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How should the New Year's Eve money be used for Chinese New Year? Smart parents have ways to guide their children to establish a correct consumption concept_ Money

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Letting children decide how to spend the New Year's money is an indispensable part of cultivating them to form a consumption consciousness.

First of all, we must respect the wishes of the children, and we cannot "confiscate" all the children's New Year's Eve money all at once.

It can be agreed with the child that the New Year’s money received each year will be divided into two according to a certain proportion:

Mom and dad keep one portion; the remaining portion is for their own consumption.

If parents are accustomed to arrange replacements, it is unrealistic as the child grows older, because the child will think that the parent is deceiving him and occupying his new year's money privately, which is not conducive to the harmony of the parent-child relationship.

But if, when we receive the children’s New Year’s money, after deducting the part of the money agreed with them, we can guide the children to spend the money correctly, so that they can establish a correct consumption concept. We must know that establishing a correct view of financial management from an early age is of great significance to his life.

Let children understand the meaning of saving

Parents should guide their children to understand what savings are. We can buy children a piggy bank exclusively for them, and let them save the New Year's money and pocket money they get, so that they can understand the meaning of savings and experience their own life. The first "deposit".

Use comparative methods to guide children how to use money correctly

For example, let him compare the same money for toys or books.

Guide children to initially understand the concept of value-added. If you buy toys, the novelty of toys will be of no value once they pass. You may want new toys. Books can be read and understood repeatedly. Reading it once has the value of reading it again. .

You can also let your children and their classmates go to the cinema to watch the movies and dramas they are most interested in. Although sometimes the price is a little bit more expensive, relatively speaking, the children who are interested can be rewarded. Or if he wants to learn some specialties or something, he will pay it from his New Year's Eve.

It's not that parents can't afford the money, but more importantly, children will cherish the opportunity to learn only if they pay.

Let children understand that money is more than just consumption

We need to let children know that money is not only for consumption, but also to help the weak. For example, when you meet a beggar or donate to charity, parents can look at the child’s wishes and let him give a little love (of course , The donation is based on the children’s willingness, we can’t force the children).

Let him realize that the same use of money can have different meanings. This is also the best time to train children to "give".

This is very important for a child who grows up in a honeypot. It will let him experience a different life, and let him realize that even one dollar is a help to the weak, and it is his experience. What is the best chance of a different life in the same world. Only in this way will they know how to cherish and understand the meaning beyond money.

In short, parents must gradually understand how to consume correctly. Not only do children realize the meaning of investment and the concept of value-added, but more importantly, guide him to show mercy and pay for the weak so that he will not be too Value money, whileTurn in a more meaningful direction.

Many parents have this misunderstanding. They think that they can’t talk about money with their children. They think that the children are still young. They don’t know that the younger the child is, the best time to form good consumption habits is.

If he does not have a concept of money, he will not know what it means to cherish every dollar for himself and others.

The focus is not on money, but for him to form a good concept of money, to realize the meaning of money to him and to others, to realize how he can help others and how to make money bring happiness.

It is very important for children to understand money. Those children who understand the importance of saving and how to manage money will be able to control their spending better and have a more positive outlook on life when they grow up.

How to correctly guide children to use money is a question that every parent should think about!

Don't forcefully take back the red envelopes to affect your children to establish a correct view of money!

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