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2021 China Zhouyi Masters List of Top Ten People in Yi Learning

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2021 China Zhouyi Masters_ List of Top Ten Figures of I Ching Learning_ Ranking List of China Zhouyi Masters _ Introduction of Chinese Zhouyi Celebrities

There are many records in the Book of Changes Ancient historical events in the ancient times, so the Book of Changes is based on practice. The study of Yi is derived from the study of "Book of Changes", referred to as Yi Xue. It is the crystallization of the thought and wisdom of the ancients and is known as the "source of the great road". It starts with Zhenzhan but is higher than Jianzhan. "Book of Changes" is the oldest, most systematic, and heaviest classic in Chinese culture, and it is the foundation of human culture in China and the world. The Yi learning is divided into Taoist Yi and Confucian Yi, Jianshu Yi. In the process of development, Yi learning is gradually divided into Yili Yi Xue, Xiangshu Yi Xue, Mathematics Yi Xue, Nayin Yi Xue.

Not long after the beginning of 2021, during this period I used Baidu, Sogou, 360 (Haosou), Bing, Shenma, China Search and other major search engines to capture 'China's most famous Master of Zhouyi','The best master of Fengshui in the Mainland','World's First Weekly Master of Fengshui,'The Most Powerful Master of Zhouyi in China','The Best Master of Zhouyi in the World','The Best Fengshui in Contemporary When related words such as "Master", "Top 10 Most Famous Fengshui Masters in Mainland China" and "Top Ten Modern Fengshui Masters" are related words, the most popular and well-known are the following well-known masters at home and abroad.

2021 China Zhouyi Masters Ranking

2021 China Zhouyi Masters Top Ten Figures (In no particular order)

The first master of geomancy-Li Juming

Reason for listing: Li Juming, a famous Feng Shui master, was born in Hong Kong, China, and graduated from Hong Kong Department of Communication, Baptist University. After working in newspapers and film circles for ten years, he devoted himself to numerology and mathematics work in the mid-1980s. In the mid-1990s, he started Buddhist education work with Chen Shuaifo in his spare time in the mid-1990s. With a sense of righteous faith and love for Hong Kong and patriotism, he is extremely strict with himself. Although he is a magician, he always pursues the scientific spirit of ``speaking superstition and breaking superstition''. With his religious heart, Li successfully expanded the popularization of the ``prajna heart sutra''. He has long been known as ``Li Jushi'', and later Li promoted the ``Ziping Mingxue'', and re-dialected the number and the prediction information of geomancy, especially after learning the "Yin-Yang System Theory" and the biological rhythm of the human body, the level has been improved. At the same time, it also enhances the social status of ancient Chinese culture, which is promoted and respected.

The second master of I Ching-Pei Weng

Reason for listing: Pei Weng (also known as Pei Weisheng) male, born in Guangdong, China in 1955 , The inventor of "Zhengtian Bagua", the founder of "Mentality Fengshui", is the descendant of Pei Xiu, a famous geographer in the world. Yang Yunsong, cultural inheritor, lecturer and professor of the Advanced Seminar on Wisdom Use of I Ching of the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, main lecturer for the Advanced Seminar on Wisdom and Application of Chinese Studies, Tsinghua University, guest professor of Zhejiang University, guest professor of Sun Yat-sen University, Haixi, Fujian Professor of Chuangye University, Senior Advisor of China Mao Zedong Thought Research Association, Senior Advisor of Chinese Traditional Culture Promotion Association of the Ministry of Culture, Honorary Chairman of the International Federation of Ichology, Honorary Chairman of United Nations Healthy Real Estate Promotion Association, Honorary Association of Xinyi Yang Junsong Cultural Research Association long.

The third Fengshui master-Qin Yangming

Qin Yangming, under the tutelage of the Taoist "Rock Peak" in Taiwan, is the 28th generation of Taiwan Huangji School of Fengshui Descendants, proficient in Qimen Dunjia, Ziwei Doushu, Da Liuren, etc., and participated in the revision of numerology books many times. After several years, he finally collected the masterpieces of several famous teachers. Based on the three talents of heaven, man, and earth, everything The idea of ​​one body, one root, original set of practical technical theory of I Ching, precise and practical. Because of his exquisite professional skills, he has been signed by many "leading" companies and media, and served as a guest and consultant. He is called the youngest and most promising expert in Yi-learning by the industry.

