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The latest news of the fourth-generation test tube technology, China and North Korea beneficiary stocks

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How about the fourth-generation IVF technology? What is the fourth-generation IVF? Where can I make the fourth generation test tube? What is the latest fourth-generation IVF technology like? Does it exist in China? A-share military industry stocks Which is the submarine concept stock of a listed company that builds submarines?

Q1: How about the fourth-generation IVF technology?

There are currently no reliable channels to report and apply the so-called fourth-generation IVF technology. The cytoplasmic replacement technology involves ethical issues and was severely warned by the US FDA to stop it early on. At present, the second-generation IVF technology is commonly used, and the third-generation IVF technology is still not popular because of the high technological requirements.

Q2:What is the fourth-generation IVF?

Break through the age limit of female childbearing, the fourth-generation IVF technology will realize "one father and two mother" three-parent babies!

With the full opening of the second child, although many post-90s and post-80s have not yet had their first child, many 70 After that, I was already eager to try to have a second child, and even a very few 65 generations wanted to try to have a second child.

But as the elderly women grow older, the quality of their eggs has also begun to decline. How can elderly women give birth to healthy babies? This is about to talk about the recently popular fourth-generation IVF.

The fourth-generation IVF? What is the difference with previous generations of test tubes?

The first generation of IVF (IVF)

The difference between the first generation and the second generation is that the sperm and the egg are fertilized differently. The first generation is the natural combination of the sperm and the egg, and finally an embryo is formed.

The second generation of IVF (IVF)

The second generation is due to the poor quantity or quality of sperm, which is not enough to naturally combine with the egg, so the doctor artificially helps the sperm through a technique Combine with the egg to form an embryo.

The third generation of test-tube babies (ICSI)

The third generation refers to the genetic screening or diagnosis of embryos before implantation, which is to check the chromosomes of each embryo to see if there are genetic diseases. Embryos with abnormalities are discarded, and embryos with no abnormalities are transferred into the uterus, mainly for patients with chromosomal diseases.

So, what is the fourth-generation IVF?

"The fourth generation of test-tube babies" is simply like this: young women have less than 1% of the genetic genes in the cytoplasm, and the mother's egg nucleus carries the main genes, and the nucleus of the egg cell of the elderly woman is taken out , Placed in the egg cytoplasm of young eggs for culture. After the transplanted egg cells are combined with the father's sperm, a fertilized egg with three human genetic material is formed.

Break through age and physical limitations and give birth to your own child

Simply put, it is an elderly female egg With aging, the chance of conception is reduced, but I still want to give birth to a child of my own genes, not wanting to be completely other people's eggs.

And use the body of others to nurture eggs, so that women who are too old or in poor health can give birth to a child who is both their own and healthy. This means that as long as they have the ability to ovulate, women's reproductive age will not be restricted.

Take a chestnut: Ms. G cannot get good quality eggs due to age, body or other reasons, but she is eager to have her own children. What can we do?

The fourth-generation IVF technology can help her fulfill this wish. The nucleus of her egg cell was taken out and transplanted into the egg cell of a healthy, young woman, so that a normal egg cell was reconstituted.

Then the recombinant egg cells and the sperm of Ms. G's husband were fertilized in vitro, cultured into embryos, and then implanted in Ms. G's uterus to give birth to a healthy baby.

The fourth-generation test-tube baby mainly targets the eggs of elderly females

As early as the British "New Scientist" (New Scientist) announced to the outside world, in April 2016, the world’s first "one father and two mother" The birth of IVF, which shows that the fourth-generation IVF germplasm replacement technology (GVT) was successfully used.

This technology is mainly researched by a team led by Chinese scientist Professor Zhang Jin. As the world’s first "three-parent baby" project leader, Professor Zhang Jin from the New Hope Center for Reproductive Medicine in New York once told the media Said, "There is no such kind of pregnancy in nature", "He is the first time that a life is composed of the genetic material of three people. This is a very big breakthrough."

The fourth-generation IVF technology is a mitochondrial transplantation therapy, which is mainly aimed at the aging of elderly women’s oocytes. This technology can solve the problem of aging women’s eggs and increase the chances of conception for elderly women.

The fourth-generation IVF technology can also be understood as a cytoplasmic replacement technology. By replacing the nucleus between an aging egg and a young egg, the gene of the aging egg is combined with the cytoplasm of the young egg to form a new one. egg.

Among them, the genetic genes in the cytoplasm of young women are less than 1%. The nucleus of the mother's egg carries the main gene. The nucleus of the egg cell of the elderly woman is taken out and placed in the egg cytoplasm of the young egg for culture. After the transplanted egg cells are combined with the father's sperm, a fertilized egg with three human genetic material is formed.

