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20200517 Hybrid Fund Recommendation

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Every week, I will recommend an index fund or stock fund or hybrid fund or bond fund every week. I recommend one fund of each type in exactly one month.

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The recommended hybrid fund this time is: 000294.

The following is the text part:

Okay, this week it’s your turn to recommend the hybrid fund Up. My recommendation principle is very simple, which is to recommend a fund with long-term stable returns based on historical data. This excludes those funds with high short-term returns but poor historical data. If you like these short-term star stocks, you can go directly to the fund page of Alipay, there will be a variety of bright data.

Of course, since it is a recommendation, it is definitely not 100% profitable. There must be short-term fluctuations, but if you hold it for a long time (usually more than one year), it is likely to outperform the market.

Now let’s take a look at the performance of the hybrid fund 001508 recommended last month. If you haven’t read last month’s article, you can click on the link below:

20200418 I will recommend hybrid funds today, the data is the same as...


Alright, today we recommend another hybrid fund based on historical data.

1. Select the top five hybrid funds in each time period in the Alipay fund rankings, see the table below. (Because there are too many hybrid funds, so choose more data to avoid omission.)

Of course, except for the top five funds in each time period, I also look at some other funds. Although I can't rank high every time, the rankings have always been stable. There is also the risk of missing some good foundations. It can only be said that the fate has not yet arrived. If you find a good foundation, you can leave a message and share it!

2. Is it a bit messy to see so many funds? !

It doesn't matter, first make a preliminary selection of so many funds. Since we are asking for long-term stability, we will remove some unstable funds. Take the top 20% of the funds in each time period. The funds that are not in the top 20% are marked in red, and the funds that are in the top 20% in all time periods are marked in green. You will get the following picture:

Because there are too many hybrid funds, many of them meet the requirements. The funds initially selected are:

002560/121005/000294/320012/002939/003096 / 003095

These funds are all good in principle Fund, but I still hope to be able to pick one to recommend to everyone.

3. List the above 7 funds separately. This time, we can not look at the ranking of the funds, but only look at the growth of the funds.

The data looks too annoying, the picture is clearer. In the figure below, since most funds have basically suffered losses in the past three to five years, probably because the bulls turned bears in 2015, it is acceptable to have certain losses during this period.

However, a large loss in other time periods is a manifestation of subjective instability, so 002560, 121005, 002939, 003095, 003096 can be excluded.

Now only 000294 and 320012 are left.

4. Taking these two funds separately for comparison, in the long run, 000294 performs better than 320012.

Of course, in addition to the above data on the surface, we also refer to the past performance of fund managers, Morningstar scores, management fee rates, etc. The only shortcoming of 000294 is that it will start from 2018. The fund manager was replaced by Chen Yuan, who was not qualified.

Anyway, the recommended hybrid fund this time is:


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