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We all assume that the SCP Foundation is a necessary evil, but what if it is not?

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They After the brief conversation, Tang Xiang raised his fingers abnormally, and the two scientists passed through the hole that lay between the two worlds and held each other.

From the Gateway Contact Center in Terre Haute, I’m Stephen Fleischer, National Public Radio.

——"Comprehensive consideration" by Photosynthetic

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Church Doctor

Six hundred years ago, the world Ushered in the end. Today, there is only one organization that protects the mysteries of the ancient world until one day people can understand them again; the priests of the Holy Foundation.

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" Saint Gears, please use you to guide the power of the Holy Foundation during the Great Breakthrough, and guide me astray when I need it.

Give me the eyes to distinguish lies

I drive falsehood away from logic.

Allow me to master the knowledge you once possessed."

——"What is Unknown" by Jekeled

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Antarctic Exchange

The Antarctic Exchange Setting Center focuses on the time spent by researchers from the Third Antarctic Reich in the Foundation, and their The intricate entanglement between.

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Every It's enough for the individual to look so different from his behavior; but he still stands up, and sometimes people here turn around and leave, talking quietly about him, his companions, their tasks, and their jobs. Antarctica. empire. messenger. secret. Antarctica. He can hear and understand them, but he doesn't know whether he should let them know.

——"Impression" by Zyn

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Games on earth

There is something lurking on the edge of thought that is praying to define the death. It has been silent for a long time, and it has become known and mapped from the beginning of the world. . It will pay attention to where the knowledge is and return all the things that have been clarified back to their original state.


The collection of SCP Foundation heritage items is an officially certified SCP "Hall of Fame". These entries must be iconic and widely known due to their important position in the history and culture of the foundation.


All entries in the collection of inheritance entries must meet the following requirements:


• This item must have an important position in the eyes of both the main item of the SCP Foundation and the SCP enthusiast group.

• The entry must be at least three (3) years old and have received a good (positive) evaluation.

• This entry is sufficiently iconic that removing it from the existing number will be strongly opposed by the SCP fan community.

These items may not strictly meet a certain standard, but the existing classic and core examples are all well-known and well-known items and are generally well-known evaluation of.

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Registration time: December 20, 2013



"I don't know what it is, but I know there is one here. It is something that people can't remember, and it is not a sphere."



"Please do this, sir, the person who guards him must clearly know what he is, what he did, and what we did. We are How messed up, so they can do better."



"The explorer’s report and voice record prove that there is a nervous voice in the project, similar to The cry of children between the ages of █ and ██. The source of this sound is estimated to be approximately 200 meters below the first landing."


Red Sea Suspicious Cloud

"I Assuming that this world is probably the same as ours, but from what I have seen from SCP-093, life in this world probably ended in 1954"



"It is constructed of concrete and steel, and contains traces of Krylon brand spray paint. SCP-173 is mobile and very hostile."


Special personal needs

"The last point: in order to complete the task, The foundation will do a lot of offensive things, but our mission is so important that we must pay these prices. "


Witch Young girl

"The subject cannot be awakened under any circumstances. Anyone attempting to awaken SCP-239 will be terminated immediately. "


"God "

"Due to SCP-343's capabilities, any further attempts at security levels and supervision measures are unnecessary and impossible. "



"Although a large number of experiments have been conducted, attempts to artificially synthesize its main components have all ended in failure. "

Foreword: This page aims to record extraordinary events that have attracted the attention of the Foundation but occurred too shortly for the control or containment of the Foundation. Instead, the Foundation Department has set up a cover team Conceal evidence from the public. This is just a reminder to agents and researchers that not all incidents can be contained.

— Agent Carriontrooper

Incident Description: Three civilians reported that a luminous figure appeared in the center of a nearby lake, and there were two photos taken by mobile phones as evidence. There is no reason to believe that the anomaly lasted more than a few seconds before disappearing suddenly.

Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████

Location: United States, ████████, ██████ Lake Campsite

Follow-up action taken: Local media sources are monitored, and rumors involving the existence of "lake ghosts" have been spread. Special attention needs to be paid to this area in the future.

Description of the incident: A naked luminous figure suddenly appeared on the city subway and was seen by multiple witnesses and photographed by surveillance cameras. The figure disappeared after a few seconds.

Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████

Location: ███████, Spain

Follow-up actions taken: A team of cross-dressing agents and a temporary holographic projection device were deployed on the scene. The team explained that the incident was an avant-garde "City Shocking Art" performance performed throughout Europe. Falsified viral media have been planted to make the team’s so-called art group more powerful.

Event description: The number of spiders in the small town of █████████ increased fivefold in three months. No corresponding significant SCP project activity is known.

Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████

Location: █████████, Nevada, USA

Follow-up actions taken: Data is suppressed, and the future rapid increase in the total number of natural organisms in the region will be monitored.

Description of the event: ████████████, North Carolina, between 2.5 and ██ hours Jump, and then return to the day after the initial jump. Electronic devices without self-correction functions, such as digital clocks, appear to be unaffected and display different incorrect times in different places in the town. The incident is similar to a relatively overlooked incident in ███ █████, Nevada, but there is no traceable connection between the two.

Date of Occurrence: █/██/████

Location: ████████████, North Carolina (Nevada, ███ █████)

Follow-up action taken: The electromagnetic wave reported by the local news was interfered by the local power plant. The observation team was assigned to the area.

Event description: ████████, Wales was found abandoned. Residents were found unconscious in a nearby wilderness. It was estimated that ██ hours after the event occurred, the residents were awake and had no memory of the event.

Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████

Location: ████████

Follow-up action taken: The residents were given Class B amnestics and a story was fabricated to cover up the truth. Organized a traffic accident related to the chemical carrier Samson Craig Products (an SCP front company), arranged an emergency evacuation training camp, and gave the residents £███ per person as compensation. Since the incident ██ years, no residents have recovered their memories or exhibited abnormal behaviors.

