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Health formula, 4 sentences in total, everyone should memorize it! _ Body

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Original title: Health Mantra, 4 sentences in total, everyone should memorize it!

When it comes to the law of longevity, many people can make a point and list N rules.

Today, the editor will share with you 4 simplest longevity formulas, everyone should memorize!

When it comes to the law of longevity, many people can make a point and list N rules.

Today, the editor will share 4 simplest longevity formulas with you, everyone should memorize!

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A handful of vegetables, a handful of beans, an egg and some meat

"Handful of vegetables", There are many kinds of vegetables, and they are rich in nutrition, and different kinds of vegetables are also nutritious. Different~

"a handful of beans" Mainly eat a handful of beans every day, referring to soy foods. In soybeans, the content of soybean protein is generally about 40%. In addition, it is also rich in a variety of nutrients and is cheap.

"An egg" This is because the nutritional value of eggs is high. If you can insist on eating one egg every day, You can get 7 grams of high-quality protein.

"Add some meat" is to supplement more high-quality protein and other animal properties that eggs lack Nutrients of food.

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Satisfaction, health and health, live to old

"Sanhan" refers to

"Pour spring cold" ,

"May cold" and

"Autumn cold". Due to the abnormal weather during the third cold season, people are easy to catch cold because they haven't had time to notice. Therefore, in the health regimen, it has always been emphasized that the three colds are recuperated, and it is necessary to pay attention to the changes in temperature at any time.

"Two Downs" refers to a good midday nap, but in fact, it is necessary to sleep well at night or at noon. For those who cannot lie down at noon for a lunch break, closing their eyes for 20 minutes can also gain valuable rest and relaxation for the body.

"Seven percent full" is to eat seventy full. The ancients said:

Eat seven minutes full, and live without illness until old. If you overeat frequently and increase the burden on the spleen and stomach, the spleen and stomach will be easily damaged over time.

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Once the spleen and stomach have problems, other organs are prone to problems, and it is difficult to recover, so it is recommended that you eat a seven-point full.

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It’s better to walk in large steps or small steps, 10,000 steps a day is better

Many people always use busy work and no time as an excuse to avoid exercise, but there is one of the easiest and most trouble-free exercise methods that you can do, that is, anytime, anywhere, just walk away.

Walking can activate the body's bones, muscles, ligaments, joints and other moving organs, which can increase muscle strength, strengthen the legs and feet, and make the joints more flexible. Walking promotes blood circulation and metabolism of the human body, exercises "foot strength", and keeps the human body in a "young" state.

In life, the average person's daily activity is 4000 steps, but this is not enough. The Chinese Dietary Guidelines for Residents (2007) proposes that “adults are advised to perform a total of more than 6,000 steps of physical activity per day”. We must reach 6,000 steps in order to promote health.

On this basis, according to personal circumstances, if the goal of 10,000 steps can be reached, it will be more beneficial to health.


It’s not easy to live a hundred years old, don’t live with yourself

We say that character determines destiny, but in fact, it also determines health. As the saying goes, the benevolent will live long and the wise will live well. Each of us must learn to slow down and think positively.

Learn to decompress your body, chat, drink coffee, read books, listen to music, develop a hobby, and exercise regularly, all of which can help us slow down the rhythm and reduce the load.

Today, we must have a new concept. It is a failure to live under 70 years old. 80 years old is considered a passing line. We must strive to live to 90 or 100 years old.

Longevity is related to heredity and living habits, but it is mainly closely related to living habits. The most important purpose of these formulas is to "correct" our living habits, which are very helpful to ourselves and our family!

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