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King of Glory: Old players teach you the fastest way to slash the battle order, double the upgrade speed of quest + grabbing kun

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Glory of Kings has been online for a long time. After the previous season update, Glory of Kings has launched a new event: War of Glory. This event time is the same as the season time of the qualifying match. New At the beginning of the season, the Battle of Glory event will start, and the new season will end, and the Battle of Glory event will also end.

There are many rewards in the Glory War. Diamonds, skins, rank protection cards, rename cards and many other items can be obtained as long as the player reaches the level. After upgrading the Glory War Will get more rewards. Many types of missions will be released in the Order of Glory. There are seasonal missions and weekly missions. Players will have new missions every week. If the mission is difficult, there will be opportunities to change the mission. What I want to talk about today is how to quickly complete weekly tasks in the current version.

There are many types of weekly tasks, but players can complete the same task repeatedly to gain experience points, and players can use refresh to find the simplest tasks , Such as this [team bonus] me, thigh, play money! In this task, you can gain 320 experience for every 10,000 gold coins obtained. If in the normal mode, players want to get 10,000 gold coins, they must drag the game to the later stage, otherwise they can only play a few more rounds together. However, some players have found a way to quickly gain experience. In the new scoring mode, you will have 20,000 gold coins at the beginning, so a scoring mode that ends in a few minutes can be completed twice [team bonus] Me, thigh, hit money! The mission of the game, a game that can end the game in a few minutes, you can directly get 640 experience points.

There is also a task that can be completed quickly in the looting mode, which is the task of [team bonus] stabilizing Kerry’s teammates. This task is for each pair of heroes. Output 60,000 points of damage, you can gain 320 experience. Because there will be 20,000 gold coins directly in the looting mode, the players will start with Liushen equipment. As long as the player chooses a high-output shooter hero at the beginning, they can easily meet the requirements. Compared with other modes, this looting mode requires A lot faster.

Since there is a mission to output heroes, there is also a mission to resist damage. [Team bonus] Can you blame me for not beating? This task can get 320 experience points for every 30,000 points of damage suffered by the hero. As long as the player chooses a meat shield hero in the hunting mode and keeps protecting his teammates in the front row, it can be easily accomplished. Complete this task twice in a game. There is no problem at all, so players who want to complete the weekly task quickly should not miss this task!

In addition to the above three tasks that need to be started, there is also a random task that is very easy to do, especially for the "old players" in the game. It’s simple, it’s a red and red draw task. Players can get 500 experience points every time they participate in a diamond treasure hunt. (Five consecutive draws can only be counted as one draw) Diamonds are a very good item to accumulate in the game, especially Old players, diamonds are piled up in the tens of thousands. As long as you have more diamonds, the task of getting 500 experience points in one draw is simpler than all other tasks.

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