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   Pan Jun is a little embarrassed. That's it for Li Tong. He was the governor of Jiangling for a long time, and he made great contributions during the battle of Lingling. It was expected that he was conferred the title. Jiang Qinnian was weak in the crown, and he had just arrived under Sun Yi, but he was also sealed off. This made him somewhat disapproving, so he didn't interact with them much, and he didn't express much opinion during military discussions.

   Wu Zhou said and glanced at Liu Xian. Liu Xian lowered his head and said nothing. Sun Ce understands that the news of the official Wu Zhou comes from Tian Kai, which has been discounted, and the actual situation may be worse than this. Yan Gang was the Jizhou provincial governor to which Gongsun Zan belonged. He was a single-handed general. He was killed in battle, and the troops he led should have lost terribly, close to the annihilation of the entire army.

Sun Ce did not immediately draw a conclusion. Both Zhang Hong and Guo Jia’s analysis is reasonable. It is just a left-to-right issue. The biggest problem situation now is not determined by them. Whether they can let the father return to Yuzhou is the key, and the old stubborn Zhu Jun is a big trouble. . This person has limited ability, but his conviction is very firm, not that he can be persuaded with reason. Guan Yu knew, and led Liu Bei into the account. Tai Shici had originally planned to leave, but Liu Bei was also left behind. When he arrived in the tent, Guan Yu sat down as the chairman, let Liu Bei sit at the top of the guest seat, and Tai Shici sat opposite Liu Bei. Liu Bei was a little embarrassed, but said nothing. Guan Yu sent someone to drink to moisturize his throat, and then motioned to Liu Bei to explain his intention.

"There is also the return department. Kangxi, Yongzheng, and Qianlong also beat and draw, and finally pull up with coaxing and persuasion. With their own chariots, those who return to the frontier do not need to pay a penny to the imperial court for taxes, but they can often get the support of goods and silver from the Central Plains. Not to mention, the silver for the white disaster and drought of the grassland every year is the magnitude of the earthquake. How much?" Shen Zhi did not say directly, but Sheng Xian understood. It can be seen from Shen Zhi's expression that he has been convinced by Sun Ce's five bodies. To make Shen Zhi so admired, Sun Ce must excel. In fact, thinking about it, it can be understood that if he had no superiority, how could he have come to this point, how could he let the Wu Jun family bow their heads.

Yu, can be regarded as similar to Li Lian, but, when Yu was born, Li Er was the King of Qin. Well, no, although the mother was not married, she died early, but the daughter of King Qin was different. It was not when Li Lian was born. Then Li Er was just a prince. The so-called prince belonged to Tang Wang Li Yuan. The son, referred to as the prince. "Pierre, Pierre... have said it several times, I am not giving it, it is the person who is willing to do it... I Xiao Letian said long ago, as long as you have a sense of belonging and want to marry I promise to put it... By the way, I left a piece of paper in the former study, and it was sandwiched in the historical records. Whoever of you will bring it, I have something to explain..."

Qin Zheng stopped his hand, sneered, straightened her head and said, "Master has never believed in this evil! Since I was born, I don't know what regret this is. Words. If you say regret, then just say that I shouldn’t cure your dumb disease. After you can speak, you will piss me off. The well-behaved person before is gone, so I have to find a way to get it back."

"Really?" Sun Quan immediately became happy, took Sun Ce's hand and smiled, and left Cao Ying aside. Sun Ce smiled. "Don't be happy too early. The little girl from the Xie family is not a fuel-efficient lamp. You have time to regret now. When you mention your relatives, people will respond again. If you regret it again, it will be too late. You can change your concubine, but you can't change your wife. "It turns out that the prince came here for this." Although the Liufang old lady is old, she is not confused and waved her hand."Half an hour ago, the toffee in the palace sent a letter to me, asking about this black comfrey. Later I learned that something went wrong in Lin'an City and I needed black comfrey. But there has been no black comfrey in our mansion. "

The drums of war started all around, the infantry rushed wildly, and the Zhongshan Army infantry lined up in the valley was terrified. Many people remembered the battle of Dongting and the tragedy of being raided by the Bianzhou cavalry. The position began. Shaking, Jia Kui shouted repeatedly, but couldn't help it. The Zhongshan army generals ignored him at all. Several people gathered together and anxiously discussed how to respond. The emperor blocked his mouth when he saw him in a few words, and felt a little unhappy. But looking at his immortal wind and bones, there is a faint purple qi in the center of his eyebrows. The purple qi is hailed as a good omen, and he can actually not get the rain without holding the umbrella. It is really high. He can't know his current status, and it is not good. After another attack, he only waved his hand behind him, "Wu Quan, are there any doctors to follow? ”

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