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List of New Chinese Feng Shui Masters in 2021

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The Zhouyi culture has a long and long history in China. It has been admired by people since ancient times. Before ancient science and technology appeared, everyone could only seek the calculations of masters when encountering things, from ordinary people to the highest. The imperial family and nobles all believed in Feng Shui, even if it is a modern technology that is already very advanced, when encountering things that are difficult to decide, everyone will still seek the advice of professional Feng Shui masters. Below we introduce a famous ancient Feng Shui Mr.

Yuan Tiangang, his birth and death year is unknown. The most famous physiognomy master of the Tang Dynasty, Chinese physiognomy master. A native of Chengdu, Yizhou. Astronomers, astrologists, predictors, Fengshui masters, Taoists, and physicists at the end of the Sui Dynasty and the beginning of the Tang Dynasty. Good practices and unsatisfactory experience. In the Sui Dynasty, it was the order of Yanguan, and it was the order of Huojing (Linqiong) to enter the Tang Dynasty.

Yuan Tiangang has written many books on photographs, astronomical documents, and Fengshui books, including "Nine Heavens Profound Girl and Six Ren Lessons", "Five Elements Xiangshu", "Yi Jing Xuan Yao", "Three Generations Xiang Fa", "Yuan Tiangang said the bone song", "Taibai Huiyun Nizhaotong Dai Jitu" etc., but most of them are dead and invisible. He was ordered by Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty and co-authored with his disciples, "Taibai Huiyun Nizhaotong Daiji Tu", which explored historical trends, may be the original title of "Tui Bei Tu".

Nowadays, science and technology are changing with each passing day, but Feng Shui still occupies a place in life. Everyone will still look for professional Feng Shui advice when encountering things, but who is Feng Shui reliable? The following is a ranking of Feng Shui masters after consulting a lot of information. Let’s take a look at the new list of Chinese Feng Shui Masters






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Feng Shui

List of Mr. Feng Shui

Mr. Feng Shui in China

:Qin Yangming

Qin Yangming, a native of Beijing, traveled to Taiwan since he was a child to learn Feng Shui from Taiwan's imperial Taoism. He has commented on many celebrities and all of them have been fulfilled. In 2014, he predicted that the German team will win the World Cup is unbelievably accurate, so he is in the entertainment industry. He was regarded as a god-level figure. At the same time, the business community and the film and television industry are involved, and the design range of the industry's customer groups is very wide.

Mr. Chinese Fengshui

: Song Shaoguang

Heshan, Guangdong, Bachelor of History, National Taiwan University, University of Illinois, USA Master of History Research Institute. He once taught in the History Department of Zhuhai College and Baptist University in Hong Kong. He has served as the host of programs such as "Feng Sheng Shui Qi" and "Red Star Palm Phase" of Hong Kong TVB, and "Talking Feng Lun Shui", "Feng Shui Aspects" and "Ju Ju Miao" of Asian TV, which are well received by the audience.

Mr. Chinese Fengshui

: Yan Shi

Yan Shi, also known as Lin Wuzhang, a famous Taiwan scholar of I Ching, Feng Shui master, Yangzhai school An academic master, with a consistent and rigorous style of study, he has won the title of orthodox I-learning tutor recognized by both sides of the strait. He is also quite simple, and he does not try to make a false name. He has always been low-key. He has studied the orthodox theory of Yi for more than a decade. He is a person with excellent reputation in the field of Feng Shui master.

Mr. Chinese Fengshui

: Hu Yiming

Hu Yiming is a famous numerology master in Taiwan. His research insights on Bazi is the original source of the ancient Bazi fallacy. He is recognized by many numerologists as the greatest feng shui numerology expert in history. In particular, his "Yin-Yang Method" Feng Shui theory was the first person to make Feng Shui theory completely scientific.

Mr. Chinese Fengshui


Pei Weng

Pei Weng, also known as Pei Weisheng, male, Lecturer and Professor of the Advanced Seminar on Practical Use of Wisdom in the "I Ching" of the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Tsinghua UniversityHewlett Packard Enterprise Application Advanced Seminar is a lecturer and professor. Chairman of the China Book of Changes Association, Chairman of the Global Book of Changes Culture Association, Chairman of the Global Feng Shui Association, Chairman of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Architects Association, Doctoral Supervisor and Professor of the Chinese Academy of Architectural Fengshui Sciences, Academician of Chinese Fengshui Engineering, concurrently serving as Executive Dean of China Fengshui Lingnan Research Institute .

When you are facing a major problem, you can find a Feng Shui master to solve your own confusion. The above Feng Shui masters are the most professional and famous Feng Shui masters in the industry. Feng Shui has a great impact on our lives. There are inexhaustible links between life choices and travel to residences, which must not be ignored.

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