Description of the incident: Three men with similar appearances were seen fighting in the parking lot of a gas station. Witness reports claimed that every man claimed to be a well-known local car salesman ██████ █████████, and fought for the "genuine" status. Two of the men were killed by the third man who obtained the crowbar. The third man was shot and killed by the local police.

Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████

Location: █████, Oklahoma

Follow-up taken Action: Interrogated witnesses and persons involved and performed Class B amnestics. Close family members of ██████ █████████ were interrogated and administered Class A amnestics. A story involving an individual's suicide was fabricated to conceal the truth. Three corpses were recovered for autopsy and are currently stored in Site-19 minimum security cold storage.

Event description: Several students studying at █████████ College began to complain about a loud hum. A school administrator found the source was a display screen in the computer room during work and reported that the power button did not respond. When the technician came the next day and tried a variety of methods that still didn't work, he unplugged the display. Witnesses of the incident reported that screams were played from the computer's speakers, and a digitized facial image appeared moments before the power was turned off.

Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████

Location: ████████, ██████, USA ██████ Academy

Follow-up action taken: The display was confiscated and replaced for inspection. There is no noteworthy discovery.

Description of the event: In a small area of ​​the ██████ desert, the song "Sandstorm" by Finnish DJ Darude was raging in the sandstorm. The sound source was heard by everyone in the desert, which lasted 3 minutes and 51 seconds. One of the witnesses took a video of the incident, which was later confiscated. Auditory inspection confirms that the sound is not artificial.

Date of Occurrence: 02/07/2014

Location: ██████

Follow-up action taken: Witnesses were given Class E amnestics And release. Any recordings of the incident are deleted. The area is under low surveillance until 12/31/2020.

Description of the event: At an uncertain time, in England and Liverpool, all individuals named "Jude" entered with a woman regardless of their sexual orientation relationship. The main themes of the conversation of the affected individuals and their partners include "Improving Elegy" and the fetishised penetration of the skin and heart. None of the plans were made by the affected individuals. Many such relationships have ceased.

Date of occurrence: unknown, between 01/05/2015 and 04/05/2015

Location: England, England, Liverpool

Follow-up taken Action: No direct action was taken. Monitoring continues.

Description of the event: At 3:19:44 pm (according to surveillance footage), everyone in St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, England, disappeared without warning Approximately 22 minutes and 35 seconds. All objects appear at the same time where they originally disappeared. Subjects are aware of what happened, but show very little attention, they just treat the incident as a nap and have a strange dream.

Date of Occurrence: ██/██/2015

Location: United Kingdom, England, London

Follow-up action taken: All subjects were conducted regarding their experiences An interview on the nature of his "dream". The response was recorded and all subjects were administered Class B amnestics before being released. St. Paul's Cathedral is still under surveillance in accordance with protocol-██████ until 20██ or [DATA EXPUNGED].

Event description: approximatelyAt 11:00 pm, a transparent and glowing wolf was seen running through the streets of █████████, Nevada. Multiple witnesses said it passed through multiple solid objects on the road. It disappears when it reaches the limits of the city. In the filming of the incident, the anomaly was not visible.

Date of occurrence: 12/21/2012


The highest level of foundation security authority granted to representatives and the type of knowledge they can know. Nevertheless, obtaining any level of authority does not mean automatically obtaining all the information of that level: personnel can only access the information permitted based on the "necessary to know" principle, and each department has a designated information disclosure officer responsible for judging such matters.

Level 0 (public information only)

Level 0 security permissions are granted without knowing information about anomalous objects or individuals contained by the Foundation Of non-core personnel. Level 0 permissions are usually granted to those in the facility who have no access to operating data, clerical, logistics, or cleaning personnel.

Level 1 (basic trust)

Level 1 security clearance is granted to those anomalous objects or individuals that work close to containment, but not directly or indirectly, Or people who contact them on information. Level 1 security permissions are usually granted to personnel in clerical, logistics, or cleaning positions in facilities that have the capacity to contain or must operate sensitive information.

Level 2 (restricted)

Level 2 security clearance is granted to security and research personnel who need direct access to anomalous objects and individuals in containment . Most researchers, field agents, and containment experts have Level 2 security clearance.

Level 3 (Confidential)

Level 3 security permissions are granted to require in-depth access to the source of anomalous items and individuals in containment, recovery environment and long-term plans, etc. Information senior security and research staff. Most senior researchers, program directors, security officers, response team members, and mobile task force operators have Level 3 security clearance.

Level 4 (Top Secret)

Level 4 security authority grants access to site-level and/or regional intelligence related to Foundation operations and research plans, and Senior managers of long-term strategic data. Level 4 security authority is usually held by the site director, security director, or mobile task force commander.

Level 5 (Twin God/Thaumiel)

Level 5 security permissions are granted to the highest-level managers in the foundation, and they can access all strategies and others at will Sensitive data. Level 5 security permissions are usually only granted to members of the O5 Council.

Personnel classification

The classification assigned to personnel is based on how close they are to potentially dangerous items, individuals or phenomena.


A-level personnel are those who are deemed essential to the foundation’s strategic operations and do not under any circumstances Allow direct contact with anomalies. When the situation requires Class A personnel to approach such anomalies directly (such as in the case of a facility with a containment unit), Class A personnel will not be allowed to enter the facility area that contains such anomalies and stay in a safe area at all times. In the event of an emergency, A-level personnel should immediately be evacuated to a designated and safe location outside the site. Members of the O5 Council have always been A-level personnel.

Class B

Class B personnel are considered indispensable for the local operations of the Foundation, and can only contact those who have passed the quarantine. Or eliminate any potential volitional influence or memetic media items, individuals and anomalies. In the event of a containment breach or hostile forces attacking Foundation facilities, Class B personnel should be evacuated to a designated and safe location outside the site as soon as possible.


