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The best auspicious days for giving birth in April 2021

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​​The best auspicious day for giving birth in April 2021, teacher Xie Yong provides reference!

At present, we have opened many webpages and saw many people who can choose the date for the baby's C-section. Basically, they are reading the general book, the almanac, and selecting "Auspicious Day" according to the general book instead of choosing "Birthday" , So this is very wrong;

Checking the date with a general book is acceptable for some things in ordinary life, but if it is used for the day of a caesarean section to determine the pattern of the future baby’s life, it must be very sloppy and irresponsible practice! The correct method should be strictly in accordance with the principle of the five elements in "Four Pillars Numerology";

Next, Mr. Xie Yong summarizes the points that need to be paid attention to when choosing "Birthday Eight Characters":

1. First of all, the natal soul must be prosperous: this is something that represents the spirit of the future baby's own spirit, because only if you are strong can you have strong courage and courage, so that you can take on the big responsibility!

2. The whole Bazi life pattern must be pure, the five elements must circulate with affection, and the Bazi must be strong and powerful, so that its life pattern and development level will be high and far-reaching!

3. Secondly, the career of wealth should be prosperous: because if a person only has the ability and ability, but if there is no opportunity, it is also not good to have the talent, so the life style must have the right amount of financial officials and five elements!

4. Finally, the harmony of the six relatives: This is also an indispensable factor, because if a person has a successful career, but the six relatives are not smooth, such as punishment of elders, children, objects, etc., life is also imperfect !

If you want to achieve the advantages of the above points, it is only based on the good luck of some people who read the book. It is definitely not possible. You must be proficient in the five elements of birth and birth, but you must Truly proficient in this aspect of numerology is not something that can be done overnight. It is impossible to study hard for more than ten years, so many so-called "masters" rely on looking through some common "masters" on the market. "Book" or "Yellow Calendar" to choose the date, this will only mislead the children!

Teacher Xie Yong talks: April 2021 is a good day to have children

The following is a good day in April 2021 researched by Mr. Xie Yong. If you happen to have a chance, you can choose one. If you don’t meet one, you can also ask Mr. Xie to choose alone!

Name of fate: someone

Place of birth: Chongqing-Chongqing.

Gregorian calendar of birth: Sunday, April 11, 2021 at 15:11.

Lunar calendar of birth: February 30th, 2021 at the time of application.

Food and Finance, Daily Finance

Xin Ren Ji Ren

Chou Chen, Chou Shen-Dry-made

Dayun Xinmao Gengyin Ji Chou Wuzi Ding Hai Bingxu Yiyou Jiashen

Comments from Teacher Xie Yong:

1. The natal pattern is ugly on the sun column, plus the year, month, earth, and five elements, the earth is prosperous and the eight-character body is prosperous and vigorous, which is conducive to the career of a financial officer!

2. The life style has both positive and fortune. The wealth is abundant, the future economic foundation will be solid, and the economy will be worry-free!

3. The natal pattern also has a relatively powerful food injury that can make money, so that the life pattern is endless and rich!

4. The natal combination of the God of Cookery makes fortune, great fortune, and glory in the ancestors, get ahead!

5. The natal body is prosperous, the body is healthy, the six relatives are harmonious, and the clever and smart!


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