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The ten most brainwashed sentences in 2021, I believe the first sentence

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Because of its simplicity, I have an insight into the stillness of the soul, as still as the night sky, as still as a valley, as still as a stream.

Happiness is originally very simple. Having an indifferent mind, watching the sky and clouds, enjoying the ups and downs of life, living out the wonderfulness of yourself in the long river of life, and living out your own in the hustle and bustle of the world A calm.

Life is short, don't be too obsessed with fame and fortune, simplicity is true.


There is no rehearsal in life, every day is live broadcast

It is often said that "life is like a play, and play is like life", sometimes this is the case, sometimes it is not.

The biggest difference between play and life is that play can be rehearsed, and if the play is broken, it can be repeated, but life is different. Life is a one-way trip without rehearsal.

Wrong, will not only affect the time, but also affect the whole life, just as there are no ifs in life, there are only consequences and results.

Every moment and every step is something that we need to do with our heart and energy, without carelessness. Only in this way can we leave us with a regret-free past and a confident future. Let life be full of positive meaning, fun, and happiness.

Don't always think that the future will be long, and no one knows which one will come first, tomorrow or accident, only those who are sure that today are the best life.


Pregnancy is like pregnancy, it takes a long time to let people see it

As the saying goes: Thousands of horses are easy to get, but Bole is hard to find.

Being incapable of being talented is how many people feel about themselves.

A talented person who can't meet his own bole, can only be buried in the grass, and he is unknown for his life, and even ends in depression.

But in fact, which romantic talent is not the precipitation of time, which eternal celebrity has not experienced the warm and cold of human feelings, before being discovered by everyone, who has no dark and blind days.

In ancient times, there was Sun Jing’s head hanging on the beam, Su Qin’s thorns, and even Confucius broke the cowhide straps on the bamboo slips in order to read "The Book of Changes." It can be seen that only continuous input can use their talents in the future. Shocked the world.

Prior to this, we should all accumulate silently and work secretly. When the "bringing talent" is big enough, it will naturally be seen by others.


In the past, there were few confidantes in wine, but now there are few confidants in wine.

In life, everyone we meet may become our friend, but to make a confidant who collides with the soul, in addition to personality, it also depends on fate.

Drinking with friends, drinking wine, talking about things, drinking with friends, talking about love and friendshipIt's the heart.

Even if there is only boiled water in the cup, it is naturally sweet when the passion is strong.

There is a kind of love, you don’t have to meet in the morning and evening, you just snuggle in the depths of your soul;

There is a kind of friend who is not in the life circle, but in life;

There is a kind of company, not by my side, but in my heart.

Confidant, we are the people in this world who know us best, even if we are speechless, we also understand each other's thoughts.

Even if the time is old, after a long time, even if the youth is no longer, and the dying is gone, it will always be imprinted in our lives, always warm and never fade.


If life is in the wrong direction, stopping is progressing

It is always difficult for people to correct their shortcomings;

It is always difficult for people to find their own mistakes.

Sometimes, knowing that I was wrong, I just want to stop, and make mistakes again and again.

Grasp the right direction and stick to your own principles. There are many temptations in the world, and there will never be a pie in the sky.

Don't pay the painful price for the momentary happiness. If you find something wrong, you must stop.

Sometimes, knowing to pause is also a kind of wisdom, knowing to give up is also a kind of ability.

Stopping losses in time is not a weakness, being able to bend and stretch is not a retreat. If a step back can make life better, why bother with it?

After all, life is my own, and living happily is the most important thing.


There are two major tragedies in life: one is all thoughts and the other is full of ambition

People, sometimes strong and terrible, sometimes fragile and sad, walking from one extreme to another is actually a manifestation of unconfidence.

A good life is never smooth sailing, but after crossing the stormy sea, she said brilliantly: It's difficult, but I'm here.

Some people have lived a highly anticipated life since they were young. They were dubbed "child prodigy". When they grew up, they encountered a little setback, their self-confidence was instantly defeated, and their inner glory collapsed.

Everyone knows that impermanence is the normal state of life. It is through failures that people become stronger and create success in the end.

Therefore, the most important thing in life is to find an accurate position for yourself, to enjoy the joy of life, and to look a little bit more, the happiness will be a little bit more.


Life is the same as love. If you miss love, you will miss life.

As the saying goes: Love doesn't know where it starts, but it goes deep.

Love is always a noun that makes people feel very good.

Meeting the man in my life, holding hands and looking at each other, grows old together, it is both fate and luck.

However, if two people secretly sprout from spring, no one dares to speak, and they can only let the love go away.Leave each other to regret for the rest of their lives and become cinnabar moles in each other's hearts.

Life is the same. Joy begins and silence ends. Sometimes, you should take the initiative. If you have flowers, you must be broken. Don’t wait for no flowers to be broken.

The beginning of a person’s life is a countdown, happiness is also a passing, sadness is also a passing, who will you meet along the way?

What happens when you chase your dream?

No one can predict the result, but as long as you chase it bravely, you won't be in vain.

Li Yuchun wrote in the lyrics: No matter how crazy we are, we will be old.

For the rest of your life, please live enthusiastically, be brave and presumptuous, joyful and beautiful, and the splendor of life may have just begun.


The wealthy people in the world finally become family members

Someone said: "Love without material is just a pile of loose sand."

Although this sentence is not entirely true, since ancient times, poor couples have always been sad.

When we were young, we all believed that love cannot be mixed with impurities. As long as two people love each other, material conditions will never become an obstacle to each other.

But the more I grow up, the more I understand that the righteousness is no longer an idiom, but a bloody reality, and the advice of parents is no longer so harsh. It is a prediction of the future.

So, don't get caught up at the age when you should work hard. A high-quality love will always make the two of you improve each other and make your life better.

The harder you work, the luckier you are. Only by working hard and upgrading yourself can you match better objects and live a better life.


To succeed, you need friends; to achieve great success, you need enemies

Only when there is competition, there is development. Because of the existence of the enemy, we have the determination not to admit defeat and will work hard to do our own thing.

So sometimes, enemies are more powerful than friends. There are no permanent enemies and no permanent friends.

When the goal is the same, the enemy can also become a friend;

When opinions differ, friends will also become passers-by.

Only by constantly improving and breaking through in the process can we go further and further on the road in the future, and make the road wider and wider!

These 10 sentences, some may be straightforward, some may be obscure, but they all show the cruel reality of life.

What we can do is live positively.

I only hope that in the days to come, we can all be full of warmth and vitality.

Please forward and share to promote Chinese traditional culture!

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