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Build a bridge of credit guarantee for migrant workers and construction companies, and make it an "Alipay" in the construction industry

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From Kochi to blue-collar, the influence of the Internet is gradually sinking, and blue-collar groups' demand for the Internet is also increasing. In the 36Kr Blue Collar Diary's series of reports, it was mentioned that at the end of 2016, the number of migrant workers nationwide reached 282 million, of which 169 million were migrant workers. For blue-collar groups with strong mobility and clear job needs, the need to find a job is always the biggest pain point.

Previously, 36krypton has introduced some blue-collar recruitment startups in the [Blue Collar Diary] series, and the recent one that 36krypton came into contact with was a construction competition that was established in 2015. Startup company recruited by blue-collar workers on the road.

At present, more and more players are starting to nugget in the field of blue-collar recruitment, but there has never been a very top platform, and even the blue-collar recruitment has not been able to get through from online to offline.

The reason is that the traditional recruitment of migrant workers is still a "team" or contractor-style acquaintance mechanism. Without the leader of the construction industry, migrant workers will not buy it. For enterprises, more real information is also needed to ensure that migrant workers arrive on time and according to the amount. Online blue-collar recruitment simply brings offline information online, and does not solve the natural mistrust between construction companies and migrant workers.

In the view of Zhang Jianwei, the founder of Liaoyi, to solve this problem, we must break the information asymmetry and establish a credibility mechanism that can be implemented.

At present, the latest version of Layi has been launched on the contract treasure platform, hoping to solve the credit and guarantee issues in this industry, Become the "Alipay" of the construction industry. The trust mechanism carried by the contract treasure is mainly embodied in the three parts of the construction enterprise before, during and after employment.

Before the employment, the contract treasure will conduct real-name authentication + manual audit on the migrant workers on the C side. Compared with the authentication that only enters the ID number, it insists on holding the ID card to take pictures to ensure the information Authenticity. At the same time, pulling a hand will also control the authenticity of the B-side construction project. "In the past, this industry was filled with too many false figures. For example, a construction site requires 20 people, but he will report 40 people."

In addition to the information review before employment, Yuzhenbao hopes to supervise after employment. Issues such as the payment of wages on construction sites and the protection of the interests of migrant workers. In terms of services on the B-side, Layi also designed the SAAS system for construction companies, and wanted to introduce smart construction site mobile monitoring management into construction companies to achieve more efficient information flow.

As mentioned above, whether blue-collar groups are based or offline, and user acquisition still requires abundant local push resources. Zhang Jianwei, who has been in the infrastructure industry for more than 20 years, has a full understanding of this industry. Many labor resources in this industry are still in the hands of labor service companies and teams. For such B-end users, long-term offline operations are inefficient. , And the instability in the employment of construction sites has brought more pressure to them, and more transparent information is needed.

Based on this, the team launched the labor service company partner plan and team community marketing. At present, it has opened up the resources of more than 300 labor service companies and has settled in more than 2,000 teams. In addition, in the past two years of operation, Lhasa has accumulated more than 600,000 users, more than 300,000 real-name certified migrant workers, and more than 20,000 construction projects have been released.

Compared with focusing on the B-side business, Zhang Jianxin believes that the core of the product is still based on the group of migrant workers. "This group needs the power of the Internet. , To subvert the traditional employment methods and improve their survival and job hunting environment." He said to 36 krypton, so "pull a hand" is also trying to make some migrant workers light social content, you can use videos, pictures and more Ways to show the life of the construction site and revitalize the energy of the community. According to Zhang Jianxin, there have been some trading behaviors of agricultural products in the community.

With the precipitation of user traffic and the implementation of credit mechanisms, Layi also hopes to use big data analysis to realize real-time dispatch of labor resources. For example, pulling a handful can match the resources of migrant workers closest to the construction enterprise according to their needs, and realize the real-time scheduling of labor resources.

In terms of profit model, the current pull is at a completely free stage, but in the future, a certain service fee can be charged for project outsourcing and labor dispatch. In addition, with the advancement of contract treasure, we can do some financial leasing and financial services of engineering equipment based on the credit system to broaden profit channels. If social relationships can be really precipitated, the development of some rural economic businesses will also be beneficial. Future sources of income.

The team now has a dozen people, mainly technical and operational personnel. The founder Zhang Jianwei has been engaged in the construction industry for more than 20 years, and also has certain experience in the financial industry and entrepreneurial incubation. The co-founder is also a serial entrepreneur and has done many successful projects such as social networking and blue-collar O2O; the COO comes from the head of 58 Recruitment Division.

Currently, La Yi is seeking angel round financing.

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