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Is it difficult to get started with zero foundation? Aomeng gives you Amway, 5 children's programming books suitable for children!

Release Time:2021-04-19 Topic:Zero-based stocks introductory books Reading:407 Navigation:Stock Liao information > Mother and childcare > Parenting > Is it difficult to get started with zero foundation? Aomeng gives you Amway, 5 children's programming books suitable for children! phone-reading

After learning about children’s programming, many parents and mothers are already preparing to register for their children. This course is still different from other tuition courses. It can give our children affirmation. Not only the things on programming, but also many other abilities, which babies will definitely get when they learn to program for children. But there are still a lot of dads and moms who don’t know this very well. Sometimes they worry that they don’t know very well. So there is no way to help our children learn programming for children at home. In fact, this The course is very simple, it is not difficult at all for us adults, fathers and mothers can take this course as long as they are willing.

For children, this course is actually not as difficult as we think There are 5 books for learning programming for children, which are very suitable for children. You can also take them out when you play with children at home. Through this interaction with them, many things in the books are very interesting for children. And after getting in touch little by little, they can also give them an understanding of children's programming. 1. "Scratch Children's Fun Programming" One app that will be used in this course of children's programming is Scratch, which is very suitable for our children , This book is written following this app, and the contents in it are combined with this app, which is very good for children to learn children's programming. And this book is very suitable for children over 7 years old, and the content in it is also some very fun little pictures. Even children who have no knowledge of this before can easily understand it. Moreover, it is not only about children's programming, but also many other subjects like other subjects are also included. As the simplest and easiest book for children to be interested in children's programming, it has done a very good job.

2. "Hands-on Scratch2.0 Programming" If you compare this book with the above one, you will know that this book is already a bit difficult, so it needs a little foundation to understand it. After knowing children's programming, our children should understand a little bit. Simple things, and then read this book, you won’t feel uncomprehensible, and this is also very suitable for moms and dads to read, after reading, then teach them, it is no longer about children’s programming with pictures Now, children are allowed to learn graphics, that is, some geometry, so they still need to have a little bit of other knowledge. Every section in it will give the baby an example. After they learn it, they can know through this other things.

3. "Scratch2.0 Fun Programming Guide" What I want to say here is not very difficult. It is more likely to be a supplement to some things that children must know. With the foundation, children When we see this book and then use scratch, the little characters in the app will start to move following the instructions of our baby. They learn how to make the little characters move, and then start to think of some methods by themselves. If you want to complete it, you need a framework. , They followed this book little by little, that is, they began to know how to interact with the computer.

4. "DK programming is really fun" Just by looking at its name, you know that the kid isYou can learn a lot of programming things while playing. This book allows children to play some fun games when learning Scratch children's programming, such as treasure hunting adventures, which can improve their abilities and also win the children. Programming.

5. "Lifelong Kindergarten" This book is actually for our fathers and mothers. It mentions a lot for adults to learn children's programming, and then teach children, it will let our parents know more about children's programming, and then we can give it to children Explain, it is also very helpful to children.

These are actually good books for children to enter the course of children’s programming. Take them all the way, and the children will fall in love with children's programming.

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