The fourth master of theory-Mai Lingling

Reasons for the list: Mai Lingling, Hong Kong's famous master of Yi-learning and geomancy. In 1987, I listened to the radio program of Feng Shui expert Lin Zhen, and then learned art from him. After graduating from junior college in 1992, he worked as a secretary, and later worked as a lawyer clerk at Wu Bozhong Law Firm and part-time fortune-telling. Since 1996, he has transformed into a full-time Feng Shui master, and his clients include securities firms and large real estate companies. Lingling Mai also writes feng shui and numerology columns for various newspapers and magazines, and has hosted metaphysical shows on different TV and radio stations. In recent years, she has also occasionally appeared in movies as guest appearances.

The fifth feng shui master-Wang Xiangfeng

Reason for being on the list: Wang Xiangfeng, number three, born in Jiangxi in 1980, graduated from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law; is the fourth-generation successor of the Yijing family, the successor of the Jiangxi Gan school Yi learning, a well-known geomancy expert, and a master of business administration from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law. Scholars of Yi and Guoxue, Chinese traditional culture and numerology, I Ching, Feng Shui, etc. have unique insights, and are certified by China Beginning in 1985, his father taught the I Ching culture. In 2008, he began to teach apprentices, and organized and founded Feng Yi Xiangju Academic. In 2010, he was appointed as the special consultant of I-learning for large and medium-sized enterprises in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. In March 2012, the Fengyi lecture hall was opened in Beijing.

The sixth master of the Book of Changes-Zhang Jinhua

Reasons for being on the list: Zhang Jinhua, Master Hao Yuncheng (hermit), born in the ancestral court of Taoism in the world Jiangxi Longhushan Tianshi Mansion is a place where Wang Chan lived and lived in seclusion, the originator of the political strategist (Guiguzi). The founder of Chinese Taoism, the 65th generation descendant of Zhang Daoling, the "Heir of Han Zhang Tianshi", the dean of the World I Ching Feng Shui Research Institute. He was influenced by Taoist culture since he was a child, and learned herbal medicine, spells, numerology, and I-learning from his family, grandfather, and grandfather, and received the true biography of many great virtue Taoists, eminent monks, hermits, and blind numerology masters.

The seventh master of I Ching-Liao Moxiang

Reason for being on the list: Liao Moxiang, a well-known mathematics and logic statistics expert. The master of Chinese Guoxue and Yixue, the founding master of "Northern Yixue". A well-known expert in applied mathematics with outstanding scientific achievements in combination of Yi-learning and mathematics He is currently the deputy dean of Yungong College of Higher Education, Nankai University, and the deputy director of Nankai National Studies Research Center. Specially appointed professors and doctoral supervisors of Chinese Studies and Yi Studies from well-known universities at home and abroad, such as Peking University, Beijing Union University, and Hong Kong Advanced Education Institute.

The eighth master of the Book of Changes——Song Shaoguang

Heshan, Guangdong, Bachelor of History, National Taiwan University, Graduate School of History, University of Illinois Master of Research Institute. He once taught in the History Department of Zhuhai College and Baptist University in Hong Kong. He has served as the host of programs such as "Feng Sheng Shui Qi" and "Red Star Palm Phase" of Hong Kong TVB, and "Talking Feng Lun Shui", "Feng Shui Aspects" and "Ju Ju Miao" of Asian TV, which are well received by the audience.

The ninth master of I Ching-Yan Shi

Yan Shi, also known as Lin Wuzhang, is a famous Taiwan scholar of I Ching, Feng Shui master, and Yangzhai academic master , With a consistent and rigorous style of study, won the title of orthodox Yi Xue tutor recognized by both sides of the strait. He is also quite simple, and he does not try to make a false name. He has always been low-key. He has studied the orthodox theory of Yi for more than a decade. He is a person with excellent reputation in the field of Feng Shui master.

The tenth master of I Ching-Hu Yiming

Hu Yiming is a famous numerology master in Taiwan. His research insights on Bazi is the original source of the ancient Bazi fallacy. He is recognized by many numerologists as the greatest feng shui numerology expert in history. In particular, his "Yin-Yang Method" Feng Shui theory was the first person to make Feng Shui theory completely scientific.

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