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What is the name for the boy in the year of the rat in 2021 (2021 baby rat name library)

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What is the name of the child in the year of the rat?



What are the names of boys in 2020?

  2020 boy name has foreign style:

  1, Zhenyun 2113

   "shock" is a more domineering word 5261, which has the meanings of power 4102, majesty, shock, revitalization, and excitement. It is very suitable to use 1653 to name the boy, which means powerful and majestic. Shen Zichen in the earthly branch is a triple , The zigzag "chen" used by the child mouse is beneficial to the baby. And adding a "cloud" character makes the name look foreign and distinctive.

  2, Xuwen

   "Xu" is a vivid and vivid look, used to give a boy a name, meaning that the boy is fresh and handsome, and gives people a good feeling. This character is also a relatively foreign-style character that is rarely used, and it is named with the word "Text". , Western style and individuality. The word "Xu" contains the word "Yu", which is also in line with the dynamic and free movement of mice.


What is the name of the baby rat born on the third day of the first month of 2020? The two sisters are Linzi, Linyu, thank you

   What is the name of the baby rat born on the third day of the first month of 2020? The two sisters are Lin Zi, Lin Yu, thank you

   Can a baby be named before it is born?

   Answer: In fact, expectant parents do not need to name their babies in a hurry before the baby is born, nor do they need to worry about running out of time. After the baby is born, the hospital will give the parents a period of time to name the child, and this period of time is also sufficient for the child to be named. Parents have given their babies a name that fits and screams loudly.

The advantage of    naming after birth is that

: The five elements of the eighth birthday of the baby are determined, and the eighth birthday of the baby is the birth of the baby How many years, months, and days, this hour is the time when the baby comes to the world and the time when he comes into contact with the natural world. This time determines the strength of the baby's vitality. Strong vitality, weakness or defects are great for the baby. The impact, if the congenital vitality is too strong, too weak or defective, it will lead to the baby's health and other deficiencies, which requires acquired luck, that is, to make up for it.


Boys named in 2020

   Boy's nice name reference

   Rongxuan---Xuan: Extraordinary bearing

   Jia Yi     Jia: good; Yi: good.

  Ming Yao  bright; bright

  Sun Lang   Zhangming; Minglang.

  博Text   erudite and talented.

  Wei Qi---Wei: Great; Qi: Auspicious

   Yewei---Ye: Guangyao

  Shengjie   Sublime; Jie: Outstanding.

   girl nice name reference

   Cong Li (girl name), Cong Yan (girl name): taken from "yanli"

   Yixuan (Art, art; Xuan, as beautiful as jade, popular with others)

   Yaxiu (girl name), Yali (girl name): taken from "Xiu Li"

  Graceful  docile and demure. Suitable for girls to choose their names. From "The Book of the Later Han Dynasty? The Empresses? The Queen of Mingde Ma": "﹝Three daughters﹞ are filial and careful, graceful and polite."

   Xueyi---Yi: Refreshing and happy

   Jingxiang (

Wenjing, as beautiful as the Xiangfei in the Ming Dynasty, gentle and elegant)

  xiangru (fragrance, fragrance, ru, common words for girl names)

   Manni (Romantic in life, Ni is a name for girls, meaningless)


What are the taboos for naming babies born in the year of the rat?

  The five elements of the baby born in the year of the rat are water, avoid fire!


What is the word in the name of the boy of the mouse?

   Zhi Yuan: look forward and foresight. Suitable for boys to choose names. From Zhuge Liang’s "Book of Commandments": "If you are not indifferent, there is no ambition, if you are not quiet, there is no far.

   In addition to the name, you can also give your baby a nickname. The purpose of the nickname is to facilitate the address and use it when the baby is young. The nickname is the nickname of the parents and relatives to the child. The following points should be noted when choosing a nickname :1 The nickname should be nice, easy to remember, and easy to shout; 2 nicknames generally do not have a surname, often prefixed with "small", or after "child", "child", or formed by overlapping words; 3 nicknames It must be able to express a certain meaning; 4 nicknames should avoid indecent homophony and ambiguity.

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