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List of concept stocks and animation concept stock companies in 2020 and analysis

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 List of concept stocks and animation concept stock companies in 2020 and analysis

How many animation companies are listed on the stock market?

   According to the latest statistics in 2020, there are a total of 35 companies listed on the Chinese a-share market with animation concepts, of which 6 stocks are traded on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, and the other 29 stocks are listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.


Ranking of leading animation stocks:


List of animation concept stocks and analysis:

  1, Sanqi Mutual Entertainment Stock 002555, 3401 days after listing, with a total market value of 92495501811.63 yuan. Combine animation and games through mergers and acquisitions, and own animation IP such as "One Piece" and "Astro Boy"; acquire 20% of Jiangsu Jiguang Network Technology Co., Ltd., which owns animation design business.

  2, Songcheng Performing Arts stock 300144, listed for 3484 days, with a total market value of 4719522722.00 yuan. Its fund, Ningbo Songcheng Internet Entertainment Investment Partnership, participated in the investment in Bukka Comics, which is currently the most trafficked animation platform in China.

  3. Guangguang Media’s stock 300251, listed for 3247 days, with a total market value of RMB 32,797,742,269.76. Its subsidiary, Caitiaowu, is mainly engaged in animation business. It has successively invested in 13 animation companies such as October Culture and Bi'an Tian. In December 2017, it participated in 60% of Red Carp Culture. The subject is mainly engaged in 3D animation production. The company’s production representatives include " Big Fish and Begonia, "Da Hu Fa" and so on.

  4. Youzu Internet stock 002174, listed for 4655 days, with a total market value of 22,300,686,581.90 yuan. Create a series of games, animation and other cultural product systems with IP as the core, and have multiple popular IPs such as ``Game of Thrones'' and ``Juvenile Three Kingdoms''; cooperate with the well-known Japanese anime ``Fairy Tail'', and also invested in ``Pandora, the heavy machine'' And other two-dimensional animation.

   5. Palm Fun Technology Stock 300315, listed for 2965 days, with a total market value of 19274814502.08 yuan. Holds 0.45% of bili (Station B), the leader in the two-dimensional video industry; produces mobile games adapted from comics such as "The Bad Guy".

  6. Zhongnan Media Stock 601098, 3526 days after listing, with a total market value of 19127400000.00 yuan. Zhongnan Media: As a leading state-owned publishing company, a variety of resources are tilted towards it. Zhongnan Media ranks second in the country in terms of the scale of the publishing industry, and it will undoubtedly be strongly supported by policies; at the same time, its huge capital of 6.3 billion yuan will become a bargaining chip for future mergers and acquisitions, which has great room for imagination.

  7. Caesars Culture stock 002425, listed for 3668 days, with a total market value of 13792968122.40 yuan. Possess a large amount of IP reserves, and cooperate with domestic first-line video platform Youku Tudou and animation production company Baiyan Yinghua to produce high-quality original 3D martial arts animations "Young Jinyiwei", "Jinyi Fumolu", S-level web text P "The Gate of the Mysterious World" The comic version was exclusively online and serialized on the Tencent animation platform, with a popularity of more than 300 million; it reached an in-depth cooperation with Tencent Animation and obtained its top animation IP; in January 2018, it invested 29 million and Tencent Animation to jointly invest in the production of the animation ``Hua Long Ji''. /p>

   8. Huace Television Stock 300133, listed for 3528 days, with a total market value of 12798861280.29 yuan. Invest in the domestic largest and strongest comic creation company Summer Island and the domestic top 5 comic creation company Xianman.

   9, Wanxin Media Stock 601801, listed for 3809 days, total market value 11477711332.49 yuan. Owns scientific animation "Hi Element Manga", etc., and the semi-annual report stated that it will participate in film and television animation project investment and content production.

  10, Aofei Entertainment Stock 002292, listed for 3939 days, with a total market value of 11237280867.00 yuan. The leader in the animation industry, with the entire industry chain of content creation, channel distribution, and peripheral toy manufacturing; In September 2013, it acquired Information Port Management Co., Ltd. for HK$634 million and original power for 36.396 million, thereby obtaining the exclusive operating rights of Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf; 15 In August 2008, it acquired Beijing April Star Company for 904 million yuan. The target was one of the largest original comics platforms in China; it has many P's such as "Armor Warrior" and "Baalala Little Demon Fairy", and has obtained Peppa Pig's toys. Authorization

  11. Jinke Culture Stock 300459, listed for 1866 days, with a total market value of 11055857464.08 yuan. On May 26, 2020, the interactive platform responded: The company’s "Talking Tom Cat Family" IP series of mobile application products continued to maintain peak levels in indicators such as new users and active users in many countries and regions, including the United States and the United Kingdom The number of new users and active users in regions such as France, Germany, etc. has increased by more than 20% compared with the non-epidemic period.

