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There is no curse in the World Cup, mainly because the West cannot understand Chinese philosophy

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Every Football World Cup draws the attention of people all over the world, and there will be many people predicting the outcome of the game. Among them, there are many so-called "curses", such as: The team that has won the intercontinental championship will not win the World Cup; the previous champion will have difficulty qualifying in the group stage of this World Cup.

World Cup curse

The stable Germans are all knocked down by the terrible championship curse Up. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or there is a curse. In the World Cup for so many years from 1930 to now, these World Cup curses are almost like appointments, and they will almost all be seated in the World Cup, bringing endless possibilities to the World Cup. Of mystery.

Let’s take an example, the example of Brazil. The spell performed on the Brazilian team is called “real”. At the 2014 World Cup, in 2013 Didn’t the Confederations Cup winner Brazil win the German team seven to one? It has been eight years since the Confederations Cup was held, and in these eight years, this curse has continued, which is really puzzling.

World Cup curse

Outside the World Cup, there are also curses. For example, in the stock market, the so-called "World Cup curse" refers to the downward trend in the stock market during the World Cup. This phenomenon is known as the World Cup curse on the stock market. Although there is no conflict of interest between the World Cup and the stock market, it is an objective fact that the "World Cup curse" often appears in A shares.

Regarding the reason for the stock market World Cup spell, a common saying is that due to the wonderful World Cup matches, investors’ energies are dispersed, especially those of institutional traders and fund managers. Attention is distracted, which makes the market performance deserted.

World Cup Curse

In addition, financial predators turned to study the World Cup during the World Cup. Before the 2006 World Cup was held, Goldman Sachs shifted its focus from financial assets such as gold and stocks to which country might win the World Cup. The same thing happened again on the eve of this year's World Cup, J.P MORGAN recently launched a World Cup championship prediction research report. This also shows the internal connection between things. In Chinese medicine, the connection is inevitable, and the Chinese see the problem as a whole and the system is incomparable to the Westerners. Such things, they find it incredible, we will It feels that it is an inevitable result. If the West "headaches can only treat the head", and the Chinese medicine that knows the inner connection of things is to treat the "headaches and feet" they do not understand.

Bailey's Crow's Mouth

There are many "curses" in the World Cup, and we are here to cite a few Let me illustrate with an example. In the eyes of Westerners, this is difficult to understand. Today, under the propaganda of the particularly developed media, many people also find such things incredible. In fact, if you understand Chinese philosophy, you think this is a very normal thing. Let’s talk about it now that looking at these things in Chinese philosophy is not a curse at all, but some inevitable result.

Flying Dragon is in the sky

In Chinese philosophy, there is "things must be reversed", such as in "Book of Changes" There is a hexagram image of "Flying dragon in the sky" in "Qian Gua". This hexagram image means that when things reach their peak, they will go downhill. The same is true for the World Cup football. We might as well analyze the career of an athlete and the peak of a team who won the championship in the Intercontinental Competition. This may be the peak of a team, the peak of an athlete's career, and then move forward. It’s very difficult. This is a bottleneck. To solve this bottleneck, Unless the team is still on the rise. If this is the peak period of this team, it will inevitably go downhill. There are not a few such teams. This is why it is difficult for the Intercontinental Championship to win the World Cup.

Ancient sages

For the last World Cup champion team, they have been at the top of their own team How to maintain the continuation of the next four years and still be able to win the World Cup and the championship. That is definitely not a simple matter. If winning the championship is regarded as "the flying dragon is in the sky", then the rest should go downhill. As for the speed of the downhill, it depends on the strength of the team? Many have come to the group stage, or difficult to qualify. Of course, there are some who qualify for the group stage, but they will also be eliminated later. It is rare for a team to have consecutive championships, but there are also very few such teams. Therefore, the prediction rule makes it easy to find that the winning team will not perform well in the next World Cup. This is exactly the description of the "Flying Dragon in the Sky" hexagram. The principle that the extremes of things must be reversed, so the Chinese should look at these issues normally. It is not a curse, but the inner law of things.

I Ching Taoism

Is there anything that can be changed for this "magic curse"? In fact, it can be changed. It is still in the broad and profound philosophy of China, but this issue will not be discussed here. This is because the "Book of Changes" has already explained this truth. Related things are also mentioned in dialectics and modern philosophy, and friends who are interested can find the answers themselves. Or leave a message to discuss.

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