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5 How to distinguish fresh river prawns

Blue-gray river prawns are fresh: If the prawn shell has turned red, do not buy it because the river prawns are not fresh anymore. Buy those shrimps whose shells are bluish-gray, shiny, the body is elastic, and the heads are not easy to fall off.

6 Don’t buy sausages very red.

If the color of the sausage is very red and red, it means that it contains a lot of nitrate and is harmful to the human body. Choose the lean meat that is dark red and the fat meat is white sausage.

7 How to pick fresh eggs

Some people think that a smooth eggshell is a fresh egg, but in fact it is the opposite. The eggshell of the old egg is smooth. Eggs that have been exposed to rain or damp and moldy will have gray-black spots on their eggshells. To buy eggs, choose those with rough shells, no cracks, and a layer of hoarfrost on them.

8 How to choose songhua eggs

When buying Songhua eggs, you can throw the eggs up and catch them with your hands. The ones with a heavy feeling are good eggs. You can also put the eggs in your hands, and the ones that tremble are good ones. You can also shake the egg by your ear, and the egg that can't hear the sound is a good egg.

9 How to choose cantaloupe

When picking cantaloupe, just smell it through the nose to know its rawness and ripeness. Scented, moderately mature, ready to eat after purchase. It has poor maturity without fragrance and needs some time before eating.

10 How to buy white wine

Good liquor: When the bottle is suddenly inverted, it is still colorless, transparent, suspended solids and sediments, otherwise it is not good liquor. If you shake the bottle vigorously, the liquor in the bottle will arouse a lot of hops. The fine hops and the longer time spent on piles are good wines.

11 Blister bird's nest can distinguish true from false

Bird's nest is a valuable tonic. To identify its authenticity, it is best to soak it in water. After being immersed in water, it is silvery white and crystal clear. It can be stretched and stretched with a gentle pull. It is a real bird's nest. If it turns yellow after being immersed in water, and there is no elasticity, it is a fake bird's nest.

12 How to prevent the smell of food in the refrigerator

Fish and shrimp meat can be put into an aluminum lunch box or an enamel bowl with a lid, add a little salt powder, and store tightly. Dishes with strong flavors, such as green onions, ginger, and leeks, should be washed and dried before being stored in plastic food bags. Sauce foods should be bottled and capped. Leftovers should not be stored in the refrigerator for a long time, and should be sealed in plastic bags for storage.

13 Frozen fish and meat taken out of the refrigerator should be thawed naturally

If you want to eat frozen fish and frozen meat in the refrigerator, you must take it out in advance and place it in natural air at about 15 degrees or in flowing water at about 15 degrees to thaw naturally. It is absolutely not allowed to soak frozen fish and frozen meat in boiling water, which will cause the loss of nutrients in the fish and meat, and will cause bacteria to multiply. Any food that is thawed must be processed immediately. Long-term storage will cause deterioration and affect consumption.

14 Cooking oil should not be placed on the side of the stove

Many people are used to putting a bottle of cooking oil next to the stove and find it convenient to use for cooking. But this is actually not hygienic or safe. Edible oil is often in a higher temperature environment near the stove fire. However, if the temperature is higher, the cooking oil will easily deteriorate over time and produce an unpleasant smell. After the oil deteriorates, the nutrient content is reduced and it is difficult to digest and absorb, and the severe deterioration is unlikely to produce toxicity. Excessive consumption of spoiled oil can cause indigestion, gastroenteritis and vitamin deficiency.

15 Garlic can make dried seafood degenerate

If the dried seafood is not stored properly, it can easily become moldy. If you put a layer of peeled garlic cloves on the bottom of the container storing dried fish, dried shrimp, mussels, and kelp, and cover the container tightly, it can be stored for a long time without deterioration.

16 How to keep potatoes fresh

Potatoes that are not well preserved will sprout or turn green to produce toxic solanine. This is the result of high temperature and light, but if the storage temperature is too low, the starch in the potato will turn into sugar. Make potatoes have an abnormal sweet taste. If you put the potatoes in a brown paper bag and place them in a dark place of not less than ten degrees, the potatoes can be stored well.

17 How to keep fresh leeks

If you buy leeks, you can't finish eating them for a while. You can tie the leeks with a small string and soak the roots in water so that they will remain fresh for about a week and will not dry out and rot.