  12, Huayi Brothers stock 300027, listed for 3889 days, with a total market value of 10650006890.58 yuan. Owns a number of animation special effects companies such as Huayi Brothers Dotting Animation, which is mainly dedicated to the development and production of animation and special effects movies; it has joined hands with the domestic animation IP ``Materia Medica Fairy Cloud'' to enter the two-dimensional market.

  13. Baotong Technology Stock 300031, 3833 days after listing, with a total market value of 9839843572.80 yuan. Invested in China Film Niannian Culture Media Co., Ltd., the target is a comprehensive animation company that integrates original animation, film and television special effects production, game entertainment and CG talent training, including original animation planning and distribution production, derivative product production, etc.

   14. Tuowei Information Stock 002261, listed for 4353 days, with a total market value of 9499618122.62 yuan. The company uses the information network to operate music entertainment products, game products, animation products, and engages in exhibitions and competitions of network cultural products.

   15, Suning Global Stock 000718, 8477 days after listing, with a total market value of 9255640971.20 yuan. 250 million won a 20.17% stake in the Korean animation company REDROVER. The subject is mainly based on 3D imaging technology, and the main business is animation production and sales.

   16, TVB Media stock 000917, 7761 days after listing, with a total market value of 8944780492.78 yuan. TV and Broadcasting Media (000917): The company is a company that provides advertising publishing, agency, planning, production, film and television program production and distribution, and cable television network information transmission services. It also engages in real estate, tourism, exhibitions and other businesses. The company has three branches in advertising, programming, and network. Relying on the resource advantages of the seven major media of China's Hunan TV Station, it has hundreds of millions of TV audiences in China and more than 2 million cable TV users in Hunan Province.

  17. Huawen Group Stock 000793, 8365 days after listing, with a total market value of 844,834,8283.11 yuan. The holding subsidiary Roaming Culture is the most well-known comic book publishing company in China. It is the first original comics brand in China. It is mainly engaged in the planning and distribution of animation books and periodicals, the creation and operation of animation content, and the planning and organization of animation activities. Representative works include "Hilarious Campus", "Runaway Comics", "Long Song Xing", etc.; its comprehensive animation exhibitions such as the China International Comics Festival Animation and Game Exhibition (CICFEXPO) and the Golden Dragon Award International Animation and Game Exhibition (CACC), its exhibitors and audiences The scale is the highest in South China; in 2017, the income of animation products and animation service industry was 70,018,500, accounting for 2.05%.

  18. Kaiying Network Stock 002517, listed for 3486 days, with a total market value of 7899739716.78 yuan. With multiple high-quality P such as "Hot Blood Series", "Legendary World", "Mobile Suit Gundam" and other authorizations, as well as the domestic well-known 3D animation teenager Jin Yiwei" and other authorizations

  19. Hanye shares 600226, 7525 days after listing, with a total market value of 7375804350.15 yuan. Based on the stable maintenance of the original products such as "Buwu Tianxia" and "Longtu Hegemony" and the development trend of future game research and development, Yanlong Technology acquired by the company has successively launched cards for leisure sports, animation two-dimensional, and leisure cards. DEMO research and development of other mobile games.

   20, Guangdong Media Stock002181, listed for 4603 days, with a total market value of 6,107,165,995.24 yuan. Guangdong Media: The animation industry chain is becoming more and more perfect, and the construction of content and sales channels will drive future revenue growth. The company's business model is animation + derivative products, so the influence of animation content and the sales channels of derivative products will better promote the company's performance.

   21, Meisheng Culture stock 002699, listed for 2842 days, with a total market value of 5812169712.75 yuan. Global leader in animation derivatives, and also involved in animation creation, film and television animation production, etc.; owns well-known IPs such as ``Star Academy'' and ``Little Ninja Village''; obtained Disney image authorization in 2014; acquired 19.5% of JAKKS shares, and the target is a famous American Brand toy dealers, the world's leading toy companies, and Disney's global licensors, whose main business is toys, pet toys, leisure products, children's indoor and outdoor furniture, etc.; animation game revenues are 147 million, accounting for 16.29%.

   22. Zhongshi Media Stock 600088, listed for 8408 days, with a total market value of 5512210704.00 yuan. The company is mainly engaged in the development and operation of film and television shooting bases, film and television filming, TV drama program production, high-definition film and television technology, broadband digital information technology and other related businesses.

  23, Starlight Entertainment Stock 300043, listed for 3807 days, with a total market value of 5225633284.20 yuan. Participated in the original animation |P development of the 3D military science fiction animation work "Xiong Bing Lian", and cooperated with Huace Film and Television to cultivate the film and television animation P "Sheng Tang Fantasy Night"; a wholly-owned subsidiary participated in Guangzhou Yuntu Animation, which provided art for animation works, etc. Resource production service provider

  24, Chinese online stock 300364, listed in 1980 days, with a total market value of 5,174,431,935.50 yuan. On August 10, 2017, it was announced that 1.47 billion yuan will acquire 80% of the equity of the two-dimensional enterprise Chenzhike; the main business of the subject is to operate the G station of the earlier professional two-dimensional cultural exchange community in China. The mobile online game industry with pan-two-dimensional attributes can be operated by means of business operation or joint research and development.

