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Inter Milan's dilemma finally welcomes good news, four strong players come back to help out

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Inter Milan (

Weibo) The weekend league will usher in the comeback of four strong players

Tencent Sports News After Inter Milan lost 0-1 to Udinese last weekend, Mora Tie found Ranieri for a meeting with Blanca urgently. Ranieri talked about injuries when talking about the team. Fortunately, this weekend, the team's major injury players Sneijder, Maicon, Fran and Stankovic will all return. --->>> Click to enter the Weibo hot discussion: whether the return of the top four will help the Inter League rebound.

"Gazzetta dello Sport" stated that the current Nerazzurri’s injury recovery is good. First of all, Fran has started training with the team after a week of solo training, and the state is still good. In fact, Fran has recovered well last weekend, but to be on the safe side, Ranieri did not. Put him in the squad of 18 people, but if he wants to participate in the game, he must first pass the confirmation of the team doctor Kong Bi. However, in the future, Inter Milan will face Fiorentina, Genoa, Cesena and Lecce. These four games will not only affect Inter Milan's ranking in the league, but also the transfer market in the winter. So Fran It is likely to be on the weekend.

In addition, what is even more exciting is that Ranieri has announced the news that "Sneijder and Maicon will come back at the weekend" earlier. In the past two years, Maicon and Maicon Sneijder is almost the two most important players in Inter Milan’s offense. Their comeback is of great significance to the team. The Italian media said that the two of them are there and not, the team looks completely different. Fortunately, at such a critical time, these two trump cards The players all came back in time.

In addition, after the last round of the league, Stankovic's muscles were a bit strained, but after a few days of recovery, the Serb has healed and he has been able to play at the weekend. Compared with Stankovic, the situation of the teenager Polly is relatively more complicated. Although he has asked Ranieri for a fight in the last round of the league, it is reported that the former Samp player still has some minor injuries, but the current situation is not bad. , In the case of Zanetti's red card suspension, the teenager Polly may also have his own real opportunity at the weekend.

Compared with these five people, right back Jonathan’s injury is much more complicated. The Brazilian was injured in the game against Juventus on October 29. His left leg was injured. His hamstring has been feeling very painful, and he still needs some time to recover. Such an injury will only be able to play after he recovers. It is impossible to persist. Fortunately, Maicon returned before Jonathan.

After Moratti decided that he must win the top 3 this season, Lucky Ranieri quickly welcomed a group of capable men. At present, after the 14th round of the match, Inter Milan is 13 points behind Udinese, who is in third place. However, Inter Milan currently has one game short, so this goal is not a very difficult goal for Inter Milan, not to mention. Strong aid is coming back one by one.


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