18 How to keep lotus root fresh

Fresh lotus roots are easy to turn black and rot after a few days. The way to preserve lotus roots is very simple. Firstly, wash them, then cut the lotus roots in sections to make the pores of the lotus root communicate. In cold water, place it in a dark and low temperature place, but it should be above zero. Note that the water needs to be changed every five days in winter, and once a day in summer. It can be stored for one month in winter and ten days in summer.

19 How to keep mushrooms fresh

Mushrooms are delicious, but they can deteriorate easily if they are not preserved. Soaking in clear water can only be stored for a short time. If you want to keep fresh mushrooms for a longer time, you can soak them in 0.6% light salt water for 10 minutes, remove them and drain them, and then put them in a plastic bag.

20 How to store tomatoes

Half-green and half-red tomatoes are not tasty. Save them and eat them after they are ripe. You can put the tomatoes in a plastic bag, tie them tightly, and store them in a cool place. Insist on untie the bag and ventilate for five minutes every day, and dry the water vapor on the bag wall, and then tie the bag and save it. Take out the cooked food first, so that it can be stored for about a month.

21 Store peanuts

It must be dried frequently. Once moldy particles are found, they must be removed in time. The dried peanuts must be sealed in a plastic bag and stored in a dry and dark place for a long time. .

22 How to prevent rice pests

Pepper, garlic, crab shells, etc. can prevent rice bugs: rice bugs can bring a lot of trouble to eating. You can wrap the pepper and fennel in a rice bag with gauze, or put a crab shell, Turtle shells and garlic heads placed in rice bags can prevent rice worms.

23 Soak mung beans in boiling water for easy storage

In summer, in order to prevent heatstroke, people always like to cook mung bean soup, but mung beans are prone to insects and are not easy to preserve. If the mung beans are soaked in a bowl of boiling water for about 15 minutes, and then dried and stored, they will not be prone to insects.

24 How to avoid sugar moisture?

Putting a piece of absorbent paper at the bottom of the sugar box can prevent moisture: In order to prevent the sugar from getting wet, you can put a piece of absorbent paper on the bottom of the sugar box, and there is no problem.

25 The rice cooker should be cooked with boiling water

The use of boiling water for rice cookers not only saves electricity, but also prevents damage to the vitamin B1 contained in the rice. The chlorine in the raw water will cause 30% loss of vitamin B1 in the rice, so Boiled water should be used to cook rice in a rice cooker.

26 The stainless steel tableware should be wiped dry after use

Some people think that stainless steel cutlery will not rust and stain, so you don’t pay attention to dry it after use and let it dry naturally. In fact, this is wrong. The protection of stainless steel cutlery is not good? There will be stains and stains. After the wax is applied, it can be removed. The way to protect stainless steel tableware is to wash it with warm water after use, and dry it with a towel after washing.

27 Onion can cure burnt milk pot

There are often charred milk sticks on the bottom of the milk pan. It is very difficult to brush. If you cut a few slices of onion and boil it in the milk pan, the burnt can be removed. This is because the yellow sap that separates out when the onion is cooked has the effect of removing the char.

28 How to use the newly bought iron wok?

Buying a new iron wok can’t be used right away. You must put it on a high fire first. After the pot is cold, add detergent and wash it several times carefully. It can't be used for cooking at this time, because the pot is very dry and it is easy to burn when used for cooking. The treatment method is: first use the large leaves of Chinese cabbage and add slightly more oil than ordinary stir-fry, and stir-fry on the fire for ten minutes. After stir-fry, let the vegetable stand for a period of time, then discard it, and rinse again, the wok will be clean. It works very well.

29 Adding a spoon when the glassware is holding hot soup can prevent breakage

In winter, the temperature is low. When you pour the freshly cooked hot soup into the glassware, the container is easy to break. If you put a spoon in the container, it can be avoided because the heat will be dissipated through the spoon.

30 The fishy smell on the cutting board can be removed with salt water

After cutting the raw fish and meat on the cutting board, it will leave an unpleasant fishySome people think that the smell can be removed by washing with hot water. In fact, it is not. Pouring the hot water will make the fishy smell penetrate into the cutting board and make it difficult to remove. If you use a small amount of salt and water to brush, the fishy smell on the cutting board will be removed.

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