C-level personnel can directly contact most anomalies that are not considered too hostile or threatening. C-level personnel may be directly exposed to potential volitional influences or memetic media, and security personnel should subject them to mandatory isolation or mental evaluation when they deem it necessary. In the event of a containment breach or hostile forces attacking Foundation facilities, non-combat C-level personnel should report to a safe locked area immediately. If a site-level containment breach or other disaster occurs, they should report to sEvacuate under the instructions of ite security personnel.

Class D

Class D personnel are consumable personnel, responsible for direct operation of extremely dangerous abnormalities and are not allowed to contact Class A and B personnel. Class D personnel usually come from prisoners with violent criminal backgrounds in prisons around the world, especially those sentenced to death. In an emergency, Agreement 12 can be activated, allowing alternative sources to be found from other sources-such as political prisoners, refugees, or other civilian sources-where they can be reasonably denied after being sent to the Foundation. D-level personnel should undergo routine mandatory mental assessment under the guidance of site security or medical personnel and perform amnestics of at least level B intensity or be executed at the end of each month. In the event of a disaster at the site, site security personnel can immediately terminate D-level personnel if deemed necessary.

Class E

Class E is a temporary classification. Field agents and containment personnel are in the process of ensuring or ensuring a new anomalous item, entity or phenomenon. It is classified as Class E when it may be exposed to potentially hazardous effects during initial containment. E-level personnel should be isolated, monitored, and inspected as soon as possible for their behavior, personality, or mentality for potentially harmful effects, and can only return to work after psychological and medical personnel conduct a complete inspection and approval.

Employee Titles

General job titles usually used in foundations.

Site personnel

Containment specialists

Containment specialists have two main responsibilities in foundation facilities . First, the containment team will respond to calls and judge the abnormal activity status of anomalous objects, individuals or phenomena, and ensure and establish initial containment, and then transport them to the nearest Foundation containment site.

In addition, Foundation containment engineers and technicians are responsible for the design, improvement and maintenance of containment units and plans for anomalous items, individuals or phenomena in Foundation facilities.


Researchers are the scientific branch of the Foundation, selected from the brightest and best scientific researchers in the world. Its majors cover all fields, from chemistry and botany to occult or areas of expertise such as physics and outer space biology. The goal of the Foundation's research program is to better understand unexplainable anomalies and how they work.

Security personnel

Site security personnel-often referred to simply as guards-are responsible for maintaining Foundation plans, operations, and physical and personnel information security. Mainly selected from military, police and prison facilities around the world, security personnel are trained to use all types of weapons, as well as various emergency plans that cover containment breaches and hostile behavior. These personnel are also responsible for information security, such as sensitive documents will not be misplaced and the facility's computers can safely respond to external intrusions. They are also on the front line of Foundation facilities against external invaders.

Tactical response personnel

The response team-or tactical team-is a highly trained and heavily armed combat team responsible for dealing with high-risk abnormal individuals or hostile related Escort the containment team during the organization and protect the Foundation facilities in response to hostilities. The response team is an effective military unit stationed at all major Foundation facilities and is ready to attack at any time.

Field agents

Field agents

Field agents are the eyes and ears of the Foundation. They Trained to search for and investigate traces of abnormal activities, often lurking in local or local police departments or local business departments, such as emergency medical services and autonomous organizations. As a latent unit, field agents are usually not equipped with sufficient equipment to deal with confirmed abnormal activities; once such an accident is confirmed and closed, for safety reasons, field agents usually call the nearest field containment team to contain such anomalies.

Mobile Task Force Operators

Mobile Task Forces are professional units composed of experienced field personnel drawn from the Foundation. These contingents are dispatched to deal with threats of a specific nature. Not only are there field research experts in various fields to deal with anomalies of a specific nature, but there are also heavily armed combat units to ensure hostile anomalous individuals of a certain nature. For details, refer to Mobile Task Force documents.


Site Director

The site director of the main facilities of the Foundation is the highest-level personnel in the area and is responsible for the sustainable and safe operation of the site, including its containment anomalies and other plans. All major department directors are directly responsible to the site director, who will forward the report to the O5 Council.

Members of the O5 Council

The O5 Council is a committee composed of the highest-level directors of the foundation. With access to all information about the anomalies in containment, the O5 Council oversees all Foundation actions around the world and guides its long-term strategic plan. Due to the sensitivity of their positions, members of the O5 Council are not allowed to directly contact any anomalous items, individuals, or phenomena. In addition, the identities of all O5 council members are confidential; the titles of all council members are their digital codes (O5-1 to O5-13).

All anomalous objects, entities, and phenomena that require special containment measures will be assigned a project classification to consider research focus, budget, and other aspects. The classification of the item will be affected by many factors, but the difficulty of the item's containment and the hazards it poses to Foundation personnel and humans are the main factors.

As we progress in the research and understanding of items, entities or phenomena, the classification of some specific anomalies will be updated and revised.

Main classification

The following are the most common project classifications, which are assigned to the following classifications The anomaly filled most of the locations in the Foundation database.


Safe class items are fully confirmed for themselves that they can be contained once and for all, or as long as Anomalous things that do not trigger anomalous effects without intentional activation.

The classification of an anomaly as Safe does not mean that there will be no threat to handling or activation of it. Staff should pay attention to complying with all special containment at all times. Measures and security agreements.


Euclid level projects are not fully understood or due to unpredictability. It is permanently and properly contained, but its threat is not yet sufficiently classified as an anomaly of Keter classification. The vast majority of anomalies cataloged and contained by the Foundation are initially classified as Euclid until they are fully understood or appear dangerous enough to be reclassified.

In particular, any abnormalities with autonomy, perception, and/or intelligence are generally classified as Euclid-level jumps because they can think or act autonomously. Brings inherent unpredictability.