This technology is still controversial and is not used in China

Of course Babies born using the fourth-generation IVF technology carry the genes of their father, mother, and third-party young women. Therefore, the application and promotion of the fourth-generation IVF technology has aroused strong controversy in medical, ethical and legal aspects. In the United States, the implementation of this technology without permission is prohibited for ethical and safety reasons.

"International Reproductive Health/Family Planning" also expressed concern, "In theory, the use of IVF technology can bring up to 2 fathers (genetics father, foster father) and 4 mothers to the offspring. (Genetics mothers, pregnant mothers, foster mothers, and mitochondrial DNA genetic mothers after cytoplasmic transplantation and prokaryotic replacement), which will bring many complicated ethical and legal issues."

Certain domestic medical treatments The fourth-generation IVF technology claimed by the intermediary is just a publicity stunt. This technology is banned for use by patients in most countries in the world, including the United States.

Q3: Where can the fourth generation test tube be made?

The fourth-generation test tube is GVT, also known as follicular cytoplasmic replacement technology or blastocyst transfer technology. This technology takes out the cell nucleus from the egg of an elderly woman and places it in the cytoplasm of a young woman's egg to combine to form a new egg, which can better deal with the problem of aging eggs and increase the possibility of pregnancy for older women.

Although the genetic genes in the egg cytoplasm account for less than 1%, they are still involved in genetic inheritance, which causes the ethical problem of the inability to accurately identify the baby's belonging. Moreover, whether such a "three-parent breeding" technology has safety hazards in terms of genetic characteristics has not yet been known.

Therefore, no matter what country it is, there is still no consensus on the fourth-generation test tube level, and there is no clear stipulation in the law whether it can be used or not. The fourth-generation test tube can only be understood as the future development direction of IVF technology, and its follicular cytoplasmic replacement technology has not yet entered clinical operations.

Q4:What is the latest fourth-generation IVF technology? Does it exist in China?

It’s pretty good.

Q5:Which one of the military-industrial units of a stock is a submarine builder

China Shipbuilding

Q6:Submarine concept stocks of listed companies

List of nuclear submarine concept stocks (listed companies related to the production of nuclear submarines):

The aircraft carrier is mainly divided into the following subsystems:

1. Wharf

(1) 600648 Waigaoqiao: Waigaoqiao Shipyard

(2) 601866 China Shipping Container Lines

(3) 600018 SIPG

2. Shipyard (Ship Revitalization)

(1) 600150 Chinese ships: the main business is supporting oil tankers, container ships, and bulk carriers Marine diesel engine

(2) 600072 CSSC

(3) 600685 Guangzhou Shipyard International

(4) 000993 Mindong Electric Power: holds 32% equity of Xiamen Shipbuilding Industry, 30% of Fujian Funing Shipbuilding Industry

3. Keel steel requires a large amount of special steel and rare metals, such as HY100 special steel, titanium and rare earths, which is also the key to manufacturing aircraft carriers. Pay attention to the leading domestic enterprises with relevant capabilities such as Baosteel Co., Ltd. (600019), Wuhan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. (600005), Baoti Co., Ltd. (600456) and Baotou Iron and Steel Rare Earth (600111), as well as a group of key domestic special steel enterprises, Daye Special Steel, Fangda Special Steel.

Fourth, aircraft catapult (independent innovation)

(1) Electric motor

002169 Zhiguang Electric

002028 Siyuan Electric

002123 Rongxin Co., Ltd.

600089 TBEA: Transformer

600192 Great Wall Electric: DC generator servo motor + benefit from the western region

600875 Dongfang Electric

002074 Dongyuan Electric: High and low voltage equipment

(2) Transmission device

600468 Baili Electric (hydraulic cylinder)

02164 Power Transmission

600178 Dongan Power

000903 Yunnei Power

600218 Quanchai Power

000338 Weichai Power

600765 Aviation Power: aviation and other military industry, civil machinery, energy (including thermal power , Wind power), high-pressure plunger hydraulic pump motor scientific research, gas turbines, hydraulic parts, radiators, aviation forgings, four main businesses;

5. Nuclear submarine concept stocks (listed companies related to the production of nuclear submarines) drainage design

(1) 600874 Entrepreneurship and Environmental Protection

(2) 000598 Xingrong Investment

(3) 600461 Hongcheng Water Industry: Water Supply and Drainage Facilities

(4) 600008 Capital City Sewage Treatment

(5) 600323 Nanhai Development City Sewage treatment

(6) 000544 Zhongyuan Environmental Protection Urban Sewage Treatment

(7) 600874 Venture Environmental Protection Urban Sewage Treatment

(8) 000532 Lihe Stock: Energy Saving and Emission Reduction, Zhuhai, Drainage

(9) 000826 Sound Environment: Municipal Wastewater

(10) 000551 Chuangyuan Technology: Water Treatment Equipment

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