years) is appropriate

C. Swimming, cycling, etc. are all good forms of exercise

D. Every exercise should do our best

2. "One, two, three, four, five" should be achieved in the daily diet. The following explanation is correct: (C)

A. One means that each person eats at least 1 tael of lean meat every day

B. Two fingers can drink 2 taels of red wine per person per day

C. Three refers to eating three to four high-protein foods a day

D. Five refers to eating 500 grams of staple food every day

3. The following description of a healthy lifestyle is wrong: (A)

A. Mental balance has nothing to do with a healthy lifestyle

B. Smoking is harmful to health, the sooner you quit smoking, the better

C. Excessive exercise is harmful to health

D. The staple food should match the thickness

4. What is wrong about the benefits of moderate exercise: (B)

A. Helps maintain a healthy weight

B. Can relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety, but cannot improve sleep

C. Can effectively relieve stress

D. Can reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as hypertension and coronary heart disease

5. An adult male's body mass index is 26.8 kg/ m2, then he belongs to (B)

A. Obesity

B. Overweight C. Normal D. Underweight

6. The waistline cordon for adult men and women are (B)

A. Male ≥90 cm, female ≥80 cm

B. Male ≥85 cm, female ≥80 cm

C. Male ≥90 cm, female ≥85 cm

D. Male ≥85 cm, female ≥90 cm

7. The range of body mass index (BMI) of healthy adult weight in my country is: (B)


B.18.5~23.9C.19~25 D.24~28

8. The following description of the role of dietary fiber is the most appropriate (C)

A. Provide energy for the body; B. Cause metabolic disorders;

C. Laxative to prevent cancer and reduce blood fat;D. Prevent infection

9. Which of the following statements about meal matching is correct is (D)

A. Cereals as a supplement, any thickness can be chosen

B. Eat more light-colored vegetables

C. More than 25 kinds of food should be eaten every day

D. Fruits and vegetables are notCan replace each other

10. The following statement is wrong (B)

A. Milk is an excellent source of natural calcium

B. Calcium supplementation in children and adolescents cannot delay the age of osteoporosis

C. Middle-aged and elderly people choose low-fat or skimmed milk products to avoid excessive intake of saturated fatty acids

D. People who are prone to hyperlipidemia and overweight and obesity should choose low-fat, skimmed milk and its products

11. What is inaccurate about eating more soybeans and their products appropriately is (C)

A. Good for the health of the elderly

B. Good for cardiovascular disease patients

C. Soy milk contains soy isoflavones, eating more can cause cancer

D. Increase protein intake

12. A low-salt diet is beneficial to prevent and treat high blood pressure. Generally, the daily salt consumption per person should not exceed how many grams (A)

A 6gB 10g C 12g D 15g

13. Which of the following statements is incorrect is (D)

A. Frequently change the type of cooking oil

B. Use oil control pot

C. Use less frying and frying cooking methods

D. Use animal oil more

14. The following conditions are not suitable for food preservation (C)

A. Cool, moisture-proof B. Mildew and mouse-proof

C. Sealing D. Insect-proof

15. How many times a week do you exercise at least, and how many minutes each time is good for your health (C)

A. 1 time, 30 minutes; B. 2 times, 60 minutes;

C. 3 times, 30 minutes; D. 3 times, 60 minutes p>

16. The formula for calculating the maximum heart rate is (A)

A.220-age B.180-age C.220-weight D.220-height

17. The main victim of passive smoking in my country is (B)

A. The elderly

B. Women and children C. Adult men D. Youth

18. Which of the following diseases can be caused by long-term smoking (ABC) (this question is a multiple choice question)