Keter-class SCPs are anomalies that are extremely difficult to contain continuously or reliably. And containment procedures are often large-scale and complex. Because there is no substantial understanding of the anomaly or lack of technology to properly contain or resist, the Foundation often cannot contain these SCPs smoothly. A Keter-level SCP does not mean that the SCP is dangerous, but it is simply very difficult to contain or extremely expensive to contain.


Thaumiel-class SCPs are used by the Foundation to contain or resist other SCPs or anomalies The abnormal phenomenon. The only remaining Thaumiel-level projects are the top secrets of the Foundation, and their locations, functions, and current status are only known to a few Foundation personnel outside the O5 Council.

Neutralized (Neutralized)

A neutralized SCP has been intentionally or unintentionally An abnormality that is destroyed or invalidated and no longer abnormal.

Non-standard project grades

The following project grades are the main (or previous The) classification makes supplementary sub-classifications.


Explained SCP is usually about being fully adequateA phenomenon that is understood and can be explained by mainstream science, or is debunked/wrongly recognized as an abnormal phenomenon.

Confidential/Narrative Classes (Esoteric/Narrative Classes)

Confidential item class (occasionally Also called narrative level) is an item level that is not classified into any of the above parts. They are usually used only once in a specific SCP

Mobile Task Force

------------------------------------------------- ----------------

The Mobile Task Force (MTF) is an elite composed of personnel drawn from various departments of the Foundation Units that are transferred to deal with special threats or situations that sometimes exceed the processing capabilities or professional scope of ordinary field personnel and—as their names indicate—may be transferred between facilities or locations when needed. Mobile Task Forces represent "the elite of the elite" in the foundation.

The size, composition, and objectives of mobile task forces vary. A battalion-scale combat task force is trained to deal with highly aggressive individuals, which may include hundreds of soldiers and support personnel, vehicles, and equipment and can be deployed globally or partially to deal with threats. Despite this, not all mobile task forces are combat-type, and a small, specialized intelligence search or investigation task force may have fewer than ten people if it is deemed (of its size) sufficient to complete their mission.

When going out on the field, task force members often disguise themselves as local emergency responders, local or federal legal departments, or military personnel in the area of ​​operation. The mobile task force commander can also request support from local field units or personnel stationed at nearby Foundation facilities to complete the mission.


The basic structure of each mobile task force is very different in order to best achieve its expected goals. Combat task forces are very similar to military classes and organizations, and smaller units may have informal or other confidential chain of command. Therefore, the responsibility of the mobile task force commander (MTFC) of each special task force is very heavy; the commander of a large task force may focus on maintaining multiple teams and deploying them in their assigned operations. The commander of a small team may be deployed to a location with their team and direct operations on the spot.

Similarly, the cohesion of each unit is also different. The personnel in some mobile task forces may have trained and worked together for many years or even decades, and the personnel in a task force temporarily formed to deal with special accidents may not be very different from each other except for their names and professions. To understanding.


Mobile task forces are generally proposed by the task force director of the foundation when needed, usually one is needed Or more direct approval from O5 council members. A considerable number of contingents have been established to respond to specific anomalies of special nature that cannot be effectively handled by standard containment or response teams, although many contingents have been established in advance to respond to an emergency or theoretical threat.


In order to contain a specific anomaly, the mobile task force will generally be deemed unnecessary at the end of the recovery operation or the ongoing containment Disbanded at the time. Occasionally, the task force may be retained when its expertise and experience are deemed useful in future accidents, but in other cases the task force will be disbanded and its members will return to their previous positions. Very rarely, a mobile task force may be disbanded because it has suffered too many casualties to continue operations; in these cases, if the task force’s capabilities were deemed necessary, a task force would be established. A new task force will replace it.

Mobile Task Force Writing Guide

Mobile Task Force Writing Guide

What is Mobile Task Force?

A mobile task force is a group or group of people representing the best and most effective field agents and researchers of the Foundation, who are sent to handle things that ordinary facility personnel cannot or are difficult to handle Special accidents or threats. Compare with medical staff:

• Foundation technicians and guards are like nurses; they can perform daily care and routine goals such as injections or medication management, But there is no knowledge or right to judge the condition or implement complex measures. • Foundation containment teams, tactical teams, and researchers are similar to junior physicians or general practitioners; they can perform comprehensive examinations and perform more precise care, but their time is precious, so they only use them when needed Will be called. A mobile task force is similar to surgeons or other experts; they will be called in when the usual personnel cannot handle situations or situations beyond their capabilities. They are precious and rare, but they are the best and can handle any special situation proficiently.

Nevertheless, just as not all medical experts are surgeons, and not all mobile task force members are armed soldiers with machine guns and explosives; considering that the anomalies handled by the Foundation will have various shapes In terms of size and size, it is not an exaggeration that the Foundation will have the smartest field biologists or elite hackers in the Mobile Task Force. They all have great expertise but are not good at fighting.

------------------------------------------- ----------------------

A mobile task force How big is the scale?

As the guide says, the size of a mobile task force depends on its field of expertise and mission requirements. A hacker group may only have 6 members, but combat units will be more and larger. Take the US military as an example. It takes at least 50 trained soldiers to attack an ordinary house, one group (at least 12) to secure the surrounding area, one group to attack the house, and one group to support other groups. When in trouble, please feel free to contact the subject matter expert, and he will help you formulate a task force that meets your needs.

In addition, remember that the mobile task force is an elite unit, not all SCP projects or individuals need them; just like the Navy SEALs will not direct traffic or catch thieves, for an inert project Or there is no project that shows a positive or autonomous threat and it is unnecessary to mobilize mobile task forces.

------------------------------------------- ----------------------

When to use maneuvering Task Force?

Remember, Mobile Task Force is the elite, and the Foundation can provide the strongest. The individual field agents, containment teams, and response teams stationed at various sites around the world are all capable of doing their jobs, but when they encounter something that even veterans cannot understand, it is time to call an expert to appear.

