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If your wife asked you to work, you didn’t want to, and you lost money in stocks. I’ve got a year’s salary to marry you.

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My wife and I met through a blind date. We are all ordinary people. We don't have a rich family background or a father who can fight. I think that since we are ordinary people, we can live a good life and be honest. My wife is a person who is naturally lazy and unwilling to go out to work after getting married. After giving birth, she refuses to go out under the pretext of having children. Our children are not taken by no one. My parents are willing to take them. Yes, but my wife just refused. There are many female colleagues in our company. Most of them are married and have children. Don't they still go to work?

Don’t talk about what needs to be taken care of at home, in this society, if you have a coal mine at home, it is true that husband and wife should work together and make money together. You have to make money by one person, unless you can earn tens of thousands in January, otherwise Don't go to enjoy Qingfu. How many things need to be done in the home? How much housework does the family have? Is it necessary to stay at home exclusively? My opinion is that we go to work together, and we do the housework together. In the morning, we can eat breakfast outside, and we can buy vegetables and cook together when we get home from get off work. As for cleaning, we can clean together every weekend, and the children will be monthly. Go to your parents to see it once. Isn't that good? But the wife refused to go to work and said nothing.

No way, all the burden of the family can only fall on me. My monthly income is only 10,000 yuan, and there are more than 2,000 mortgages to be repaid. If this continues, we The burden of the family is getting heavier and heavier, and I have to plan for the future of the child. I really don’t know what my wife thinks. If you really think about the child, you should create a better life for her. Don’t say that a man who is incapable of letting his wife go out to make money, I admit that I am just incapable. I am just an ordinary person with no mines at home. From ancient times to the present, ordinary people are men farming and women weaving. Husbands and wives work together, only those rich. There is a full-time wife in the most expensive family. Then you are also an ordinary person. If you don't have the capital to marry a rich family, don't say that a man is incapable.

If she stays at home every day, it’s fine. She doesn’t. She holds my salary card and our only deposit, and ran to learn how to trade stocks with others. She can understand the stock market. Is it? As a result, I lost more than 100,000 yuan, which is my annual income. I was so angry that I had a big quarrel with her. She still felt that she was reasonable, and she said that if the money is gone, she can make more money. She doesn't know how hard it is to make money. Our children are all in kindergarten, and she still refuses to go out to make money. I am exhausted and exhausted, and she still squanders like this.

Sometimes I really think, I really had a bad life for eight years before marrying a woman like her. I never thought about planning for this family. Sometimes I really want to leave with her, but I still look forward to it. The kindergarten children feel unbearable. It's really annoying now.

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