   25. Anne Stock 002235, 4421 days after listing, with a total market value of 4702748900.40 yuan. Provide integrated blue cat IP image copyright operation services for Blue Cat Animation, including comprehensive cooperation in property rights protection, content distribution, and children’s animation content production. The latter owns the well-known animation "Blue Cat Naughty Three Thousand Questions".

   26. Hengxin Dongfang Stock 300081, listed for 3687 days, with a total market value of 468,304,720.60 yuan. Mainly engaged in the production of full CG digital video content, it has a subsidiary, Guangdong Century Huawen Animation and Culture Communication Co., Ltd., and has obtained the authorization of works such as "Nest Rabbit" and "Dr. Ping Code", and co-produced "Space Academy" with New Zealand

   27. Ciwen Media Stock 002343, listed for 3801 days, with a total market value of 445,502,8054.68 yuan. The subsidiary Ciwen Animation is mainly engaged in animation production and distribution, animation design and derivative products. His works include "Journey to the West" and "Tibetan Mastiff Doggie".

  28, Publishing and Media Stock 601999, 4568 days after listing, with a total market value of 4,28,861,6366.00 yuan. The Liaoning Bohong Cultural Industry Venture Capital Fund was established with an investment of 200 million yuan. The company and the controlling shareholder Liaoning Publishing Group jointly acquired 55% of the absolute controlling rights of Blue Cat Animation. The representative work is "Blue Cat Dragoon."

  29, Tianzhou Culture stock 300148, listed for 3478 days, with a total market value of 3506477950.90 yuan. Through self-built, acquisition of high-quality literature, film and television, animation and other content-based works in the game field adaptation rights; subsidiaries Youaizhiguang and Tianzhou Classroom have part of the animation production business.

  30, North Latitude Technology Stock 002148, listed for 4701 days, with a total market value of 2953338854.94 yuan. The company cooperated with CCTV (mobile phone TV licensee) to obtain the exclusive operation right of the "Animation" portal of China Mobile's mobile phone video business. Its mobile phone video users have exceeded 100,000 and achieved monthly income of about 300,000-500,000 yuan.

  31, Sanwu Internet stock 300051, listed for 3785 days, with a total market value of 2826850873.70 yuan. Holds 10% of the shares of Tianjin Daxingdao Animation Culture Development Co., Ltd., and its representative works include "Spring and Autumn Conferred God"; invested 100 million to cooperate with Tencent and Aha Entertainment on the joint incubation of original comic works.

  32, Xiangyuan Culture stock 600576, listed 6333 days, the total market value is 2632460238.25 yuan. SubordinateXiangtong Animation is one of the largest mobile animation companies in China. It has built a diversified industry structure with animation IP as the core, covering comics, animation, games, authorization, reading, etc., has a wealth of animation IP reserves and release channels, and has accumulated more than 80 million subscribers. The number of visitors has exceeded 1 billion. Representative works include "Peerless Wuhun" and "Super Pinxiangshi"; in 2017, the revenue of animation derivative business was 677 million, accounting for 85.45%.

  33, *ST Dinglong stock 002502, listed for 3506 days, with a total market value of 2312939671.06 yuan. Animation films with independent intellectual property rights are provided to TV stations for free, and other content has been agreed on marketing. The representative work "The Magical Trail of Eggs" has been broadcast on more than a dozen TV stations across the country.

  34, *ST Dongwang stock 002175, listed for 4638 days, with a total market value of 1092978407.40 yuan. Acquired Mizuki Animation Co., Ltd. in 15 years, the subject's main business is animation design, comic design, art design, animation software development, etc.In 15 years, it has completed knowledge-based animation with independent intellectual property rights for nearly 30,000 minutes, and its annual animation output remains the first in the country. Animation copyright Owned 170,000 minutes, the number of copyright ownership in the country

  35, Great Wall Animation Stock 000835, 7669 days of listing, with a total market value of 908393839.72 yuan. Animation IP full platform operation model, including animation IP creation (Hongmeng Cartoon, New Entertainment Brothers, Mermaid) + animation IP omni-channel distribution (Sime Media) + downstream multiple derivative realizations (Tian Rui Economic and Trade, Chuzhou Creative Park, Lingjing Technology, Mini World), among which the subsidiary Hongmeng Cartoon once became the animation company with the highest output, the most award-winning and the largest broadcast scale of China's original animation programs, with nearly 100,000 minutes of animation resource reserves; the animation industry revenue in 17 years was 112 million. Accounted for 38.45%


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