Simply remember that they are elites, which means that there is a lot of work for them, so they do not have enough skills. Just like home delivery, there is no need for a team to fly half the world to deal with problems.

------------------------------------------- ----------------------

How many mobile features are there? Contingent?

As mentioned in the Foundation Facilities Guide, the authors are different. Some authors believe that the foundation is large, pervasive and has more than 100 professional task forces, while others believe that a smaller foundation has only more than a dozen active task forces. Both sides are acceptable. It all depends on which is more in line with your story.

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I need to use this What's on the page?

Not at all! This page is for motivation and a unified usage diagram, just to give you a general sense of how the Mobile Task Force works; you can create your own or even deny some of the content here. Remember, even in the overhead world, mobile task forces are constantly being established and disbanded; the Foundation may be bureaucratic, but they are not stupid enough to think that a rigid class of field personnel can handle all anomalies. HaveThe most suitable group for work at the time is the one you create while you are busy.

------------------------------------------- ----------------------

Add new entry


This list is deliberately kept as short as possible, instead of listing all the task forces in the station. New items should be added when the task force is used throughout multiple works, or several authors obtain the item from other people's lists and jointly establish such a unit with a unique theme before proposing. Task forces that are only cited in one entry or are not used on a large scale will not be added. Please use the discussion board of this guide to propose new entries.

For a list of all MTFs that appear in existing documents, see this page.


Table of Contents

Mobile Task Force Alpha-1 ("Red Right Hand"-Red Right Hand )

Mobile Task Force Alpha-4 ("Pony Express"-Pony Express)

Mobile Task Force Alpha-9 ("Last Hope"-Last Hope)

Mobile Task Force Beta-7 ("Maz Hatters"-Mad Hatter)

Mobile Task Force Gamma-5 ("Red Herrings"-Red Herring)

Mobile Task Force Gamma-6 ("Deep Feeders"-Abyssal Feeders)

Mobile Task Force Gamma-13 ("Asimov's Lawbringers"-Asimov Law Enforcement Team)

Mobile Task Force Delta-5 ("Front Runners"-Front Runners)

Mobile Task Force Epsilon-6 ("Village Idiots"-Village Idiots)

Mobile Task Force Epsilon-9 ("Fire Eaters"-Fire Eaters)

Mobile Task Force Epsilon-11 ("Nine-Tailed Fox"-Nine-Tailed Fox)

Mobile Task Force Zeta-9 ("Mole Rats"-Mole)

Mobile Task Force Eta-10 ("See No Evil"-See No Evil)

Mobile Task Force Eta-11 ("Savage Beasts"-Cruel Beasts)

Mobile Task Force Theta-4 ("Gardeners"-Gardeners)

Mobile Task Force Theta-90 ("Angle Grinders"-Angle Grinders)

Mobile Task Force Iota-10 ("Damm Feds"-Damm Feds")

Mobile Task Force Kappa-10 ("Skynet"-Skynet)

Mobile Task Force Lambda-4 ("Birdwatchers"-Birdwatchers)

Mobile Task Force Lambda-5 ("White Rabbits" -White Rabbit)

Mobile Task Force Mu-3 ("Highest Bidders"-the highest bidder)

Mobile Task Force Mu-4 ("Debuggers"-Debugging Device)

Mobile Task Force Mu-13 ("Ghostbusters"-catch Ghost Expendables)

Mobile Task Force Nu-7 ("Hammer Down"-Hammer Down)

Mobile Task Force Omicron Rho ("The Dream Team"-Dream Team)

Mobile Task Force Pi-1 ("City Slickers"-City Slickers)

Mobile Task Force Rho-1 ("The Professors"-Professor)

Mobile Task Force Rho-9 ("Technical Support"-Technical Support)

Mobile Task Force Rho-19 ("Cythereans"-Cecilia)

Mobile Task Force Sigma-3 ("Bibliographers"-Bookmarkers)

Mobile Task Force Tau-5 ("Samsara"-Reincarnation)

Mobile Task Force Psi-7 ("Home Improvement"-Home Improvement )

Mobile Task Force Psi-8 ("The Silencers"-Silencer)

Mobile Task Force Omega-0 ("Ará Orún"-Heaven)

Mobile Task Force Omega-7 ("Pandora's Box"-Pandora's Box)

Mobile Task Force Omega-12 ("Achilles' Heels"-Achilles' Heels)


Mobile Task Force Stigma-9 ("Evolved from Naturally Occurring Gears, Levers and Pulleys"-evolved from naturally occurring gears, handles and pulleys)

Other MTFs

Epsilon-7 ("Forget Me Nots"-forget me not)

Eta-5 ("Jäeger Bombers"-hunter bomber)

Sigma-66 ("Sixteen Tons "-Sixteen tons)

Upsilon-4 ("Sugar Pill"-Sugar Pill)

List of Mobile Task Forces

Mobile Task Force Alpha-1 ("Red Right Hand"-Red Right Hand)

Task Force Task: Mobile Task Force Alpha-1 is a task force that directly obeys the O5 Council and is used in situations that require strict operational safety. It is composed of the best and most loyal operators of the Foundation, All other information related to MTF Alpha-1 is classified as level 5.

Items to assist in containment:

SCP-2271 SCP-3434

Action report:

The High Court With The Magic Army Null Space Legerdemain Chaos Insurgency HubJanus

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Mobile Task Force A lpha-4 ("Pony Express"-Pony Express)

Task Force Task: Mobile Task Force Alpha-4 Main It is composed of personnel trained in secret agents or professional tracking, interception, and use of post office and package delivery services to deliver guaranteed anomalous items around the world.

