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How to handle the gift of real estate in 2017 How much is the transfer fee of the gift of real estate?

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The so-called donation of real estate refers to a civil legal act that one party (donor) voluntarily donates his own house to another person (the recipient), and the other person is willing to accept it. Both parties to the house gift should sign a written contract. So, how to handle the 2017 real estate gift and how much is the transfer fee for the real estate gift?

How to handle the 2017 real estate gift?

Generally speaking, the gift of real estate between non-relatives is relatively rare. The gift of real estate is usually the relationship of relatives, and the immediate family members are the most common, especially the housing gift of parents to their children. The reason for this must be understood by everyone. After all, in China, parents still take care of their children, either for their children’s marriage or for the elderly to avoid future disputes over property inheritance.

How to handle the 2017 real estate gift

Although the gift is a free transfer of property, according to the law, this kind of gift still needs to pay deed tax, stamp tax and other taxes (in the marriage relationship between husband and wife). Except for mutual gifts), the deed tax varies according to different situations, and the minimum is 1%. Before the promulgation of the new policy, the parties involved need to submit or accept the gift certificate when handling the real estate transfer.

The notarization of this gift must be based on the actual benefit amount, that is, the housing price, and a certain notarization fee will be charged in proportion to the ladder. This is really a lot of cost for the housing price of millions of dollars in Beijing. However, with the implementation of the new policy, the donation notarization was changed to notarization of kinship, and the notarization fee for the latter was only 80 yuan per piece.

For example, for a 100-square-meter house in Shunyi City, at a guide price of 9,855 yuan per square meter, it will cost about 8,000 yuan for the gift notarization, while the family relationship notarization only costs 80 yuan. A single expense has saved the parties more than 7,000 yuan.

In addition, when applying for family relationship notarization, the parties need to submit the resident ID card and household registration booklet, the relative relationship certificate issued by the public security department of the unit or the place of residence, and the marital status certificate if necessary.

How much is the transfer fee of the real estate gift?

How much is the transfer fee of the real estate gift? 1. Real estate gift transfer fee for relatives: between husband and wife. The State Administration of Taxation and the Ministry of Finance issued the latest notice on December 31, 2013. The summary of the notice: During the duration of the marriage relationship, the house and land ownership originally belonged to one spouse.

Changed to being jointly owned by both spouses or the other, or the ownership of the house or land was originally owned by both spouses and changed to one of the parties, or the ownership of the house and land was originally owned by both spouses, and the two parties agreed or changed the ownership Deed tax is exempted for shares.

2. Real estate gift and transfer fees for relatives: between parents and children. Gifts can be handled between parents and children. Both parties hold ID cards, real estate certificates, proof of immediate family members and other materials to go to the hall on the third floor of the Housing Security Bureau, No. 248, Mawangdui Road, Dezheng Garden, Changsha, to go through the transfer procedures.

The standard for private house gift deed tax is that the city's household registration or non-city household registration individuals who have paid social security in this city for more than one year purchase ordinary houses below 90 square meters and are the only house in the family. The deed tax is levied at 1%, which does not meet the above conditions It is levied at 2% for the purchase of non-ordinary housing (above 144 square meters) or non-residential deed tax is levied at 4%, and a handling fee of 6 yuan per square meter.

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