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In 2021, the property market may have five "good times" to buy houses

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   I believe that many home buyers are looking forward to buying a house at low cost. However, in the minds of most home buyers, buying a house at a low cost can only wait for house prices to fall. Only when house prices fall can the cost of buying a house really come down. In fact, this is not the case. Even if the overall housing price of the property market does not fall, as long as buyers are willing to seize good home purchase opportunities, they can still buy a house at low cost.

   Actually, since 2020, the property market has undergone very obvious changes. There are more and more negative signals and policies on the property market. For example, the number of second-hand housing listings in many cities is seriously high. "Three red lines", the property market began to differentiate. Although the overall property market is still in a relatively stable state under these negative signals and policies in the property market, there are many good “good times” for buying houses in such a property market environment. If you can grasp these good times for buying houses, then Can buy a good house.


   Opportunity 1: Real estate companies offer discounts and promotions.

   Although the overall house price does not fluctuate greatly, some real estate companies choose to make profit to a certain extent in order to eliminate inventory and reduce debt. According to last year’s “Golden Nine and Silver Ten” real estate companies’ discounts, the phenomenon of real estate companies selling their houses at discounts has become more and more normal. According to the current development of the real estate market, there will be many real estate companies choosing discounts and promotions next year. With the ever-tightening of the financial environment, the pressure on real estate companies to go debt will increase. Real estate companies can no longer expand blindly as they did in the past. Blind expansion will only increase the debt ratio of real estate companies. The most important goal of today’s real estate companies is Destocking and debt reduction.

   The best way to remove inventory and reduce debt is to carry out discounts and promotions, and real estate discounts and promotions are a good time for buyers to buy a house. The author also visited a lot of real estates when I was in the Golden 9th and the Silver 10, and specifically asked about the price after the discount promotion. Compared with the past house prices, the discount is really not as advertised, but compared to the past 2019 house prices. Also reduced a lot.

   Under normal circumstances, in the hot season of real estate sales, such as "Golden Three Silver Four" and "Golden Nine Silver Ten", and some festivals, it is easy to encounter discounts and promotions from real estate companies during these time periods. If you look more at the real estate, you may encounter a very good opportunity for discounts and promotions.


   Opportunity two: the last room of the developer’s liquidation.

   When a real estate is almost sold out, the developer will choose to wind up, but when it is liquidated, the choice of the house is relatively small, and even the remaining units are relatively poor, or there are some other Problem house. However, the liquidated house is indeed very cheap to buy. I have been to a suburban real estate. In 2019, the house in this real estate sold for about 9,800. When I went again this year, I found that most of the houses were sold at a price of 8,000 after a discount. about. However, there may be only a few houses left in some liquidated real estates, and they were sold for around 6,700, which is indeed a very big discount.

   For those buyers who are under more pressure to buy a house, although the living experience of the house at the end is really poor, if it is a well-known brand developer, there will be no problems in quality. The important thing is that housing prices are relatively low, which can greatly reduce the purchase cost of home buyers, and the pressure on future mortgages will also be much smaller.


   Opportunity three: second-hand housing prices are lowered and sold off.

   Not only the new house market will have discounts and promotions, but the second-hand house market will also have price cuts and sell-offs. Now the developer's life is not easy, and the speculator's life is also not easy. First of all, looking at the trend of housing prices, housing prices are largeThe era of rising prices has basically passed, and real estate speculators have fewer and fewer opportunities to make money by earning the difference in house prices. From the perspective of the property market’s regulation and control, the current property market’s policy system for cracking down on property speculation is becoming more and more complete, and there may be more opportunities in the future. The introduction of a property tax is a very bad policy for real estate speculators.

   Based on such a real estate market environment, some speculators who are not optimistic about the property market and some speculators who are under greater financial pressure may choose to lower the price and sell the house in their hands. For these speculators, Now there are a lot of second-hand houses in the real estate market, and the time to sell second-hand houses is very long. If the house in hand is sold as soon as possible, only the house that chooses to sell at a lower price can be quickly sold. For home buyers, there will be more opportunities to buy second-hand houses that have been sold at reduced prices. If they can seize the opportunity, they may be able to buy cheaper second-hand houses.


   Opportunity four: lower mortgage interest rates.

   For buyers who buy a house on a mortgage, the level of mortgage interest rates really affects the cost of buying a house. Most people choose commercial loans when buying a house. The benchmark interest rate for commercial loans is 4.9%, but different cities and different banks have different degrees of rise in mortgage interest rates. A friend of the author bought a house in 2018 and bought a house in 2019. At that time, the mortgage interest rate rose by 25%, and the final mortgage interest rate was 6.125%. It can be said that my friend has caught up with the highest mortgage interest rate.

   In addition, since October 8, 2019, the LPR floating interest rate is still implemented, and home buyers can also choose to buy a house with a floating interest rate. Therefore, for home buyers, there are more options for mortgage purchases in the future, and there are also Opportunity to earn a lower mortgage interest rate.


   Opportunity 5: Grasp the opportunity of buying a first home.

   For many home buyers, there may be the opportunity to purchase the first home. If there is any, we must seize the opportunity to purchase the first home, which can also reduce future home purchase costs.

   There is a preferential policy for buying a first house compared to multiple houses. This is also a policy of benefiting the people implemented by the state to take care of the people without houses. First, the down payment ratio for the first home is relatively low. The first home can enjoy a 30% down payment ratio. For many buyers with insufficient cash, they can buy a house at low cost. At present, the down payment ratio for the second home is basically above 40%, and the down payment ratio for the second home in some big cities is above 50%. At the same time, the mortgage interest rate for buying the first home is relatively low. Normally, the mortgage interest rate for the first home is about 10% to 15% lower than that for the second home. There is also a relatively low proportion of the deed tax for the first home, and the first home can enjoy the greatest deed tax concessions. According to the latest new deed tax regulations, the deed tax is charged at 1% of the total housing payment for the first set of houses below 90 square meters, and 1.5% of the total housing payment is charged for those over 90 square meters; and for the second set of improved houses below 90 square meters, the deed tax is charged at the rate of the total housing payment. 1% is charged, more than 90 square meters are charged at 2% of the total housing payment (the Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen second suites are also charged at 3%); for three or more houses, the deed tax is charged at 3-4% of the total housing payment.


   Conclusion: Even if house prices are still high now, buyers still have a chance Buy a relatively cheap house. The five kinds of home buying opportunities mentioned above must be grasped well and strive to minimize the cost of buying a home by seizing the opportunity.

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