Items to assist in containment:

SCP-111 SCP-130 SCP-360 SCP- 2177 SCP-2577 SCP-2752 SCP-3060

Action report:

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Mobile Task Force Alpha-9 ("Last Hope"-Last Hope)

Task Force Mission : The rebirth of the Omega-7 project. A mobile task force specifically aimed at training humanoid SCPs and applying them to actual combat.

Action report:

Source Easy with Momo Wolves at the door In Harm's Way •"Granada Summer Camp "Action No Joke Getting Into Treble

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Mobile Task Force Beta-7 ("Maz Hatters "-Mad Hatter)

Task Force Task: Mobile Task Force Beta-7 is good at acquiring and containing extreme creatures , Chemical, or radiation crises, and is also responsible for the rapid containment and clearing of areas affected by such anomalies. This includes planning and accidental deployment in large areas or the epidemic spread of anomalous disease vectors or other infectious phenomena.

Items to assist in containment:

SCP-400 SCP-550 SCP-1280 SCP-1393 SCP-2133 SCP-2376 SCP-2810 SCP-3016

Action report:

Operation "Granada Summer Camp" A World's Legacy Lockdown Procedures

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Mobile Task Force Gamma-5 ("Red Herrings"-Red Herring)

Task Force Task: Mobile Task Force Gamma-5 is good at preventing abnormal events or Phenomenal knowledge dissemination, this is generally after the initial suppression effect is proved to be ineffective or insufficient or the public perception of such knowledge has reached a dangerous level. This includes the research and deployment of experimental amnestics and memory manufacturing procedures.

Items to assist in containment:

SCP-1086 SCP-1110 SCP-1460 SCP-1532 SCP-1548 SCP-1570 SCP-1618 SCP-1670 SCP-2105 SCP-2631 SCP-3339

Action report:

Project Heimdall Bigger Than Jesus Walter G •Final Proof Himinbjoerg Lockdown Procedures

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Mobile Task Force Gamma-6 ("Deep Feeders"-Abyss Feeders )

Task Force Task: Mobile Task Force Gamma-6 is good at investigating and tracking deep sea or marine anomalies.

Items to assist in containment:

SCP-169 SCP-879 SCP-1264 SCP- 1409 SCP-2120 SCP-2770 SCP-3069

Action report:

Parting Interlude-Drift

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Mobile Task Force Gamma-13 ("Asimov's Lawbringers"-Asimov Law Enforcement Team)

Task Force Tasks :Mobile Task Force Gamma-13 is specifically responsible for the investigation, tracking and recovery of anomalous objects, people, and entities related to GoI-1115 (Anderson Robotics). This includes identifying Anderson’s customers, the location of Anderson’s products, and raids on Anderson’s office.

Items to assist in containment:

SCP-2306 SCP-2806 SCP-2906 SCP- 3560

Action report:

The ghostly Anderson The Falconer The Blackbird and the Falcon Site -64 Attacks

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Mobile Task Force Delta-5 ("Front Runners"-Front Runners)

Task Force Task: The main component of Mobile Task Force Delta-5 is a number of autonomous latent units, which are good at identifying and pre-obtaining abnormal items and individuals from other related organizations .

Items to assist in containment:

SCP-185 SCP-472 SCP-1139

Action report:

Hephaestus Peanut

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Mobile Task Force Epsilon -6 ("Village Idiots"-Fools in the Countryside)

Task Force Task: Specializing in investigations in rural and suburban environments, Containment and aftermath work.

Items to assist in containment:

SCP-1678 SCP-2477 SCP-2480 SCP- 2561 SCP-2815 SCP-3322 SCP-3449 SCP-3845 Undefined

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Mobile Task Force Epsilon-9 ("Fire Eaters")

Task Force Mission:Epsilon-9 is good at operating inflammable weapons and dealing with high temperature environments.

Items to assist in containment:

SCP-165 SCP-262 SCP-968 SCP- 2340 SCP-3205

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Mobile Task Force Epsilon-11 ("Nine-Tailed Fox"-Nine-Tailed Fox)

Task Force Mission: Mobile Task Force Epsilon-11 handles the internal security of the SCP Foundation under the supervision of MTF Alpha-1. When the standard protocol fails and multiple breakthroughs are about to occur, they are the special operations team deployed to the Foundation site. Therefore, most actions are graded by them.

Projects to assist in containment:

SCP-2139 SCP-2479 SCP-3030

Action report:

Lockdown Procedures DATA Delete]

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Mobile Task Force Zeta-9 ("Mole Rats"-Mole)

Task Force Mission: Mobile Task Force Zeta-9 is good at investigating, exploring, and containing anomalies in underground or enclosed areas, especially those with abnormal terrain or instability Temporal and spatial.

Items to assist in containment:

SCP-184 SCP-455 SCP-835 SCP- 1162 SCP-1730 SCP-2518 SCP-2591 SCP-2955 SCP-3066 SCP-3512 SCP-3667

Action report:

Old Roots Animalia Experimental log 914 The Lockdown Himinbjoerg Lessons for Old Dogs The Last Good Man In The Foundation

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Mobile Task Force Eta-10 ("See No Evil"-see no evil)

Task Force Task: Mobile Task Force Eta-10 is good at investigation, acquisition, and initial Containment shows a visual cognitive crisis, visual memetic media, or other items or individuals that require indirect or other observation methods to ensure safe operation.

Items to assist in containment:

SCP-020 SCP-125 SCP-571 SCP- 904 SCP-1561 SCP-2136 SCP-2140 SCP-2155

Action report:

Experiment Log-T-98816-OC108-682 Sweet Memories

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Mobile Task Force Eta-11 ("Savage Beasts"-cruel beasts)

Task Force Mission: Mobile Task Force Eta-11 is good at investigating, acquiring, and containing auditory effects And musical anomalies, including any auditory cognitive crisis and sound-based anomalous threats.

