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What are the cheap and high-quality small gifts recommended?

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It's finally time for me to show my skills!

I have collected so many excellent gifts, how could I miss such a good question!

Don’t talk nonsense, look here~

This fun and practical high-value Doraemon You definitely deserve to have the night light!

Have you all had fantasies when you were young? What about a friend like Doraemon?

If your Doraemon hasn't popped out of your drawer yet, let's come to a Doraemon night light!

This little night light

On the whole, this is an anime reproduction of Nobita’s house , Doraemon sits at home with his favorite Dorayaki.

Maybe, he is waiting for Nobita to rush in crying and shouting "Doraemon"...... (please Self-brain dubbing, isn’t it a sense of substitution?)

Of course, its essence lies in this Doraemon doll, which is completely 1:1 re-enacted from the anime Image.

Looking at the half of the gong held tightly in my hand Burn, no wonder Doraemon smiles so happily!

Having said that, there is a statistic that is how many dorayaki Doraemon has eaten?

The answer is: at least 186 and one-third.

Of course, this statistic is limited to comics. How much it eats in the animation has long been impossible to calculate.

Why does Doraemon love dorayaki so much?

The official explanation, in the 1995 theatrical version of "The Birth of Doraemon in 2112":

When Doraemon was childhood, its "first love" Doraemon I gave it a dorayaki, and I fell in love with it as soon as I ate it, and I couldn't help myself ever since.

Talking about the doll itself, the overall details are handled very well, and countless people’s cute little circles are stamped Hands, chubby head and chubby body are so cute!

And the little tail behind him, Every place is very detailed !

You have the heart to make such a cute Doraemon alone Sit here? Hurry up and take it home!

Click the link below to jump directly to the purchase page. ~

The photo frame light also has a great background!

This background, every Doraemon fan is very familiar with, it is the time machine desk that makes people think about it!

The photo frame lamp has two built-in lighting modes: a soft warm light and a bright cold light. Doraemon under the light adds a sense of tranquility.

Put him on the bedside and accompany you every night and let him carry your innocent childhood and those beautiful memories.

In order to make everyone more interactive with Doraemon It feels that the night light is designed with an interesting switching method- Doraemon dolls are the secret mechanism to light up the night light!

Put the doll in and the light will turn on; take out the doll and the light will turn off, like migrant workers who leave early and return late.

Of course, this small night light can’t just understand the literal meaning~

It’s better to develop together Fun gameplay! For example: doll display box!

You can also put in your favorite figure, so that your favorite figure is as moving as a firefly in the dark night.

You can also DIY your favorite background to make your favorite night light photo frame.

During the pre-sale period, the lowest price on the entire network, hurry up and order to bring Doraemon home! Click the link below to buy

I heard that, whether adults or children, there is a Doraemon in everyone's heart.

When he is timid and scared, he can go to the closest person for protection; when he is happy, he laughs presumptuously with his friends; when he is sad and crying, his family gives him comfort and strength .

In the chapter of "From the Far Future", Doraemon and Nobita’s grandson’s grandson Shixiu took a time machine to Nobita’s house and told He, in the future, he will marry Fat Hu's sister, Fat Mei.

Daxiong suddenly cried and drove away the two. The parents who heard the sound comforted Daxiong.

Dad touched Nobita’s head and said, “Nobita will be happy.”

Mom said, “Don’t worry, grow up carefree.

But a little boy always grows up. He has his own worries, his own life, and his own thoughts.

Daxiong flipped through things and found a little bear full of patches, which was made by his favorite grandma.

Grandma passed away when Daxiong was in kindergarten. Daxiong missed grandma very much, because Grandma loves him very much.

So Nobita took the time machine and went back to the past, only to see himself when he was a child. In order to make the fire, he asked the elderly grandma to go all the way to buy. , I said, "I hate grandma, you go away~" Such ruthless words.

Nobita ran to grandma's room and saw that grandma sewed the teddy bear.

Talking to myself. "How I wish I could be with that kid forever, but I probably can't do it. "

Maybe this is reincarnation.

Wait for you who are not sensible, and grow up slowly. As a parent, can you understand the feelings of grandma back then?


I think that every mom and dad who has children hopes that their children will grow up quickly, and also hope that they will not grow up. They are all self-contradictory. Yes.

Then give him a cute and gentle Doraemon night light, accompany him every night.

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