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​Gar bang, crisp, all sweet---Zhanhua Dongzao Jujube from Dongfang Group's base is freshly marketed! _ Taste

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Zhanhua Dongzao is very famous, but do you know that there are many beautiful legends about Zhanhua Dongzao?

It is said that when the Ming Dynasty "Sweeping the North by King Yan" approached Zhanhua, villagers gathered around an old tree and knelt down. Suddenly, the sky above the old tree was shining with lightning and thunder, and then flying sand and rocks, and pounced on the army. Seeing this scene, the military division quickly ordered the whole army to march north across the local village. The people here are safe, and the people are prospering for generations. The old tree where the villagers bowed down is the Dongzao tree. When she was in distress, she showed a great spirit and blessed the people here. The local people missed the Dongzao tree as a "sacred tree." Although the third-generation tree that has reproduced from its original tree has been more than 300 years old, it still has deep roots and lush leaves. It bears more than 400 kilograms of dates each year, and is known as the "winter date ancestor". This tree is now transplanted to the courtyard of Zhanhua Winter Jujube Research Institute for daily visits...

Received as the director of the Institute of Life Sciences, University of Oregon, USA

After tasting with the professor

Known as "the world's first fruit"

And because of its high nutritional value in China

Known as the "King of Baiguo"

is the veritable "Zhanhua Dongzao"!

In the days when the autumn breeze is refreshing

Pick up a sticky winter jujube and put it in your mouth

Cool juice and mouthful fragrance

It can’t be cool anymore~

Good-looking, good taste is not enough

The nutritional value is also very rich!

Compared with ordinary dates outside

The nutritional value of Zhanhua Dongzao

70 times that of apples and 140 times that of pears!

The "Crown of Hundred Fruits" is worthy of the name!

The delicious dates are suitable for all ages!

Sweet in taste, calm in nature, into the spleen

Zhanhua Dongzao and invigorating the spleen and digesting food

Hangover, soften blood vessels

Protect liver, prevent cardiovascular disease

And the role of regulating immunity

Eat a few jujubes every day to keep your health alive!

Directly harvested Zhanhua winter jujube from the Oriental Shopping Plaza base

Freshly listed, welcome to buy

Because winter dates are not only delicious

It has been an important traditional Chinese medicine supplement since ancient times

It has long been recorded in medical books

"Compendium of Materia Medica"


Jujube can nourish the qi, nourish the spleen and stomach, nourish the heart and lungs, adjust the rong and guard, slow the yin and blood, promote the body fluid, enjoy the color, improve the nine orifices,Help the twelve classics, and hundred medicines.

"Shen Nong's Materia Medica":

Regulate the middle and nourish the spleen, wear for a long time, lighten the body for many years, and cover the leaves


, can make you sweat.

Many people say that the winter jujube is currently on the market

Light and not sweet

After one bite, the flesh is scattered like scum

That’s because of you

didn’t buy the right variety

Shandong Zhanhua ’s winter jujube rare and precious varieties

Very low output

Its flesh is plump and plump

Peel ocher red bright

The fresh food is delicious, but it is broken on the ground

High nutritional value

But why does it grow only in Zhanhua?

Zhanhua belongs to the Yellow River Alluvial Plain

The average light is 2454 hours

Facing Bohai Bay

alkaline sand soil which is rich in

organic matter strong>

Unique flavor of the winter jujube grown here

As early as 1995, it was named-

"The Hometown of Winter Dates in China"

The rich natural conditions in Zhanhua make the winter jujube here

Color like


Crisp as crisp

The meat is tender, sweet and fragrant

The edible rate reaches 93.8%

Thin skin and thick meat, juicy and no residue,


First class bar

Average fruit weight 20g

The core of the fruit is very small, bite it down


Very crispy!

I like this crispy and sweet winter jujube~~

Not only that

The nutritional value is also surprisingly high

Compared with other fruits


Content Yes Apple

70 times, pear

140 times

Known as

"Living Vitamin Pill"

Selected layer by layer, strictly control the quality, and provide you with better quality Zhanhua Dongzao

Essential human essentials

Amino acids

Up to 19 types

Winter jujube with super high nutrition and excellent taste

Suitable for all ages

Not only a good product for beauty and weight loss

Can also

Improve children’s immunity, promote growth and development


Iron deficiency anemia

During the planting process

The whole mountain is planted and the climate is pleasant

Manual weeding

Mountain spring irrigation without pesticides

Never use any hormones, all are farm fertilizers

Manual early morning picking

Wash and eat as you go

In addition to washing and eating directly

You can also steam the soup~

Want to eat authentic Zhanhua Dongzao

Hurry up to Oriental Shopping Plaza Come on!

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