Items to assist in containment:

SCP-1687 SCP-2402 SCP-3519

Action report:

A Convincing Lyre An Impenitent Thief Project Proposal 2014-2112: "Failure Dream" Pattern Breaker The Musical Suspects Counterpoint Lockdown Procedures

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Mobile Task Force Theta-4 ("Gardeners" -Gardener)

Task Force Task: Mobile Task Force Theta-4 is good at containing plants or plant-type anomalous items and individuals. Especially for such abnormal field work involving large-scale infections.

Items to assist in containment:

SCP-628 SCP-1147 SCP-1262 SCP- 1717 SCP-2108 SCP-3215

Action report:

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Mobile Task Force Theta-90 ("Angle Grinders"-Angle Grinders)

Task Force Task: Task Force Theta-90 is responsible for the areas of abnormal topology, geometry and similar mathematical problems.

Items to assist in containment:

SCP-1707 SCP-3307

Action report:

Tuesday, 11am, Conference Room Three Wednesday, 3pm, The Office of Paul Dimaccio Monday, 6am, Escherville Facility Two Friday, 2200 , Paul Dimaccio's Personal Mobile Task Force Induction Remarks

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Mobile Task Force Iota-10 (“Damm Feds”-Damm Feds )

Task Force Tasks: Mobile Task Force Iota-10 is owned by various international, federal, and rural legal agencies A large number of latent operators are good at helping and transferring a piece of evidence and item under the control of the Foundation and transferring the jurisdiction of the location of the abnormal incident from the local police department to the Foundation's containment and response team.

Items to assist in containment:

SCP-210 SCP-437 SCP-1243 SCP- 1359 SCP-2036 SCP-2578 SCP-2890 SCP-2942 SCP-3117 SCP-3155

Action report:

Project Heimdall

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Mobile Task Force Kappa-10 ("Skynet ”-Skynet)

Task Force Task: Mobile Task Force Kappa-10 is a temporary designated unit, this code will Use it until the official disbands it or officially recognizes it. It is responsible for using a composite virtual medium (AIC) to investigate and fight against ‘Internet-anomalous’, and to fight with Foundation researchersTrack, eliminate, and/or contain such elusive anomalies together.

Items to assist in containment:

SCP-2522 SCP-2806 SCP-2987 SCP- 3090 SCP-3323 SCP-3959

Action report:

Hello World Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Rogue AI Basic observations Himinbjoerg

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Mobile Task Force Lambda-4 ("Birdwatchers"-Birdwatchers)

Task Force Task: Mobile Task Force Lambda -4 Good at identifying, tracking and containing flying creatures anomalies, especially anomalous avian creatures.

Items to assist in containment:

SCP-514 SCP-1476 SCP-1505 SCP- 1560 SCP-2760 SCP-2967

Action report:

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Mobile Task Force Lambda-5 ("White Rabbits")

Task Force Task: Mobile Task Force Lambda-5 excels at traversing unstable, bizarre, and controlled reality, and accommodates potentially dangerous personnel or artifacts capable of manipulating space and time.

Items to assist in containment:

SCP-2446 SCP-3087

Action report:

scp-2446-interview lambda-killer north-waterworks rabbit-here-rabbit-there Lockdown Procedures p>

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Mobile Task Force Mu-3 ("Highest Bidders"-the highest bidder)

Task Force Task: Mobile Task Force Mu-3 is specifically responsible for monitoring the GOI (related organization)'Marshall, Carter and Dark Limited Partnership 1'. This requires the concerted efforts of hidden agents and covert operations experts. Their goals are: to confirm the relevant items held by the MCD; find opportunities to recover such items; and finally put them under containment.

Items to assist in containment:

SCP-2423 SCP-2463

Action report:

Application to Form MTF Mu-3 Little Draft Horses Broker-Bailer-Grifter-THIEF Cover Letter for After-Action Report: Operation Free Market

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Mobile Task Force Mu-4 ("Debuggers"-Debugger)

Task Force Mission: Mobile Task Force Mu-4 is good at identifying, tracking, recovering and containing electronic equipment and signals, especially abnormal computers and network-related anomalies. This includes investigating websites suspected of having unusual properties or involving unusual incidents.

Items to assist in containment:

SCP-155 SCP-892 SCP-896 SCP- 1290 SCP-1866 SCP-2160 SCP-2223 SCP-2698 SCP-2738 SCP-2876 SCP-2890 SCP-3030 SCP-3045 SCP-3089 SCP-3101 SCP-3334 SCP-3858

Action report:

Come Back Kid T-Minus

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Mobile Task Force Team Mu-13 ("Ghostbusters"-Ghostbusters)

Task Force Task: Mobile Task Force Mu-13 is good at Track, analyze, and contain souls or invisible manifestations and other individuals, especially those believed to have perception, intelligence, or other intelligence and adaptation.

Items to assist in containment:

SCP-128 SCP-460 SCP-1036 SCP- 2227

Action report:

Are We There Yet? Tasers & Thermite

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Mobile Task Force Nu-7 ("Hammer Down"-Hammer Down)

Task Force Tasks:Armed Mobile Task Force Nu-7 is a battalion-scale task force, with three company-level detachments composed of special infantry, one light armored vehicle company, one tank platoon, one helicopter squadron, and one chemical- The Bio-Radiation-Nuclear (CBRN) platoon, a combat engineer platoon, a nuclear weapon specialist (NWS) team, and additional combat specialists and support personnel. AMTF Nu-7 is mainly stationed in Armd Bio-Containment Area-14, and is mainly responsible for responding to accidents when contact with major foundation facilities is suspected of site-level containment failure, enemy infiltration, or other similar disaster events.

Items to assist in containment:

SCP-939 SCP-1105 SCP-1943 SCP- 2128 SCP-2660 SCP-2706 SCP-2803 SCP-3221

Action report:

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Mobile Task Force Omicron Rho ("The Dream Team"-Dream Team)

Task Force Mission: The Foundation has discovered the method of transforming dreams, and can now contain them through this power (referring to dream anomaly-translator). The Foundation has taught their agents for decades to learn how to join another person's dream while remaining conscious. A few determined people have learned such methods and joined the task force. The first group of them was Mobile Task Force Omicron Rho.