A. Lung cancer B. Chronic bronchitis C. Coronary heart diseaseD. Hepatitis A

19. It has been found that a substance in tobacco smoke can cause cancer (B)

A.60 species

B.69 speciesC.70 species D.50 species

20. The harm of smoking "Chinese herbal cigarettes" is not small, because (C)

A. Its health care effect is not great

B. Smoke from the burning of Chinese herbal medicine in cigarettes is harmless

C. It is carcinogenic and addictive like ordinary cigarettes

D. Less carcinogens in "Chinese herbal cigarettes"

21. If you drink alcohol, adults drink it in a dayHow much alcohol cannot exceed the amount of alcohol in the wine? (A)

A.15gB.20g C.25g D.30g

22. Which organ of the human body is most damaged by long-term heavy drinking? (B )

A. Heart

B. Liver C. Kidney D. Spleen

23. It is best not to take sedative hypnotics continuously for a long time, otherwise it may cause dependence (C)

A. Two months B. Three months

C. Four months D. Five months

24. Adults should sleep for (B) hours a day


B.7~8 C.9~10 D.11~12

25. In winter and spring, the time for opening windows for ventilation is at least (D)

A. 3 minutes B. 5 minutes C. 10 minutes

D. 15 minutes

26. Which of the following statements about sanitary toilets is correct (C)

A. A clean toilet is a sanitary toilet

B. Manure can be discharged directly into the ditch

C. Biogas digester toilet is a kind of sanitary toilet

D. Dry toilet is a kind of sanitary toilet

27. How long will drowning cause irreversible physical damage? (C)

A. 2~3 minutes; B. 3~4 minutes;

C. 4~6 minutes; D. 7~9 minutes

28. When gas poisoning occurs, which of the following measures do you think should be taken first? (B)

A. Put a cold towel on your head to stay awake

B. Open doors and windows for ventilation

C. Use cold water to keep your body awake

D. Call 120 emergency call

29. Which of the following statements about prenatal care is correct? (D)

A. At least 4 prenatal checkups during pregnancy

B. Checks during pregnancy only need to be checked 5 times in the third trimester

C. People who are in good health do not need to undergo pregnancy checkups

D. Check once a week after 36 weeks

30. To prevent adolescent obesity, which of the following is correct (C)

A. Don’t eat dinner; B. Lunch can be replaced with fruit;

C. Three meals are served at regular intervals; D. Eat more fried foods


Basic skills

1. Which channel is reliable for obtaining health knowledge? (B)

A. Shared by relatives and friends

B. Government and professional institutions

C. Unprecedented, legendary expert

D. Personal life experience

2. Which of the following are not what should be marked in the instruction sheet of the health product? (AC) (This question is a multiple choice question)

A, XX health care products can cure all diseases

B. The shelf life of a health care product is 1 year

C. This health care product can replace drug treatment

D. The batch number of a health care product is xxxxxx

3. Under normal circumstances, the pulse rate (pulse rate) is the same as the number of heart beats (heart rate). The following statement about pulse is wrong: (D)

A. Newborns: 120~130 times/min

B. Infants and young children: 100~130 times/min

C. 80-100 times/min for preschool children

D. 70 to 80 times for the elderly

4. When measuring the armpit temperature, the following is wrong: (B)

A. Throw the thermometer below 35.0℃ before measurement

B. The measurement time is 5 minutes

C. The armpit must be clamped during measurement

D. Make sure that there is no heat source around the armpit during measurement

5. To find out whether a medical institution is legal, what is the most reliable way? (B )

A. Judging by the size of the hospital

B. Consult the local medical and political department of the Health and Family Planning Commission

C. According to advertising

D. Introduction by acquaintances

6. Regarding the 120 emergency number and the national 12320 health hotline, which of the following statements is correct: (B)

A. If you find emergency patients and accidental injuries, you should call 12320 immediately

B. When making a 120 call, make sure that emergency personnel have obtained all the information needed for first aid

C. If you want to learn about laws, regulations and policies related to health and family planning, you should dial 120

D. If someone has a heart attack, you can dial 120 or 12320 for help.

7. Regarding the temporary fixation of the fracture site, the following statement is incorrect: (A)

A. When fixing with a splint, the length of the splint should be equal to the distance between the upper and lower joints of the fracture site

B. Fixing the fracture site can prevent increased damage to the soft tissues, blood vessels, and nerves surrounding the fracture due to activities

C. Before fixing the fracture site, do not move the injured or move the injured limb at will.

D. Can't find a proper fixation, you can use the body or the contralateral limb to fix it

8. When encountering a wounded patient with respiratory and cardiac arrest, the following is wrong: (B)

A. Dial 120 emergency number

B. Shout loudly and vigorously shake the patient to wake up

C. Chest compressions

D. Artificial respiration

9. What should you do when you find that an electric shocker is electrocuted by touching a wire that has been cut to the ground, and you cannot find a power switch nearby? (B)

A. Drag the electric shocker away from the wire by hand

B. Cut the wires with a dry wooden handle big knife

C. Immediately give artificial respiration to the electric shocked

D. Call for help

10. In the event of a fire in a shopping mall, which of the following disposal methods is wrong? (B)

A. Use wetCover your mouth and nose with towels, masks, etc.

B. Fleeing with the flow of people

C. Follow the instructions of the staff to evacuate in an orderly manner

D. Keep calm and stay calm and not crowded

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