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What are the first points and timetable of the military parade on October 1

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The first few points of the military parade on October 1 and the concept stocks related to the timetable,

Tomorrow is the National Day of October 1, which is the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China. An annual military parade will be held at that time, because this year What is special, perhaps the scale of the military parade will double. So when is the first military parade on October 1st? What programs will there be? In addition, at the right time, what concept stocks can you pay attention to? Let everyone understand and understand.

National Day is coming

2019 National Day military parade live broadcast time:

1. Time for the live broadcast of the military parade full-view grand ceremony: October 1, 2019 at 07:00 first

2. 70-hour uninterrupted live broadcast of new media: 06:00, September 29, 2019 to 04:00, October 2, 2019.

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This military parade consists of 59 square teams and the Solidarity Army Band, with a total scale of about 15,000 people, more than 160 aircraft of various types, and 580 sets of equipment. It is the largest military parade in recent years. Among them, the foot squadron is composed of 15 squads including honor guards, military squads, female squads, scientific research squads, civilian squads, reserve army squads, militia squads, and peacekeeping army squads; equipment squads Compose 32 teams in 7 modules including land combat, maritime combat, air defense and missile defense, information combat, unmanned combat, after-installation support, and strategic attack; air echelon formation leader aircraft echelon, early warning command aircraft echelon, bomber echelon, ship There are 12 echelons, including aircraft echelon, fighter echelon, and army aviation assault echelon; the Solidarity Army Orchestra is dominated by the People’s Liberation Army Military Band, composed of more than 1,300 people drawn from the three services.

In order to reflect the difference of 70 years, the innovation highlights of this military parade are outstanding, with distinctive features, which doubled the grand solemnity of the 70th anniversary of Daqing. It is reported that after the celebration, a grand military parade and mass parade will be held! The mass parade will be held in Tiananmen Square in the morning and evening on October 1. The flow of mass parade will be displayed in the form of a "square formation", and the way of "storytelling" will be adopted. With time as the axis, Each phalanx presents a scene and tells a story. The small phalanxes are connected into a big picture scroll, and the small scenes reflect the big era. The story of each phalanx will be informed of the principle.

On the National Day, Tiananmen Square will deploy a "red ribbon" theme landscape sculpture, implying the history, reality and future of the red gene; at the same time, 70 red inflatable lanterns will be hung parallel to both sides of the square equipment, with the theme of "red ribbon" The landscape sculptures echo each other. In addition, a temporary viewing platform was set up in the square to allow more people from all walks of life to observe the ceremony.

Tomorrow is the National Day of the 11th National Day. The military parade has attracted the attention of the world. Which ones can be paid attention to? For example, stocks such as Jiahong, Hongdou shares and airplanes can all be watched. National Day is a great day. It is expected that related concept stocks will have an opportunity to rise. Those who like to invest in stocks can take advantage of the gap to bet and play!


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