Items to assist in containment:


Action report:

#Xiupania Black lotus Oneirocritic Oneirochemy Oneirophrenia Oneirophrenia A Breath of Relief No Different From Drowning Back to top

Mobile Task Force Pi-1 ("City Slickers"-City Slickers)

Task Force Tasks :Mobile Task Force Pi-1 is good at investigating, containing, and cleaning up abnormalities in densely populated urban environments, especially in the New York City area.

Items to assist in containment:

SCP-274 SCP-602 SCP-1155 SCP- 1219 SCP-1388 SCP-2162 SCP-2409 SCP-2890 SCP-2990

Action report:

Incident 668 A Dear Cavalier Job Opportunities

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Mobile Task Force Rho-1 ("The Professors"-Professor)

Task Force Task: Mobile Task Force Rho-1 is good at acquiring, Contain and transport anomalies related to related organization Alpha-388, "Alexylva University".

Items to assist in containment:

SCP-877 SCP-1546

Action report:

Paraable of the Wayward Prince Commencement Deontic Soliloquy Repel Negotiation and Egotiation

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Mobile Task Force Rho-9 ("Technical Support"-Technical Support)

Task Force Mission: Mobile Task Force Rho-9 is responsible for the computer security of the Foundation. When the memetic obliteration catalyst can be hidden and spread throughout the data structure, this is not an easy task.

Items to assist in containment:


Action report:

Redzone RedDB Archive Asynchronous Copy Vulnerability Your First Support Assignment Warm Milk and Ramen Himinbjoerg

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Mobile Task Force Rho-19( "Cythereans"-Cecilia)

Task Force Task: Mobile Task Force Rho-19 has been dispatched Venus, in order to establish the existence of the Foundation in areas believed to have abnormal activities.

Items to assist in containment:


Action report:

M13 Personnel Memorabilia Log Volume 19.113.A-01: Of the Instruments, Composers, and the Confici Nobiscum Planetfall Exploration Log 2474.1 s End p>

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Mobile Task Force Sigma-3 ("Bibliographers"-Bibliographers)

Task Force Task: Mobile Task Force Sigma-3 is responsible for exploring, understanding and finally finding out the elusive location of the library of the exiled.

Items to assist in containment:


Action report:

Lessons learned Site 11, Conference Room K, July 12, 1982 at 8:58 AM Nothing Says "Promotion" Like a Bag Over Your Head •Making a Scene Magic Guide The Conspiracy of Sigma 3

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Mobile Task Force Tau-5 ("Samsara"-Reincarnation )

Task Force Mission: A group of undead cyborg clones built from the flesh and blood of a dead god, Tau-5 Use esoteric and experimental Foundation weapons to investigate and contain thaumaturgy, magic, and supernatural threats.

Items to assist in containment:

SCP-2970 SCP-2673 SCP-1730

Action report:

Incarnation Approval of a request to examine the application of certain research assets in research that overcomes the inherent limits of the human body Action Azure Peregrine The Lord of Endowments Samsara

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Mobile Task Force Psi-7 ("Home Improvement"-Home Improvement)

Task Force Task: Mobile Task Force Psi-7 is good at secretly investigating, containing, and/or blasting buildings or structures affected by anomalies. Building complexes, especially residential buildings in densely populated areas. This includes obtaining or transferring the affected buildings to the Foundation, the first observation and recording of such buildings, and then transferring them to local containment teams for long-term or ongoing containment

Items to assist in containment:

SCP-574 SCP-744 SCP-1452 SCP-1684 SCP- 1967 SCP-2215 SCP-2281 SCP-2311 SCP-2407 SCP-2426 SCP-2490 SCP-2891 SCP-2975 SCP-3050

Action report:

Mobile Task Force Psi-7 "Home Decoration" Overview Unexpected expenses

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Mobile Task Force Psi-8 ("The Silencers"-Muffler)

Task Force Mission: Mobile Task Force Psi-8 specializes in investigating, tracking, containing, and/or destroying individuals suspected of being capable or affected by regeneration anomalies, This includes reviewing cases of suspected communication with deceased individuals. This includes cutting off devices such as bells, pipes and telephones that can communicate with the buried alive, as well as detaining and interrogating people who claim to have had contact with the deceased.

Items to assist in containment:

SCP-565 SCP-2158 SCP-2922 SCP- 3591

Action report:

SCP-231-J Anomalous object ████, telepathic stone

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Mobile Task Force Omega-0 ("Ará Orún"-Heaven)

Task Force Mission: The "Holy Spirits" of MTF Omega-0 are information structures. They accessed the Foundation's intranet terminal to reproduce the memories of the deceased Foundation personnel. By using Identity Combat Training (IWT), they protect their undead comrades from information threats and related entities. The existence of MTF ω-0 is unknown to most or all surviving employees.

Items to assist in containment:

SCP-2111 SCP-2759

Action report:

In The Trenches With the Dead Matterminded Your last first day Personal Log of Richard Larenz

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Mobile Task Force Omega-7 ("Pandora's Box"-Pandora's Box)

Special Task Force: -[ Strikethrough] Mobile Task Force Omega-7 is an experimental task force that acquires and contains anomalies through cooperation with humanoid anomalous individuals , Especially SCP-076 and SCP-105. [Strikethrough]-Mobile Task Force Omega-7 has been disbanded and decommissioned. This entry has been ordered to be deleted by the records and document security administrator.

Items to assist in containment: -[ Strikethrough] SCP-076 [Strikethrough ]- -[ Strikethrough] SCP-105 [Strikethrough]- -[ Delete Line] SCP-657 [strikethrough]- SCP-175 SCP-354




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