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O'Neill's autobiography (21): Duncan Kobe has the same illness and has little left in his career

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In addition to Kobe and the Heat Big Three, among the young players in the league, Blake Griffin attracted my attention. He played very hard, he was born a basketball player, and bounce is his hallmark.

During the 2011 All-Star Game, O’Neal took the initiative to find Griffin to encourage the latter

2011 All-Star I saw him during the game and gave him some encouragement. He deserves it. In my opinion, he is the next great player. He has athletic talent and strength. One night when I was watching his game at home, one of his teammates threw a bad ball, but he still managed to catch the ball, and then he came back and dunked. That's right, I'm talking about this.

Kevin Love played Moses Malone's stats, which is certainly eye-catching, but his team is often ranked first from the bottom, which I can’t understand. I don’t know Kevin Love, but what is he missing?

A great player can not only play great stats, but also determine the trend of the game by himself at the moment of life and death, but he looks a little different. There are always some players, but when you don't pay attention to him, you feel that he is full of advantages, but when you observe his game carefully, you will find that the facts are always different.

I like Kevin Durant and the way he plays. He is aggressive and fearless. He is a quiet leader and looks calm. Russell Westbrook is a good deputy, he is talented and confident. Maybe he should pass the ball more to big men. (Hey, you guys know I would say that for sure.)

Derrick Rose is a great player, but to be honest, I don’t know how he overpowered LeBron in 2011 Value players, although the general performance of the NBA that season was a bit weak, it was not enough for a third-year player to get the MVP. I have seen a lot of great players, if you want me to support you in taking MVP, you have to do something different. Maybe I am biased, but I have seen Jordan, Dominic Wilkins, "Magic", Bird, David Robinson, Ewing play, and they brought something very unique. Derek Rose? Great player, but do something unexpected for me.

Yao Ming is a type I have never seen before. I was disappointed when I heard that he was forced to retire. His career ended too early. He is a very good person, a tall and strong player, and I respect him on the court. When he first came to the NBA, I faced him directly. I wanted to play a few tricks under the basket, but he covered all three of my attempts. So I had to change my style of play and I had to start dunking because my usual methods didn't work.

Yao Ming's strength comes from his lower limbs. He is as strong as anyone I have faced. I can't carry him. He retired and I retired. The NBA traditional center no longer exists. I believe that Yao Ming and I will no longer be rivals at some point in the future. We will be friends and business partners.

I think I have made it very clear how to look at Tim Duncan. He is one of the best players in history. In order to protect Tim, the Spurs have changed some offensive tactics. He is no longer the core of the team's tactics, and the offense is no longer dominated by him. In my past career, I have seen many franchise stars who cannot tolerate this, perhaps including myself, but Tim has always been a team player, so you will never hear him complain.

Without knee cartilage, Duncan’s career is running out.

In the spring of the 2010-11 season, I was in I ran into Popovich in the bathroom, and I asked him, "How is Tim?" Popovich replied, "His knee cartilage is also worn out.Just like what people say about Kobe, it's bones hitting bones. "I sighed. Duncan may only have one or two seasons left to play. This situation has happened to many people later in their careers. Without knee cartilage, you can no longer do the same as you used to. The height, agility, speed of breakthrough, and ability to confront will all feel strange.

It’s strange to watch us reach this stage of our career. People are always warning you, your time It’s almost here, but you won’t really realize it until you see your own face. Only aging can stop me on the basketball court...

Note: This article is excerpted from "O’Neill’s Autobiography: Unknown The edited Shaq was published with the authorization of Yilin Publishing House. This article is the final piece of the selected series. It has been serialized in NetEase NBA for 21 issues. [
For more information about this book For more details, please click]

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